Sunday, June 17, 2018

WWE Money in the Bank 2018

A billion year long video on MITB airs to start the show. Bryan is out to open the show against Cass - well, if you're not in the main event, open the show. Cass comes out to no reaction to his bland theme. Cass avoids a heel hook and elbows the back. Cass works a long bearhug. Bryan works the knee over for a while and hits the corner dropkicks. Bryan gets the yes lock and Cass accidentally taps but waves it off. Bryan hits the crossbody off the top to the floor. Cass hits a fallaway slam off the second rope. Bryan clips the knee and then kicks away at it before a buzzsaw kick. Cass boots him for a 2.9. Bryan gets the kneebar and the tap.

New Day is backstage chatting about their MITB plans. KO is called a fool and brings a trash bag full of pancakes. No word on if he's here to see Honk if You're Horny in peace. KO says he's not a pancake guy, or a breakfast guy - he didn't like Booty Os either. Sami's out to face Lashley. Sami jumps him early and gets an edge with some punches and crossfaces. Lashley gets the delayed vertical, a Canadian backbreaker into sorta-a-dominator, and then hits another suplex. He does this over and over and wins. Riveting.
Ronda shadowboxes backstage with Nattie. Elias sings before his match with Seth. Seth's mouth gets busted up and he hits the kneeling superkick for 2. Elias hits the big flying elbow for 2. Seth gets a cradle and wins by cheating with the slacks. Women's MITB is up. Ember misses a flip dive that Becky sells. Sasha eats a blind diving crossbody from Ember onto a ladder. Nattie hits the run-up dorpkick on the ladder. Naomi does some stuff with a ladder mid-ring and blockbusters Sasha off the apron. Sasha and Charlotte bonk each other off the ladder. Sasha hits the shotgun knees off the ladder to Charlotte and Nattie.  Bexploder kinda on a corner ladder. Alexa grabs the case.
Kurt and Paige chat about brand supremacy. Baron tells Kurt to bring both MITB cases to Raw. Paige asks him "what's with the tude, dude!". Sunil comes out in a wheelchair and a sling and neckbrace. I like them being a pro wrestling game in at least some ways still. Roman misses the drive by and we get a LONG CHINLOCK. CM Punk chants break out. Sunil attacks Roman and gets his ass kicked. Big Dog beats Jinder. Riveting. The Special Olympian in the Big Show ad gets her own entrance on the show - well that's sweet. Pre-show match is recapped along with the rest of the show to this point.

Carmella vs. Asuka is hyped up, which is good since I completely forgot about that match. Carmella avoids Asuka by kicking away on the ropes. Asuka hits a sliding knee on the apron. Carmella low-bridges her off a hip attack on the ropes. Asuka gets 2 off a cradle and hits a sliding knee. An Asuka lookalike jumps on the apron and gets a CM Punk chant. Asuka hits a pop-up kick, but Ellsworth is revealed as the imposter and Carmella pins her with a superkick!
AJ vs. Nakamura is up, with AJ eating a slew of knee strikes. They brawl in the crowd for a bit. A WHOOP WHOOP chant breaks out. AJ avoids a ballshot, which completely shocks Nakamura. Nakamura taps to the calf crusher, but it doesn't matter. AJ chairshots the back, shoulders, and legs. Nakamura lures him into a LOW BLOW! AJ gets up and eats a Kinshasa, but the knee is hurt - so it doesn't get all the usual damage. AJ uses the table to get up at 9. STYLES CLASH OFF THE STEPS! Nakamura uses the table for a 9.9 count! Phenomenal forearm from the ring through the announce table! That does it!
The Hardys doc is plugged and Cole gets in a "from Woken to BROKEN - the table is destroyed!". Tale of the Tape is done for Jax vs. Ronda. Nia comes down first and Ronda is hugely over. Nia tosses her around and avalanches her in the corner. Ronda avoids another one and gets corner shots. Trinalge armbar leads to a Rampage powerbomb. GIANT SWING INTO THE BARRICADE to Rousey! Gorilla press drop hits for Nia and gets 2. AS SHE'S IN A BEARHUG, Coach says this is a chance for Ronda to rest. Ronda hits a crossbody off the top for 2! JUDO THROW TO NIA GETS 2.5! RONDA GETS THE ARMBAR, but Nia cradles her for 2. URANAGE BY RONDA! ALEXA HITS RONDA WITH THE CASE! She teases a cash-in, but beats up Ronda more and Nia with the case.
Case shots, arm work, the DDT and the Twisted Bliss end it - Alexa wins the title!

