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TNA Impact Wrestling 5-24-16 - May Mayhem

Josh yells at a frantic pace about it being MAYMAYHEMANDTONIGHTITSANXTITLEMATCHHOLYSHIT. Matt comes out as the phantom of the soap opera channel. All the grey in his hair has made him more dangerous apparently. He's also added a horrid English accent - joy. A generic theme brings out Spud and Tyrus to no reaction. Spud wants the Iconic Matt back, while Tyrus says that he goes where the money is - and Matt got beaten up last time. Matt says that Jeff will face Spud and Tyrus in a ladder match, and Matt will hang the FMM contract up for it. If Jeff wins, they will have the match that...Matt wants...and the goons won't be able to be with Matt anymore. EC3 comes out to face Matt.

TWO WEEKS AWAY FROM THE PPV, we get an ad for Slammiversary that actually looks cool. Good to see them not really do anything to build it up despite running like two PPVs a year and this being a pre-taped show. EC3 snap suplexes him down. They go through the motions of a match while Josh and Pope yammer on. Mike jumps EC3 - so EC3 can't face Bennett at the PPV now. Ugh. Maria and Allie walk backstage. Bennett cuts a promo on that beating being art. Or boring. Mike leaves because he knows his wife's on - so he knows who the star is.


Allie cuts a perfectly annoying promo mid-ring. Maria comes out in a long shirt and her tiny booty shorts on. It's odd, but hot. Crowd chants "we want Velvet" and she talks about checking social media and realizes that everyone loves Velvet - but she fired her and she's gone. Gail comes out and says she sounds like a broken record, while Maria says she is a broken record and should be thrown out. Gail says she's DAMN UPSET about Velvet and the fans LOVED HER. Doing a great job putting her over and building a return... oh yeah, she's actually gone. Maria tells Gail she beat her and it's her world and Gail says that she'll kick her ass. Maria says she'll fire her, and Gail says that she wants a match. Maria denies a match against her, but gives her a match against Sienna - and if she wins, she can stay. Sienna tosses her outside hard before scary music plays. So...why isn't this match now since she's hurt?


 Grado and Shera promo backstage.  Oh my God is Shera awful, while Grado is hilarious. He pulls out a turkey leg, says it's his lunch and then grabs a chain before saying...words in Grado-ese. Al vs. Grado in a street fight is up. But first, we get a wacky skit with Robbie where he calls Jessie and they wind up talking back to back against a gate not seeing each other. Robbie has a guru and then some stagehand tells them they're next to each other. Well, that was new and amusing. Gail is asked how she feels and she says she's angry. Al Snow-Grado video package really makes Al out to be a justifiable babyface and it's greatly aided by his great promos.

Al comes out and says you all know me as the prince of hardcore, right? YOU WANT TABLES, CHAIRS, LADDERS!? WE YER NOT GONNA GET 'EM - HIS WEAPONS ARE HIS HANDS and he's your mom's favorite wrestler. Al hides behind the tron to jump Grado - I love it.  AND IT WORKS! Josh rants about this being a "new era" and "Grado trending on Twitter" while Pope points out how none of that means anything and Al is just protecting his business. Josh points out that the pre-match beating stuff was actually legal - so why didn't the bell ring? Al slams him, goes for the moonsault and it misses. Don't do that at 53. Al gets the powder, but it's booted into his own face.

Shera brings out weapons and a can lid shot to the back gets "OH MY GOD OH MY GOD HOLY JESUS!" Shera gives him the turkey leg and hits him in the balls with it and then a chop. The French Stallion and Marcus Louis pull Grado off of Al in giant blue FRANCE jackets. Snow Plow ends it. This was a blast, and then the heels just jumped around in joy. Glorious. Reby and Maxel meet with Matt in an artsy smoggy area and she expresses sadness over Matt rejecting his family. Boy is this storyline rushed.

