Tuesday, October 25, 2016

WWE SD 10-25-16

Dean and Ellsworth meet backstage for a wacky chat. Bray comes out to face Kane. NOOO! Orton comes down and RKOs Kane, so Bray wins. AJ tells Charly that Ellsworth will be missing more than his chin when he's done with him. Becky returns, but before she can cut a promo, Alexa comes down and insults her. Alexa's facial expressions are outstanding here. They brawl and Becky eats the barricade. Alexa DDTs her and paints a yellow streak on Becky's back. Hype Bros beat Ascension with the Hype Ryder to go into the SD vs. Raw tag.


Nattie wants Bryan to make her the team captain, but Bryan makes Nattie vs. Nikki instead. They have a fairly sloppy match for a bit before Nikki wins with the STF and then Carmella jumps Nikki. CAN ANY STORYLINE ON THIS SHOW PROGRESS!? Miz, goth Maryse, and the Spirit Squad come out. Doplh and Beauty and the Manbeast come out and we got us a Spirit Squad tag title match. Rhyno and Heath win with the Gore. Ellsworth will be in Dean's corner tonight. AJ lands the moonsault DDT perfectly for 2. NO CHIN MUSIC ON THE FLOOR! Dean loses! This...was a show.

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Sunday, October 23, 2016

ECW on TNN Episode 1 - 8-27-99

It's been eons since I've seen ECW, and this show starts with the Dudleys powerbombing Balls through a flaming table while Joey says THIS ISN'T THE WWF OR WCW. Well, he's not wrong. RVD vs. Lynn from Hardcore Heaven airs. The redone commentary puts over this kind of action being on the show every week. Clips of Shane Douglas throwing down the NWA World Title in '94 are shown. Man did Shane age a decade in 5 years. This puts over the ECW World Title and leads to Joey running through clips of famous WCW/WWF guys who held it and we go to Taz vs. Rhino.

Rhino powerbombs him, Taz no-sells it, flips him off and tells him to fuck off. Taz kicks his ass, hits the hardway Tazplex through the table in the corner and taps him with the Tazmission before a KISS knockoff hits. Sabu highlight video talks about him being banned in the U.S. Spike beats Sal E. Jason, Justin, Lance, and Dawn say stuff. Then Cyrus is gobsmacked by Dawn's tits. We get a quick highlight reel of the roster's big moves before Taz talks about ECW being about barb wire bats, tables, and hard chairshots - but he's THE CHAMP and his hands are his weapons. He brags about choking out "the minellium man" Chris Jericho, Shane Douglas, Bigelow, Scorpio, Candido, and Lawler.

Saturday, October 22, 2016

NXT 10-19-16

The Joe-Nakamura brawl is recapped and we get the usual show intro. Izzy holds up an Izzy and Bayley win the Dusty Rhodes Classic sign. Rich Swann comes out with the fans chanting his theme. Jose and Swann are perfect! Tom says it's time to get funky like a monkey - that is both perfect for Dusty and a bit racist. Nese and Gulak have perfectly contrasting boring music and a tron of just their last names. Gulak gets 2 off a variety of wacky cradles. Nese uses acrobatics to avoid Jose's shots. Ole chants are now "Jose/Jose/Joseeee!" Jose hits a giant running palm strike that sends Nese twirling for 2. Flapjack punch hits for Jose, but only gets 2 thanks to a save by Nese. Triangle flip dive by Swann leads to the full nelson slam beating Gulak - fun match.

Tye cuts a promo on Bobby Roode - Bobby LIED TO HIM. Aries talks about Itami being gone because he has a sore neck - but it's really because he has no spine and is afraid of him. He says his partner will be the best choice - and only the greatest and STRONGEST survive. Roode's glorious theme hits and he debuts A NEW ROBE! This presentation is just outstanding. 
 "THE GLORIOUS" Bobby Roode works so well. He's facing Maluta and we get some outstanding interplay between Corey and Tom. Roode hits a spinebuster and wins with the impaler DDT. Roode-Tye is made for Takeover and he'll make him GLORIOUS! Tye runs down and sends him packing. Generic Brunette Girl interviews Liv, fresh a vacation on the sun judging by her tan, and a weird Liv Vibes shirt. The new mean girls of Kay and Royce beat her up and drag her to the arena.