Saturday, June 16, 2018

NXT Takeover Chicago 2018

A rundown of the last few months of TV airs. It has been some TV. Over one year ago at last year's Chicago show, Johnny was destroyed by Ciampa. Burch and Lorcan get a Takeover payday - good for them. Kyle is sent outside early, but he recovers and knees Burch in the corner. Lorcan tags in to run wild and lands a double running blockbuster. Doomsday European uppercut hits! Strong and Lorcan have a stiff knee and uppercut exchange before a hocket fight breaks out between the teams. High/low sweep ends it - good, but not amazing.

Hogan getup on Dream!? Well, that's...interesting...Dream overpowers him and poses! INDIE STANDOFF! Dream hits a run-up somersault senton! Ricochet hits a tope, then a fosbury flop! DREAM HITS A SUPER DEATH VALLEY DRIVER! This insanity only gets 2.9! Dream suplexes him off the apron to get a near double countout. Dream hits a rolling DVD for 2.9! Running suplex from Ricochet leads to a superkick from Dream. Dream talks shit and eats a DVD of his own! Purple Rainmaker on Dream gets 2.9! Ricochet wants the 630, but Dream moves - so he does an SSP and eats knees for 2.9! A COAST TO COAST PURPLE RAINAMKER MISSES! 630 to the back ends it!
Shayna vs. Nikki is hyped up with the word "championship" said about 900 times. Nikki wants to be taken down and is, and does wacky things. Cross gets a sleepr and then Shayna does, but Nikki avoids it. Nikki goes for a sleeper on the floor, but gets Vader dropped into the ramp! Nikki hits a draping fisherwoman's suplex for 2.9 when Shayna puts her foot on the rope. Shayna gets the sleeper and chokes her out while Nikki has a look of bliss on her face. EC3 is in the crowd alongside KEITH LEE!
Black vs. Lars begins with clubbering! Lars avalanches him in the corner. Lars world's strongest slams him for 2. Lars goes for an inside-out chokeslam, but he eats a spinning back elbow. APRON POWERSLAM BY LARS! Okay, Braun needs that ASAP. Diving headbutts hits for 2.5. Black Mass hits sorta! He gets a "you fucked up" chant and eats a lariat. Jumping knee and a second Black Mass hits! Third one knocks him out to win it!
Candice gives Johnny a half-crutch and tells him to kick Ciampa's ass. Johnny sends him out with a lariat over the top. They fight in the crowd and Johnny does Dreamer's 20+ year old bit of taking a stop sign out of a fan sign. Johnny hits a big dive. Ciampa takes him to suplex city. Johnny topes him and Ciampa tosses a trash can at his head on the steps, as ya do. Air Raid Siren on the steps gets 2.9! Ciampa gets bolt clippers and cuts the apron away. WWE saw Bully destroy the ring on the TNA show they put clips of on the Prichard show and thought "hey, let's do that!" Super celtic cross is countered into a sunset bomb that is countered, but leads to a buckle superkick. Johnny's pescado is met with a crutch. Johnny chairshots the bad knee to death! Ciampa kicks him into a corner can and locks on the Gargano escape!
Ciampa slugs the neck and works on his brace. Crutch to the neck gets 2.9! Ciampa picks him up and walks alongside him and tosses him into the LED board. They go to the crowd and climb onto a wacky area. Ciampa takes off Johnny's wedding ring, spits on it, and throwd it in the crowd. This fires up Johnny to send him through the table with a celtic cross!
They tease taking Ciampa out, but Johnny takes him back to the bsuted up ring and beats him up on the stretcher. Gargano Escape gets the tap, but there's no ref for it and he beats up goons. He handcuffs him for a superkick party! GARGANO ESCAPE! More goons come down and Ciampa hits the DDT on the exposed wood to end it!