JB is mid-ring recapping last week's main event and says that TNA officials have been meeting all week, before Lashley interrupts. Lashley and Drew yammer on a bit before Dixie interrupts. Dixie Bot says that one will walk away from the PPV as World champ - but it will only end by knockout or tapout. Lashley talks shit and a brawl breaks out. Claymore takes Lashley out and we get some more brawling. Excellent stuff here - Drew is bringing it physically and Lashley's the best he's ever been on promos. SPEAR TO DREW. SPEAR TO THE REF. Damn, it's a shame this didn't happen in the Spike era - it could be a legit PPV draw to some degree with how good a job they've done tonight. Fans are actually screaming at Lashley to release him - holy shit. TNA actually made something believable!


Ultimate X is hyped up and we're getting that next - but first, an X division highlight video. I like it. Eddie, DJZ, Trevor Lee, and Andrew Everett,  Josh says that IF YOU WERE BUYING STOCK IN AN X DIVISION ATHLETE, DO IT IN DJZ. Also, yes - it's a four man match and two of the guys are basically a team. They do very little - being smart. Everett climbs and gets cussed out by Lee. Great bit where Lee climbs on Andrew's shoulders, but the latter eats a jackjacker and then Lee takes an inverted atomic drop by DJZ. POPE COMPARES DJZ TO RICKY STEAMBOAT. Eddie double super ranas the Dynasty. Giant knee by Lee to Eddie, but DJZ hits a DDT off the second rope to Lee - who is shining more here than he has so far in TNA. Everett goes for a springboard spear to Eddie on the cable, but he gets kicked off. Eddie grabs the belt, but Lee steals it and "wins". I dig this - Eddie SHOULD be champ, so a PPV title match makes perfect sense. Maria talks with her girls while Allie parrots her. Not really much to this beyond a wacky heel meeting.


EC3 talks about how he's been kicking Matt's ass since before he was born and he tells Mike Bennett that he's used to playing rigged games - and there's honor in that, but none in going back on a deal like Bennett did. Maria distracts Gail a bit, but Gail isn't a total moron and attacks Sienna before she can do any damage. They brawl on the floor a bit and Maria gets into a really slow footrace with Gail that Maria wins as Gail gets attacked by Sienna. Maria posts her and Sienna goes for the cutter, but Gail gets a code red-style snap sunset flip to get a win. Gail briefly grabs Maria, but Sienna saves. Maria slaps Gail a ton. Spud and Tyrus talk strategy. Reby tells them to save Matt, and she'll take care of them.

BroMans meet their guru - Racquel, who is horrible at speaking, but hot. Racquel is. A new kind. Of horrible. Pro-mo. Heels are out, then Jeff. Jeff smears paint on his face and eats a bit of offense by Spud - but he rebounds against them with a ladder. Tyrus beats up Jeff and he says he'll climb - but his fat breaks the ladder. A really fat guy in the crowd mocks him, which Pope picks up on. Tyrus takes the worst bump ever for a Twist. Spud climbs, but gets stopped by Jeff. Twist ON THE LADDER by Jeff and he wins. Jeff celebrates while Matt impersonates a bat and flaps on the ramp while Jeff stands next to a very oddly-painted fan.


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Canon T5i Impressions

Canon's T5 was its entry-level DSLR for quite some time before being replaced by the T6. The T5i provides a nice middle-ground between those two cameras in terms of features - with the T5i coming ahead in some regards, while the much newer T6 shines in other aspects. The T5i's body is fairly large and feels quite sturdy even though it is largely made of plastic with some slight rubberization on the right hand grip.

It's a far better grip than the one included with the A6300 or the D3300, and does help you hold the camera if you've been out all day and have worked up a bit of a sweat. Its lower-megapixel image sensor takes lower-fidelity images than either of those cameras, but still takes really crisp images in both raw and JPEG formats. Those just getting into DSLRs will probably want to stick with JPEGs, while most will find going with a mixture of raw and JPEG is best for things like family functions that you want to capture forever - just make sure to grab a larger-capacity SD card.