Knight and Otis face Team Aries next. Knight and Otis are just big, burly ass-kickers. Aries and the debuting Roderick Strong team up. Tom talks about him facing Seth, Bryan, AJ, Joe, and Owens. Aries mocks Otis and kicks him before a test of strength. Strong eats a dropkick from Knight. Sick Kick gets the win. Almas HAS A TRANSLATOR NOW and says he has been disrespected. Well, being forced to wear suspenders will do that. Nikki Cross beats some chick with the moss-covered three handled family credenza. Nikki forearms EY and beats up the jobber some more.

Nakamura comes down and says he's not done with Joe. He cuts a fairly bad promo in all honesty, but says he'll beat him with no mercy. '80s porno music hits and Patrick Clark comes out and says they should do something other than Nakamura-Joe - something new! THE PATRICK CLARK EXPERIENCE VS. NAKAMURA! One's dressed like Hendrix and the other looks like Freddie Mercury and Eddie Murphy had a baby. Nakamura just kicks him before Joe walks down and stays on the ramp. Okay then.

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Friday, October 21, 2016

NJPW on AXS 10-21-16 - Tanahashi vs. Okada Wrestle Kingdom 10

I got Sling and forgot to cancel - so what the heck, I might as well watch NJPW. I've actually never seen the AXS show before - so this should be fun. The story of the Okada-Tana feud is recapped. Backstage, Okada talks about losing to Tana at every WK show. Ross talks about how Tanahashi hasn't lost in the Dome since 2008. "Okada returned in 2012 from a run in TNA Impact Wrestling. An uneventful run!"

 After some gorgeous shots, we get a tie-up to start. Lots of matwork leads to JR asking who is better on the mat. A chop block and a dragon screw take Okada down. Okada hits a triangle dropkick sending Tana to the floor! He crossbodies him over the barricade. DID and the stranglehold choke give Okada an edge. They fight up top and Okada sends Tana to the floor. Tana recovers and hits an apron dragon screw and an apron Slingblade. Tana locks on a cloverleaf, and then dropkicks the knee in the rope. Okada hits a series of basement dropkicks for 2, and then the diving Okada elbow for 2.


Tana victory rolls his way out of a tombstone for 2. Okada is locked into a cloverleaf, resulting in Okada looking mentally defeated. Slingblade hits, but the High Fly Flow misses! Okada goes for a tombstone, but eats a neckbreaker, but he absorbs it and hits the tombstone! RAINMAKER GETS 2! High Fly Flow and OKADA EATS HIS OWN RAINMAKER! RAINMAKER COUNTERED INTO A HIGH FLY FLOW and the dragon suplex gets 2.5! HIGH FLY FLOW TO THE BACK! ANOTHER TO THE GUT GETS 2.! 

STANDING HIGH FLY FLOW MEETS A DROPKICK! Okada eats slaps, but lands the dropkick! Tana is locked into a Rainmaker, but Tana slaps him and they go down. He lands a series of lariats before a big Rainmaker hits and ends it! Okada beats Tanahashi for the first time ever at Wrestle Kingdom! At the post-match presser, Tana says he is speechless and he isn't sure if his dream has ended or if it's passed on.


Mid-ring, Okada says that "if IWGP was easy, I'd have done it long ago!" At his presser, he says he'll fight for the approval of the fans this year. He talks about facing Tana at prior Tokyo Dome shows and losing, but finally winning and getting the fans' approval. This was an amazing show - it might've been the single best hour of pro wrestling presented so far. A highlight reel closes the show off.


Tuesday, October 18, 2016

WWE SD 10-18-16

AJ vs. Ellsworth II is given quite an amazing video package. "WILL THE CHINDERELLA STORY HAPPEN TONIGHT!" Mauro is great. Dean gives Ellsworth his own shirt and says it's 100% cotton because he needs to breathe. Orton says he's losing his mind before Bray talks to Randall from a casket. Luke and Orton have a match until Bray comes down with a casket, and then Kane comes out of that and saves Orton. Joy. AJ calls James a wet noodle of a man. Heath and Rhyno and Dolph face the Spirit Squad and Miz tonight.

Alexa faces Naomi in a fairly bad match. Otunga talking doesn't help things. Alexa having her Nightmare on Elm Street gear does. Twisted Bliss wins it. Crews is out to face Hawkins, who refuses to wrestle. Productive use of these men spending time to fly around the country. Carmella insults Nikki using Total Divas clips. Nikki says she paved her own road and pays her bills.