Friday, June 8, 2018

NJPW Dominion 2018

The new NJPW President Harodl Meij comes out and cuts a promo in Japanese about how much he loves wrestling and then cuts the same promo in English. R3K is out to get the Jr tag titles from Kanamaru and Desperado. Lots of crowd brawling and cheating from Suzuki-gun. Last ride lungblower hits for 2! Whiskey bottle to the head of YOH leads to a cradle and a pin. Finlay and Juice are out to face Jay White and YOSHI-HASHI. Finlay and Switchblade have great chemistry - and Switchblade chants break out surprisingly. Finlay stunners YOSHI, but eats a Blade Runner. PULP FRICTION TO JAY WHITE AND HE PINS SWITCHBLADE!

Suzuki and ZSJ are out and Kevin Kelly talks about a fan flying 5,000 miles to bring Minosu Suzuki a painting that she made of him. Yano and Ishii are quite an odd pairing, but Don is perfect for him. He is grateful for ZSJ's attempts to take him out of the business. Yano yells at Minoru to not run off the ropes, but he does so anyway and kicks him. ISHII AND SUZKI HIT EACH OTHER HARD. Yano and ZSJ are in and Yano goes for the buckle pad, but ZSJ attacks the arm. ZSJ blocks a low blow and taps him out with an armbar while Minoru locks on an Octopus to Ishii. Ishii and Suzuki brawl.

Taichi is out with Miho singing. BIG MIKE is leg big and more ripped. Goto remains Goto. Big Mike sets off a sunset bomb tower of doom. Taichi hits a superkick on Goto for 2. Taichi lands a buzzsaw kick and a Gedoh clutch gets 2. Buckle bomb, buckle bomb INTO GOTO and then the Elgin bomb ends it. Sucks that Elgin didn't pin the former champ, but this was short and solid. Bucks are out to face SANADA and EVIL for the heavyweight tag belts.

Double snapmare dropkicks to SANADA. Nick hits a crazy spin dive to the floor. Matt eats a tilt a whirl and a dropkick. Indytaker is prevented by EVIL. EVIL eats a sharpshooter, but SANADA locks on a Skull End. Nick makes a save and everyone's down. EVIL AND SANADA HIT AN INDYTAKER FOR 2! Magic Killer hits, but Nick makes a save!  STO is countered into a backslide for 2.9! Matt lands a big lariat after being locked in Skull End. SPINNING SKULL END! SPEAR OFF A MOONSAULT! SUPERKICK PARTY OFF A SPRINGBOARD! More Bang for Your Buck hits and THEY WIN THE IWGP HEAVYWEIGHT TAG BELTS!
Liger, Tana, and Rey are out. Rey's half-mask/half-lion mark logo is great. Of course the graphic spells his name as "Ray". Cody, Marty, and Hangman are out to take out the legends. Weird to see Tana in the legends role already. Rey's red, black, and white gear is his best major league gear outside of the Rumble. Rey kicks away at Marty, and it's amazing how much better he's moving now than he was in WWE eight years ago. He and Marty work great together and a wheelbarrow facebuster into a 619 is met by Hangman. Liger is in with Cody and he lands a shotay, and a double 619 hits. Avalancha rana hits, but Cody ends it with a Cross Rhodes.

Hiromu is out with his statue and its broken wing - making a wing out of his hand and putting Band-Aits on the trophy itself. Greatness! Ospreay is out and Kevin talks about how great he is, but how much people worry about him burning out. Hiromu hits a shotgun dropkick to the floor. Ospreay hits a pip, pip cheerio foreaarm. Kneeling forearm exchange! Hiromu gets a triangle and the dynamite clutch hits for 2. DVD into the buckle hits! TIME BOMB HITS AND ENDS IT!

 Jericho is out in a completely new look - long black pants, a top hat, and face paint. He's letting the grey hair grow into the beard and it works for him. They start off with a big brawl on the floor. Jericho is in slow motion already and he hits a suplex on the floor. Powerbomb through a table, and Naito lands terribly with his head hitting the barricade. Jericho repeats his camera grab> bird flip - but does it with the hard camera!