One of the T5i's nicest features is its moveable screen. This allows you to either reposition the screen so you can take a photo at a slightly-different angle with it off to the side, or you can get super-sharp selfies if you so desire. The best usage of this screen on a realistic level is using it for vlogging or shooting video to teach others something. If you have a Udemy course, or otherwise teach people in a virtual environment, being able to see exactly what you're shooting in real-time is a huge time-saver.

The T5i lacks any kind of wi-fi options, so unlike the previously-explored D3300 or A6300, you will have to use a wi-fi enabled SD card like an Eyefi card to have that functionality with this device. Other than that, it's a really solid camera and being able to move the screen around is a nice feature - albeit something that won't matter for everyone.

Nikon D3300 Impressions

The Nikon D3300 has become Nikon's starter DSLR, and offers up incredible photos at a fairly small price tag. At around $400 for a basic kit with an 18-55 lens, or $500 for a two lens bundle, it's hard to top this camera in terms of sheer value. With a 24.2 megapixel crop sensor, you're going to get some amazing shots with it - especially if you have a more diverse range of lenses.

The all-plastic body has no weather-sealng, so you do want to be careful with it outdoors. The un-tiltable screen is another reason to be careful where you're using it because if you drop it, the screen will likely be damaged. If you're outdoors, make sure to shoot with covers on the lenses, or at least a filter on the lens, then you would at least have some protection there.

It feels very natural in the hand, with a logical layout that is easy to use quickly. The viewfinder size is a bit on the small side, but it does offer up a reasonable representation of what you're taking a photo of. Having five frames per second of continuous shooting is solid, and makes this is a good option for a Jack of all trades camera. Wi-fi isn't included by default, but you can buy a wi-fi adapter for around $60 to add that functionality.

The D3300 is available in red, grey, and black, with red and black being more prevalent for the two lens bundles. The red is a bit garish, but it does come in handy to have a camera in another color if you ever leave it somewhere and need to find it at a lost and found. It's also nice if you have a few different bodies as you can tell them apart by color a bit easier than by trying to look for the model number on the camera itself.

Sony a6300 Impressions

Sony's mirrorless cameras have given users the power of an interchangable lens camera with a smaller form factor more familiar to users of point and shoot cameras. Their compact size beguiles their power, and users just getting into a world of photography beyond point and shoots will find a lot to love about them. 2014's A6000 brought mirrorless cameras into many new hands, and the A6300 follows up on it brilliantly by speeding up the auto-focus, improving the image sensor, and adding 4K video support.

A6000 users looking to upgrade will be right at home, as the control layout is very similar - only now you have an AF/MF toggle switch. Holding it in the hand is fairly comfortable, but the smaller size can lead to some issues if you have larger hands. As someone with bigger hands, I do prefer to hold a DSLR because it fits my hand better. However, for the feature set, the A6300 really can't be beaten for the price. The slightly-rubberized grip on the right-hand side is fine, but feels very thin. The body itself is slightly more weather-resistant than the A6000, although it isn't exactly waterproof - but a couple of raindrops hitting it shouldn't impact it as it does have more weather-sealing than the A6000.

For photo-centric users, the 11 frame per second mode with the viewfinder is outstanding - and it retains the A6000's 8 frames per second in live view as well. Video shooters will be happy with 4K footage at 30 FPS, while you can get up to 120 FPS with 1080p - perfect for anyone covering an athletic event of any type. With a $1,000 price tag for a body-only version, you're probably better off either buying one with a kit lens or buying it body-only and then seeing if your retailer has any used/open box lenses on sale - that way you can get more shooting versatility without breaking the bank.

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WWE Raw 5-23-16

The main event is summed up as just the finishing sequence and Seth return. I should really redo Seth's gear since it's now basically Misawa's but with grey and black instead of green and white - should be easy to do in FPR. It's historic Raw number 1,200 and holy Hell does Seth get a big pop returning. "IS THAT ALL YOU'VE GOT!?" Seth is going nuts here. It's amazing. LOL at the ROLLENS IS BACK sign. Are they trying to mute the Welcome Back chants? You can see them, but not hear them. Seth soaks in the cheers, then heels on the crowd.