6-man tag is up. Good to see Kenny getting a shot. JBL hypes up the Cabinet and says he misses the Bashams. Mauro talks about Kenny playing college football after leaving WWE. KENNY BEATS HEATH! Spirit Squad should face the tag champs! Baron hits End of Days and beats Swagger. Nattie shows cat photos to Bryan to get a spot on the women's tag at Survivor Series. Dean wants to be the ref, but Bryan makes him the announcer instead. He puts over Ellsworth gloriously. Great stuff with AJ tossing him out and Dean tossing him back in. SUPERKICK PARTY BY ELLSWORTH GETS 2! AJ forearms him to death and gets DQed! ELLSWORTH IS 2-0 AGAINST AJ! Dean lays out AJ. Well, this was a show.
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WWE NXT 10-12-16

Roode and his GLORIOUS theme start the show off right. THE GLORIOUS 10 have a pose-off with Roode putting his arms to the side and Tye...flexing his ass cheeks with 10 on them. Sanity debuts against them - with EY clearly being the one in the vest with the Canadian flag on it. Alexander Wolfe is one dude, while another is Sawyer Fulton. Roode comes in, pops his robe and leaves Tye to die. Nikki Cross attacks Tye before EY hits the back suplex/neckbreaker to an "EY" chant.

The new horrible NXT mean girls cut a promo on Liv. Roode says that if Tye got hurt, it's on him. Billie has a pretty bad match with Liv, only noteworthy due to Liv being super-bendy in the rack and having her thong revealed a bit. Billie wins with a boot. TM61 faces Tino Sabbatelli and Riddick Moss. Quite the bacne on Moss. Tino's gear is straight up out of Fire Pro Returns with the icon on the front of it. Good action from the big lugs - Tino's got some athletic hops to him. TM 61 wins with Thunder Valley.

 THE BLAKE AND MURPHY FACTOR EXPLODE in a match. Murphy hits a flip dive and Joe comes down to kick a bunch of ass. Nakamura returns and they brawl. Kinshasa KOs Joe. Boy what a nothing show this was.

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Tuesday, October 11, 2016

WWE SD 10-11-16

Dolph's out in a Hype Bros shirt and cuts a passionate promo about winning, while Miz and Maryse come out in black mourning the loss of the title - or as Miz puts it, the death of the IC Title because he gave it prestige again. The Spirit Squad come out and boy is Kenny's giant right arm tat distracting. They have a nothing match for a while with ads being shown in a split screen instead of just ads - which is odd. The SD tag champs make a save, so I guess that's a six-man tag at some point. Shane and Bryan hype up a five versus five Survivor Series match with Raw facing SmackDown. Boy is Bryan bad at this, and Bryan also wants a five-on-five tag team match and then a five-on-five women's match. Wow is this overkill.

Nikki chats backstage "earlier today" and gets jumped by Carmella. Carmella has a nothing match against Naomi, which ends due to Nikki coming out. Alexa says she can beat Naomi any day of the week and twice on Sunday - so Bryan says she'll get a chance to beat her next Tuesday. Awkward Total Bella stuff makes Bryan look a bit dorkish. Usos cheat to win to beat American Alpha in a short, but fun match. I loved Jey helping the schoolboy out with his bright yellow boots and the ref still missing it. Usos standing next to a DELETE DELETE sign amuses me. Hype Bros yammer on backstage and the Ascension interrupts. Joy.

AJ comes out for his victory promo and says the fans live vicariously through him, but he's a one man bandwagon. AJ brags about beating Dean and Cena at the same time and says most would take a year off - or at least a month, but not him! Dean comes out and wants a fight, but AJ says no - he'll fight someone not on the roster - JAMES ELLSWORTH! Bryan makes Ellsworth vs. AJ official, and makes Dean the ref. AJ squashes him, but Dean takes a call and misses James tapping to the crusher. Dean shoves James in the ring to take photos with a hot babe in the front row. AJ hits the nastiest Clash in WWE yet with James tucking his head, but luckily, it was a slow drop and his knees took the brunt of it. Dean counts 2, but won't hit for a third time. He hits Dirty Deeds to AJ to give James the win, but AJ KICKS OUT! Dean grabs a drink from a fan before hitting another dirty deeds and giving Ellsworth the win via fast count.

Kane and Orton have a brief, friendly chat before their match with the Wyatts. Not much to it beyond Kane disappearing when the lights went out and Harper distracting Orton so he could take THE WORST Sister Abigail ever and lose.

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