Wednesday, October 7, 2015

WWE NXT Takeover: Respect

Lita is in some giant denim thing on the pre-show. They plug the Bayley stuff on WWE 24. Human Friend interviews Sasha. Excellent hype for the main event - shame they'll never get the point of any of this on the main roster. I'll be watching as much of the first hour as I can before switching over to Impact - and I might knock out hour 2 after ROH or tomorrow. Storm is basically confirmed to be debuting here too, so it should be a really exciting show for many reasons. Hilarious early '00s emo music here to hype up Sasha-Bayley.


The opening hype video focuses on respect being the most important thing. Then the wacky "THE SCARS WILL BUILD MY SOULLL!" music plays. Finn Balor is out first with his slick Balor Club tron - it's a better tron than a shirt. Speaking of which, a fan has a slick Scarface setup for Joe that needs to be a shirt. Joe runs wild and Balor gets a big rushing dropkick to Dawson. Knee clip by Dawson takes him out. Dawson gets a half crab and a 4 1/2 count. THEY GET 2 OFF A DEMOLITION DECAPITATION! Balor finally tags Joe, who runs wild. Big senton onto Dash. ST-JOE! Finn wants a tag and gets it after the Muscle Buster. Double stomp hits and he seemingly hurts his knee worse. I'm sensing an Owen/Bret Rumble '94 turn here, and I like it. I also love the cowboy boots in the Dusty trophy.


Jordan and Gable are out to face Rhyno and Corbin. Such a shame Rhyno won't be in 2K16 because he's been great in NXT .JORDAN FLIPPED OUT OF A HIPTOSS. HE IS AWESOME! I really need to make Jordan and Gable in FPR.Tremendous fling bump into the corner by Gable there. THE FANS ARE SINGING GA-BLE TO THE TUNE OF KURT'S THEME! Gable gets a rope armbar on Rhyno. Gable and Jordan each have more charisma than Team Angle did combined. "SAVE THE GABLE!" CHANT! Jordan FINALLY GETS THE TAG and hits some backdrop drivers! Corner spear to Baron in the corner. Super duper black hole slam by Corbin hits, but JORDAN SAVES. They are now officially a giant babyface team. Jordan and Gable are being made not quite in one night, but DAMMIT, Rhyno prevents a German suplex pin. GORE TO JORDAN! Motherfuckers - Baron and Rhyno won! Well, Jordan and Gable still shined and of course, the heels had to win...but damn it, that was heartbreaking. They just made two stars tonight. Such a shame they can't just transplant NXT to Raw.


Dana Brooke ISN'T YOUR ENEMY. OR FRIEND! Emma's new gear remains amazing. Asuka debuts a new mask and IT'S TERRIFYING. THEN SHE'S HAPPY AND THAT'S EVEN SCARIER! Asuka eats slaps, so we get a super-long hammerlock exchange with flips. A SLAP LEADS TO A YOU FUCKED UP CHANT AND A BUZZSAW COMBO! ASUKA DOES DANA'S POSE! Kick right to the ass. Ouch. ANKLE LOCK INTO A GERMAN BY ASUKA! JUMPING ARMBAR BY ASUKA! Dana rolls into a modified crossface chickenwing! SPINNING BACKFIST TO EMMA! So to recap, Asuka is more of a star in one night than KENTA has been in NXT. ASUKA CITY! Crossface chickenwing with a bodyscissors gets the win, and it's the AsukaLock. THIS RULED! Dana talks smack and EATS A KICK. ASUKA HAS HER NEW VICTIM! STEAL EMMA STEAL. GET AWAY FROM ASUKA!

The trainer works on Finn's knee. Nia Jax video. Breeze is out to get squashed. He eats a great pounce on the floor. Crews avoids a schoolboy and lands a kick to the face. OUCH! Crews BOUNCED off that fucking LED board. Damn. Breeze drops an elbow to the back and whips him hard into the buckle for 2. Nice camel clutch/chinlock variant here, right out of Angle's playbook. Sideways backstabber for 2! Crews gets a slick flip, but eats a superkick for 2. Breeze gets a corner forearm, but eats a giant boot! Atomic whip into a powerbomb wins. Okay then - good match, iffy finisher. Funaki and Itami are in the crowd.

Dusty finals are up and Finn's got his knee wrapped up. Rhino attacks the left knee on the floor. Joe gets overwhelmed by the odds and eats a Gore, but Balor saves. Balor punts Baron on the apron, and Joe punts Rhyno during the gore. Joe and Balor repeat the earlier finish, without a swerve! The Rhodes family presents the trophy. Dustin looks incredibly young for his age - God bless him for getting things in his life fixed up while his dad was around. Cody says that Dusty's dad died 37 years ago, and they can all remember and respect the Dream.