This is just...astonishing. They've got the easiest to book babyface return since Buff Bagwell and just have him as a heel for convenience. HERE COMES THE BOO DOG/Megastar/The Guy. JBL gives Roman all the credit for last night's main event being great. Shane comes down and says it's time for a conversation. YES! After 15 minutes of talking, it's time for a conversation! Jeff Jarrett can honestly talk shit about what Shane is wearing. Jesus. Shane makes Seth vs. Roman at MITB. MITB qualifiers are up tonight, with Sheamus vs. Zayn next.
TMNT ad with Sheamus. Sheamus talks to Renee, who is AWFUL tonight. Sheamus's giant beard is ridiculous. Sheamus bullies him to start and then demolishes his brain with a knee strike sending Sami to the floor for an ad break. Sheamus dominates more, but eats a desperation lariat. Sami lariats him over the top, but his dive is countered, and then HE WINS WITH THE KICK!

Sheamus beats up Apollo backstage. New Day is in the ring with a Booty O and a big cake. It's a birthday cake for Raw's 1,200th episode...that isn't how a birthday cake works! They point out that cake is never safe in wrestling, and they threaten fans and the announcers with it. Social Outcasts beat them up. Yes, really. Glorious victory lap where Heath just falls and the others eat a flip dive from Woods. New Day just squashes them. So this did nothing for anyone. Yup. Men spent time away from their families, spent hours in airports, and wound up just doing...this. They toss Heath into the cake and Byron gets his one funny line of the year asking if it's gluten free.

Miz is out to face Cesaro. Maryse should just wear revealing getup - this revealing-ish, but fully covered up stuff doesn't work. Cesaro interrupts kissing and tells Maryse to talk to the hand on the floor. Cesaro gets 2 off a crossbody. The hurt shoulder prevents a long Swing though. Arm snapper on the ropes leads to Miz going up top, eating an uppercut and a Neutralizer for the win. So LOGICALLY, Cesaro should also now want an IC Title shot, right?

Seth chats to Renee about taking the title back that he never lost. Seth goes for a hug with Steph, and she refuses. Shake the and or GET THE BALLS CUT OFF. CHOOSE NOW SETH! Jericho comes out like a young 60 year old. Jericho's back, arms, and hands are all taped up. Glorious.

Apollo came out and he's totally fine. A suplex is sold like absolute death and an Eddie hilo gets 2 for Crews. Enzuiguri leads to a powerbomb attempt, but Jericho cradles him into a Walls. Apollo hits a billion forearms, and Jericho gets 2 off a cradle. Codebreaker ends it for Chris, and HE WINS!? Darren Young/Backlund skit. Darren takes notes, which offends Bob. Darren says "damn" and this greatly offends him. Holy God are these Bob/Darren skits awful. These two have zero chemistry, and it's not helped by ALL OF THE SKITS BEING VIA SATELLITE. Recap of Baron beating Dolph via ballshot. Dolph buries Baron for being a douche on Breaking Ground. Baron says he didn't grow up wanting to be the best wrestler - HE HANDED OUT BEATINGS, AND IF YOU'RE GOOD, YOU DON'T DO IT FOR FREE. Baron rules, and Dolph whines and bitches a lot. I love that Baron is absolutely the babyface character in this. Baron's character is basically "okay, you're GREAT AT WRESTLING, so if you're so great it, why am I beating you? Also - I've been kicking ass for many years and now I'm paid to do it, so fuck off if you can't beat me."