Jericho eats a neckbreaker/reverse DDT after a low blow. Corner basement dropkick hits for Naito! NAITO PILEDRIVES HIM ON THE TABLE AND IT DOESN'T BUDGE! Jericho avoids an avalanche rana and gets the walls! Swinging DDT hits for Naito and gets 2. DESTINO HITS, but he can't follow up! It only gets 2 and Jericho grabs the rope. Gloria hits and Destino meets a low blow and a Codebreaker! JERICHO WINS IT and wins his first IWGP title! He beats up Naito afterwards and is really giving off a modern-day Brody vibe. He takes his belt off and whips him with it. EVIL makes a save!

Omega is out super-ripped and blonde again with Ibushi. Kevin talks about them having over two hours of ring time so far. They start on the floor with a brawl. Omega lands a series of kicks to the back before more floor brawling leads to a snap rana. Omega eats a nasty shotgun dropkick and lands horribly on the railing. Ibushi has a white towel in his hand - which adds some drama here. RAINMAKER POSE leads to a snapdragon out of nowhere. FLIP DIVE at 25 minutes!

Okada gets a cradle and gets the first fall. Angel is avoided, V Trigger hits and an electric chair German gets 2.9999! More floor brawling and an Omega back suplex hits. BACK SUPLEX ON THE APRON! SUPER CROSS LEGGED SUPLEX BY OMEGA! Forearm exchange! SNAPDRAGON! V Trigger and the One Winged Angel gets the second fall!

Okada is still out of it and Gedo is icing him up as much as he can. Okada is out still and Gedo stalls. V TRIGGER! Angel is countered into a RAINMAKER! Omega's foot kicks Okada and sends him down. V TRIGGER! Anothe ris met with a counter and  GODDAMN DROPKICK! He goes for a tombstone but Omega blocks and he hits another dropkick! Omega ducks a Rainmaker and goes for a hat trick German. German by Okada, with wrist control! Omega ducks and hits more Germans! REWIND RANA! RAINMAKER COUNTERED INTO THE ANGEL, BUT HE'S IN THE ROPES! They're both out of it on the ropes!

V TRIGGER ON THE ROPE! OMEGA HITS THE ANGEL AND WINS IT! HE IS THE IWGP CHAMPION! Wow - this was incredible! The Bucks come down and hug Omega with Ibushi! He holds off on holding the belt to hug them. The Bucks and Omega hit WK 9 in the junior heavyweight division and were successful there, and now three and a half years later, they reign supreme as heavyweight champions! Omega cuts a promi in Japanese and talks about how people told him to play it safe. He thanks the fans and wishes everyone goodnight.

Monday, May 7, 2018

Table for 3 - Show Stealers

This has Shane McMahon, AJ Styles, and Kurt Angle - so two of the best of all-time alongside Shane, who has in fact worked with them in memorable matches. They start off talking about Shane getting winded at WM against AJ before Kurt talks about his great matches with AJ in TNA. In a still-surreal bit, we get clips of Hard Justice 2008 with GWN graphics on it and that horrible forced 16:9 cropping.

Shane talks about AJ working stiff before Kurt buries him for slicing him open on a jab at KOTR '01. That was a truly insane match. We get more clips of TNA with them talking about Kurt taking a suplex on the stage before going through how insane Shane vs. Kurt was, and we see Shane take that nasty belly to belly bump off the glass to the floor. Then he suplexes him through the glass, goes to the other side, does it again - but the glass doesn't break and Shane just thuds again. Goddamn this match had to take years off his life before Shane just gets chucked through it.
Shane talks about that match being a great achievement for him. They got a big ovation from the boys and then he saw his wife in tears. Vince apparently almost stopped it three times. Kurt says they aren't young anymore and wonders what they do to train. Shane says he chases his kids. AJ says he's learned what his body can and can't do and we get clips of him with DDP Yoga. Kurt says he's doing yoga and stretching now and it's the only thing that works for him now. AJ says he loves burpees and Shane buries him for not lifting weights.

AJ says he's never seek Kurt blow up ever and he always wore him down. Kurt says AJ isn't the only one who complained about him being too intense. Everyone compares kid stories, and Kurt has a 15 year old and it scares him because he'll be 70 when his 1 year old graduates high school. AJ loves having a daughter now and how they make you think before they do something and point out how stupid you are. Shane says he came back in part for his kids to see him live and then Vince called him. Shane says that 10 minutes before his return match at Mania, he told his kids to come out with him and how they just started doing his dane and stealing the show.

Kurt calls AJ the best in the world right now and Shane agrees. AJ gives credit to Kurt for making him better. He enjoys finding new ways to still be great even with father time working against him a bit now. Kurt says AJ is teachable and a lot of people aren't - he's open to learning what can make him better. AJ credits Kurt for being the same way and Kurt says he was wrestling main events within his second month. Kurt first took a bump in November '98, debuted in October (actually November, but his vignettes were October) and won the title by October of '00.
Kurt says he had no idea what he was doing as champion. Kurt says that he was beloved in Pittsburgh and he probably wouldn't get booed - so then they booed him. Kurt says that night was a big key to his character becoming what it did. Kurt says he preferred to work heel and likes making an ass out of himself. AJ says now he prefers being a babyface - and with him being a fighting underdog character, it's better for him throughout his career. Shane says he likes being an instigator more so he prefers being a heel. AJ thanks them both for great experiences over the years and Shane teases a triple threat. AJ says they'll just toss him around.

Sunday, May 6, 2018

WWE Backlash 2018 

 The pre-show starts with talking heads then we get a great Roman vs. Joe video with Joe choking him out constantly. A WWE 24 doc is being made on Ronda Rousey. Miz vs. Bryan is hyped up, and oh yeah, he's facing Cass - so Miz is costing Bryan the match. Miztourage reunites backstage. He wants their help tonight agaisnt Seth, but Bo says they're done with him. A Charlotte-Carmella video airs and the Iiconics are out to be wacky. Bayley and Sasha have a terribly-acted skit.Nia vs. Alexa is hyped with a NIA JAX SOCIAL MEDIA BARRAGE video. Bayley comes out and is over again by some miracle.
Bayley and Ruby have a solid little match. Bayley gets a bunch of cradles for 2, but Riott dominates before throwing her outside and then menacing before her goons show up to be silly. Ruby hits a flatliner and does the logical thing afterwards - a silly armbar. WTF? Ruby hits her wacky double knees spot. Bayley hits Sarah with an awkward baseball slide rana. Roitt kick ends it. This was darn good overall.
 This is Miz's best look ever - something about this red and gold getup just works. Miz dominates after a nice head-dropping DDT. Seth hits an X factor and Miz gets a brief edge by bonking Seth's head on the apron. Seth carries him around and hits a sidewinding uranage for 2. High Fly Flow hits for 2 and gets a billion replays because it looks so great. They fight on the apron and Seth goes for the ripcord knee, but Miz ducks and Seth's knee hits the post. Miz gets a long figure four, but Seth escapes. Seth hits an awesome high kick, but Miz hits the finale for 2.9. Seth hits the superplex and Miz counters the falcon arrow into hte finale for 2.9999! Woah - that was a perfect false finish. Seth avoids a super Finale, but Miz avoids a super curb stomp and gets 2 off a cradle, but Seth HITS THE CURB STOMP TO WIN. This was easily the best singles match of Miz's career.

Alexa is out and she just has IT. She didn't come off with that vibe in NXT, but has become a dominant act despite being so small just due to her presence. They start things off with some awkwardness as Alexa just kind of stands around a bit while Nia wonders what to do. Nia steamrolls her. Nia gets dumped to the floor off a Vader bomb attempt. Nia almsot gets sunset bombed, but Alexa kicks her legs nad she bumps on her ass. Coach then says that ALEXA WINNING WOULD BE ONE OF THE GREATEST WINS IN THE HISTORY OF THE TITLE. Holy shit. Nia catches her off twisted bliss and Samoan drops her to win after nine decades. Nia cuts a generic empowering promo about being extraordinary and unique using every possible cliche in a single promo. NIA JAX ECHOING THE SENTIMENT OF WWE'S BE A STAR MOVEMENT, AND SINCE 2011, BE A STAR HAS HELPED THOUSANDS. Just human beings talking as they do.