ENZO RETURNS! He's got a new super-bright red jacket, and he talks about having the gift of gab and the gift of jab. AND IF HE HAD A DIME FOR ALL THE TIMES HE GOT KNOCKED DOWN AND DIDN'T GET BACK UP, HE'D HAVE ZERO DIMES. Enzo is a living, breathing animated GIF.  Bubba faces Cass next. D-Von cheapshots him on the floor after a LONG tie-up sequence. Enzo gets tossed into D-Von by Cass on the floor. Could Enzo please not take crazy out of control bumps near a ringpost and on the floor?Bubba goes up top, gets slammed, and eats a boot before the Empire Elbow gets the win. Ric, Charlotte, and Dana's giant rack are backstage.

Ric, Dana, and Charlotte come out. Dana does the strut and Ric cuts this amazing promo for Charlotte - talking about how life, growing up, and making everything happen in her life. Ric compares Dana to "uncle Arn" and Ric says her name is "Charlotte Flair". Dana says it's an honor to be in the ring with Ric, and how she remembers growing up differently than Ric does. She remembers Thanksgivings and Christmases, and birthdays without him. She shuts down WHAT chants marvelously and says that Mom said that "daddy's always with you" but he wasn't because she had to watch him on TV. She was crying, but now, she gets it - she's the WWE Women's Champion and she's never been more powerful or confident. He was The Man and she is The Woman. Now she has the courage to say that he needs to get out of her ring. She says she's no longer Ric's daughter - he's her dad. "My spotlight shines brighter than YOURS EVER DID!" Well, this is a disaster. Riveting because you can't turn away, but really awkward.  "It was the best of times, it was the worst of times" describes this perfectly because they've got an all-time great highlight reel hiding in this trainwreck. And then she wishes death on him. After Dusty's death, and even before that - enough of this. Jesus.


Dolph and Dean have a babyface vs. babyface match because...they're two dudes. No friend vs. friend story here at all, nothing to sink into. Fameasser gets 2. Dirty Deeds ends it. Whatever. Ric walks backstage and gets a brief handshake with Arn. Ric says that there's nothing he'd like to say at this time and leaves. AJ vs. Owens is the main event. AJ cuts a promo on the Usos and the Club for costing him the title match, but he doesn't live in the past. AJ says it's not Japan and things have changed. AJ wants them to be friends, but not be business partners. The Club breaks up, and boy do I not like AJ's odds here against Owens. On SD, Rusev faces Kalisto for the US Title and Miz faces Cesaro - I like it. Logical storytelling playing off of past matches - wonderful! Also, CRICKET WIRELESS SPONSORS CENA'S RETURN AND HE'S POSTING VIDEOS ON HIS RETURNS THANKS TO HIS CRICKET WIRELESS DEVICE.
Owens and AJ are main eventing Raw in 2016...amazing. They have an excellent match, and they're each so much better now than when they last had matches in what, 2007 in PWG? AJ gets a variety of forearms, but a running one off the apron is met with a POWERBOMB ONTO THE STEPS. Jesus. Pop-up powerbomb ends it and Kevin wins clean! Excellent - Kevin was clearly elevated here. Owens celebrates and we don't get anything more with the Club - I dig it. Slow build.

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WWE Extreme Rules 2016

Usual stuff on the pre-show, with Tom saying Jericho-Dean is THE MOST EXTREME RIVALRY WE'LL SEE TONIGHT. It's a feud over a potted plant and a Lite Brite jacket. Amusing bit where Booker gives Jericho the nod because he did "that Japan thing", while Corey talked about Dean doing crazy things before WWE. Charlotte-Nattie recap. Dudleys are out to cut a promo and get an ECDUB chant, so Bubba plays to that right in the middle of D-Von's promo. D-Von plugs the network gloriously, while Bully tells the fans to shut up, stop being sheep and listen - because they killed ECW because it died after they left. D-Von says they're not on the show because they're above Extreme in 2016. Big Cass - LOOK AT HOW BIG HE IS. ISN'T HE BIG! Cass says they don't get the tables now because they ate everything on it - pizza, HOW YOU DOIN!? Cass acts as Vince and says that they'll do extreme better now, and do it in front of millions instead of a small crowd in a ballroom or bingo hall. Cass gets jumped by both men. East River Crossing to D-Von. Well, that accomplished very little.