The Roman vs. Brock stuff is recapped before Joe is intervewed by a generic human about Roman. Orton comes out and then Jeff does, with Orton bopping his arms to Jeff's theme. Jeff has a new all-shiny top look that's both neat and odd - I prefer the sleeves being colorful. We get a legends reunion version of every match they've ever had. Jeff goes for a springboard, but Orton dropkicks him to the floor. Orton back suplexes him three times on the barricade. Jeff jumps up and flies forward with...what I guess was supposed to be a lariat and gets the atomic drop>legdrop for 2. Whisper in the Wind gets 2 and Orton gets a powerslam for 2. Jeff misses Hardyac arrest. Twist and a swanton end it. That was a match.
Elias comes out and plays a tribute to Springsteen. Elias gets a boo/yay spot off of TEASING LEAVING. Then New Day sadly comes in and Elias says he knows they're intimidated being in the building with the biggest musical act on Earth - but it isn't time for autographs. And then Aiden shows up for Rusev Day. Then Jose, Titus Worldwide, and Breezango are out. Elias is Oliver Douglas in the world of Hooterville. AND THEN BOBBY ROODE JUMPS HIM TO END IT. Hey, this was unbearable at times - but it served a storyline purpose sorta. Roode dances to Jose's theme in his robe and looks very white.

Bryan is a third-match guy on a B-show. Yowza. Cass is a less-charismatic and less-impressive version of Test. Bryan kicks the leg. Cass has found a way to somehow try to hide his body while still wearing trunks. Between the giant trucks and enormous kneepads, why not just wear long tights? Bryan gets the missile dropkick. Yes kicks are met with a big spinebuster. Okay, so Bryan will probably win - but it'll be a fluke. They're telling too much of a story with Cass being arrogant. Cass is doing a fine job of raising his arm in the air. Cass eats some crossfaces and the Yes Lock ends it. Glad to see Bryan win clean here. Pleasantly surprised by the booking there. They actually did a nice job telling a story that can lead to Cass and Bryan being a team - which wouldn't be the worst thing for Cass. Cass jumps him after the match tho. Cass tosses him around post-match and big boots him.

Charlotte and Carmella have an astonishingly boring match. Lots of chinlocks and iffy-looking offense throughout. Charlotte counters a sleeper with a backpack stunner. Carmella gets the Code of Silence, but Charlotte escapes. Damn. I was hoping Carmella was being DQed for hitting her with the Cone of Silence from Get Smart - then this would be over. Moonsault is met with a knee clip and a win for Carmella.
AJ-Nakamura is up. "I hear Nakamura went to a children's basketball game and punctured all the balls!" Corey with a great line there. Nakamura bails to start. They brawl and AJ eats the apron kneedrop with a bit of a run up the steps to get 2. Super Kinshasa gets 2, as does a Landslide. AJ avoids a kinshasa with a tossing chair shot - but the chair kicks back and slices his cheek. AJ gets the calf crusher, but AJ eats a triangle choke. Ushigoroshi into a backbreaker lands after a bullet forearm to the neck. BACK TO BACK LOW BLOWS and then a double boot low blow to one another leads to ANOTHER DOUBLE DOWN. So this teases a double countout for a match MATCH TO SETTLE A DOUBLE COUNTOUT.
Braun and Lashley vs. KO and Sami is up, with them bringing up that Braun took Lashley out of the Rumble. Lashley tosses guys around. Braun comes in, bowls over everyone, wins. Then they beat up KO more and powerslam Sami. Also, Lashley was here. The Roman-Joe video hypes up how Roman should've won, but Vince didn't smarten him up before WM. "ROMAN REIGNS IS A FAILURE. END OF STORY. PERIOD! Thank you Joe. TU-BA TU-BA TU-BA! Joe gets a huge Joe chant coming out, and it's mind-boggling that he won't be winning. Roman is ricking perriwinkle tonight. How can anyone boo this man!?

 Joe starts things off fast and lands a snap jab before kneeing him in the ribs a ton. Then they fight on the floor and Joe just chucks him through an announce table. He tosses him over all the other ones.  We need at least another dozen announce tables set up for Joe to toss Roman through. Then we get a long chinlock and the match dies until Roman recovers, then the fans boo. Elbow suicida to the floor. Then Joe slows things down with a long, long, super-long armlock. They brawl and Roman gets the drive by. Another drive by is countered by THE CHOKE! Roman escapes and gets a Superman punch gets 2. A spear meets a boot and then a spear gets 2 before Joe gets the rope. Choke again. Cradle again, 2. Coquina clutch is on! Roman gets the rope and a ton of boos. Roman hits another spear to win. BOOOOO!