Miz and Maryse cut a promo on the IC Title match tonight. Maryse is now a director and Miz recites a moment from some 2004 Russell Crowe movie with dramatic music playing. "If I fought Owens, Zayn, or Cesaro 10 times - I'd probably lose 9 of 'em. BUT I WAS BORN TO BE A WWE SUPERSTAR. SCREW 'EM!" Glorious. AND THEN WE GET A TAKE 2. Glorious! Booker marks out over this and compares it to...Ace Ventura!? Okay then.

Rusev and Lana interview. "YOU MIGHT AS WELL CALL ME THE UNITED STATES CHAMPION. I ALREADY CALLED MY MOM!" "Why is this called Ask Rusev and not called Ask Rusev and Lana? Is this your idioticness?" "Rusev LOVES TO MAKE MONEY!" and drops his accent constantly, and it's great. "I LOVE THE LAZY AMERICANS, IT'S THE LAND OF OPPORTUNITY AND I'M WILLING TO WORK!" Miz and Rusev would've legit sold more network buys if they'd done this on Raw instead of here. Baron's here to face Dolph in new, awful white and pink gear. Deep Six gets 2. End of Days ends it.

Usos are out to face The Club to start. Lots of fast action in the aisle way while the Usos get booed. JBL's WHETHER YA LOVE HIM OR HATE HIM, YOU'RE PASSIONATE ABOUT HIM AND THAT TELLS ME WE'VE GOT A MEGASTAR! amuses me greatly. JBL calls the Club Bad Dudes. They're Bad Dudes, but are they bad enough dudes to rescue the Phenomenal One? Magic Killer ends it.

Rusev gets his legs kicked by Kalisto, but swats him away during the corkscrew shoulder thingy. A CM Punk chant breaks out during a long bearhug. Torture rack by Rusev is turned into a sleeper by Kalisto. JBL says YA CAN'T TEACH SIZE! Facefirst rana onto Rusev gets 2. Springboard frog splash gets 2. Kalisto goes up, but gets slammed off ONTO THE APRON. They tease that the match will be stopped via...DQ!? What!? It would be a ref stoppage and that should be the same as a submission - Rusev grabs him, locks on a super-sick Accolade and wins!
New Day's out to face the Vaudevillains. New Day promo with Woods talking about DMs and getting to shooting his shot. E says that since they're in the garden state, they gonna put some hoes in the ground!Vaudevillains now have two wacky jackets. Still zero crowd reaction. Aiden uses that DDT/facebuster thing Seth used as a finish for one show and gets 2! Whirling Dervish gets 2! Kofi hits the kick and a shining wizard gives Woods the win. Okay then.

Owens comes out and we're told he is the only guy since Taker to wrestle at every PPV in his first year and JBL says actually, Taker didn't wrestle at Summerslam '91. Cesaro comes out and does pushups during Miz's amazing intro. HELLUVA KICK TAKES OUT OWENS! Lots of fast action here. Finale hits Cesaro for 2. Big Swing to Miz leads to the sharpshooter and Miz taps, but the ref is distracted by Maryse. Great spot where Cesaro goes for the swing, but Owens frog splashes Miz. Cesaro hits the Neutralizer to Owens, but Sami prevents a 3 count! Crowd chants fight forever after another big nearfall off the finale! Sami kicks Cesaro, but Owens pulls Sami out! Miz runs in and wins it! Best match of the show easily.

Jericho is out in black jeans, kneepads, and giant boots. Looks horrible in a great way. Dean is in his usual stuff. Mop to the ear of Jericho and then MOP TO THE FACE. Back superplex takes both guys out while JBL acts like it's a finish now - it was a pre-finish move 23 years ago with Razor for goodness sake. Dean grabs nunchucks while Jericho has the barb wire 2x4 and attacks Jericho with them. Flying cane to the back of Ambrose off the top. Jericho gets a strap and JBL references Savio Vega a TON. Dean eats some shots and then dishes some out. More plodding stuff with the straightjacket. Triangle dropkick against the cage hits Dean.

Crowd chants WE WANT VIOLENCE here in this Asylum match. Cue Byron talking about the potted plant COULD get involved. Flying lunatic elbow to Jericho. It gets 2 here in this mid-card B-show PPV match. Dean grabs a bright orange bucket which has a black bag in it and tons of tacks. They tease a TON of stuff, which I like - they don't just do it immediately. Walls of Jericho is locked on, but cane shots end that. Fire extinguisher blinds Dean and a Codebreaker gets 2. Dean turns another one into a hard spinebuster and Jericho's arms are all sliced up. Dirty Deeds wins it - DEAN WINS A FEUD! Also, Dean sent himself into the tacks doing his finish. TACKS IN HIS HAND. Goddamn.


Nattie's out and wearing her HERE ARE MY TITS, LOOK AT THEM outfit. Byron talks about Nattie training with Josh Barnett and SAYNA BOZZLER!? Nattie gets some wonky leglock on that Charlotte just...moves forward to get out of. Chops on the floor. Submission matches rely heavily on the story of the match being told, and this commentary team just can't handle that task.Nattie gets the sharpshooter, but "Ric Flair" comes out, and it's Dana obviously dressed as Ric with RIC'S HAIR FROM THE '80S and white hair. Figure 8 ends it. Ugh. Horrible misuse of everyone. Well, Nattie is definitely the person Dana should work with and this finish got them out of making Nattie look weak...I guess. She just looks really stupid, like all other babyfaces. #wwegenderequality. CampWWE ad.

Tons of streaming issues there and during the main event video package. AJ gets tons of cheers, while Roman gets a sea of boos. "STARS ELICIT RESPONSES! WHETHER YA LOVE HIM OR YA HATE HIM, EVERYONE RESPONDS TO ROMAN REIGNS!" Big jumping knee to AJ gives Roman an edge. AJ avoids a chair on the floor and Roman rocks his hands in the process. They fight to the floor and AJ hits the forearm off the barricade into the crowd. Styles Clash on the bare floor is teased, but Roman backdrops him. Clash on the German table is countered, so AJ goes for a forearm off the barricade and eats a backdrop through the English table. Ouch!

It gets 2. Splash Mountain gets 2 for Roman! AJ clips the knee. JBL says "If you can't continue, it's like a knockout - THE TITLE CHANGES HANDS!" - why would that apply now instead of an hour ago during Rusev-Kalisto? Roman hits the Joe-style swing into the LED board on the apron and then gets POWERBOMBED THROUGH THE ANNOUNCE TABLE! Jesus. AJ is going to shorten his career for Roman, but damned if he doesn't take the best announce table bumps ever. AJ goes for the forearm, but Roman Superman punches him and he falls off the top awkwardly to the floor. Would've been better with a table bump there. ROMAN SPEARS HIM!

Club comes out and the Boot of Doom hits for 2.5! Superkick party from the Usos gets 2. Club goons eat the Superman punch. Boot counter to the Spear, but the Clash gets 2! AJ really needs to face Roman in a 2/3 falls match or something - anything to keep this feud going. AJ hits a chair off a backdrop. SUPERMAN PUNCH BUT THE PELE HITS! CLASH ON THE CHAIR, BUT THE USOS PULL THE LEG AND IT GETS 2.5! AJ is like fuck this and just chairshots Roman's back to death. CHAIRS TO THE USOS! YES! THIS RULES! PHENOMENAL FOREARM IS COUNTERED INTO A SPEAR FOR THE WIN! This ruled. SETH RETURNS IN NEW GREY AND BLACK GEAR AND PEDIGREES ROMAN! He's got a new anti-Christ-style SR logo.


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