Cody is so much better as Cody than as Stardust. It isn't like Goldust where he comes alive in the paint - he is actively held back by it. They play Dusty's theme and Finn and Joe hold the trophy high. Bayley-Sasha hype video. Sasha's out first and it feels a bit like an ECW alumnus coming out in the ECW Arena - she is just beloved here. Bayley gets a new red and gold cape with the dramatic music before THERE AIN'T NO STOPPIN US NOW!

The crowd chants MAIN EVENT and man does Bayley's new gear rule. I might just make her in FPR. Bayley's gear colors are based on Iron Man, which is a great little touch. They stare for a bit to a "you deserve it!" chant. A back and forth tie-up starts things off. Sasha lands badly on a Japanese armdrag and Bayley shows sympathy - but pays for it. Bayley comes back with a pair of sliding dropkicks to the floor. They each avoid hitting the ref, so Sasha hops in front of him and pokes Bayley's eye and GETS A FALL OFF A SCHOOLGIRL!

Sliding Bayley against the ropes leads to a snap belly to Bayley for the fall! They're now 1-1. GIANT SWING BOMB INTO THE STEPS TO BAYLEY! Bayley is sent into them a second time, and I just realized that she has a tattoo on her neck. THIRD STEP SHOT! BAYLEY KICKS OUT! Bayley gets thrown to the floor and they play up her re-injuring her bad knee. Sasha TOSSES HER INTO THE TRON! Sasha's up 2-1 via countout! Izzy starts crying. This is amazing. Bayley beats a second count at 9.

A Sasha's ratchet/no she's not chant breaks out during a 2 count. Sasha stomps the back and man is Bayley one of the best babyfaces in peril out there. Sasha pulls her out of the corner for an iffy backbreaker for 2. LIONTAMER! NOW WITH FACE STOMPS! BAYLEY COUNTERS IT INTO THE BULLDOG-BRET CRADLE FOR A SECOND FALL! It's now 2-2.

Bayley avoids double knees with some kicks and lands some clubbing blows. They try a wacky lucha armdrag and it doesn't work, but a makeshift DDT gets 2. SHE'S HAIR TIE-ING UP and hits a diving back elbow for 2. Tree of woe elbow gets 2 for Bayley.  Bayley gets crotched and locked into a tree of woe for double knees, but Bayley kicks out at 2. They're tied up at 2-2 with nine minutes left. Love Sasha mocking Bayley by doing her wacky tube men dance.

Sasha goes for a corner spear, but misses! Sasha tries to attack Bayley's hand, but Bayley hurts hers! Bayley moves the steps around and smashes Sasha's hand onto them before diving onto her! Bayley catches her on a dive and hits the belly to Bayley on the floor! SASHA KICKS OUT! RUN UP BELLY TO BAYLEY GETS 3, but Sasha's foot is on the rope. REVERSE BAYLEYCANRANA IS ROLLED THROUGH AND SASHA GETS THE BELLY TO BAYLEY AND THE BANK STATEMENT! BAYLEY GETS IT ON, BUT SASHA GETS IT BACK ON! BAYLEY SMASHES THE HAND WITH 40 SECONDS LEFT!Backstabber, but Bayley gets A DOUBLE ARMBAR! SASHA TAPS AND BAYLEY WINS!

The women's roster and the real cause of the women's revolution Stephanie stand front and center to clap for her. Regal and HHH presented flowers to each of them. Sara Amato looked so proud here, and she should be. HHH hugged Bayley and she cried in his arms. This ruled.


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Monday, October 5, 2015

WWE Raw 10-5-15

Kane-Seth recap leads to BROCK COMING OUT and a recap of Brock-Show. Brock's new Road to Hell Tour shirt is great. Awful echo in Heyman's mic tonight. Heyman says that WM was Taker's event until Brock took that away, and he'll do it again at HIAC. Summerslam recap too - that finish remains perfect. Heyman names the cell a structure of ULTIMATE consequences and says that it's the final Brock-Taker match. Wow. They're really nixing the possible WM main event for THIS show. It really is hitting me that they're nixing the main event of the biggest WrestleMania in history for Hell in a fucking Cell. Heyman cut an amazing promo here on Taker before Show came out. Show gives him some false praise before calling him out and eating a belly to belly and F5 for his troubles. This was a thing that ate up 20 minutes. Seth was going. To team with. The Big Show. But now. Who will team with him. Against the Dudleys. Seth's acting was as bad as Shera's punching, dancing, and moves. Roman's out for a six-man tag.

He's teaming with Dean and Orton against the Wyatts, I think. Yup. Fun three point stance double tackle by Dean and Roman to Braun spot. Cole is all echoey now, as is JBL while Byron is clear. Great spot with Dean diving onto Braun, who catches him and just chucks him on the floor. It takes Braun two tries, but he finally goes over the timekeeper area with Dean. Bray hits Roman, but Roman still beats Harper with the spear. Neville is in the ring with Barrett on commentary, and it's apparently Sheamus vs. Neville. Amusing bit with Sheamus demanding "a bit of respect for a REAL IRISHMAN PLEASE!". Neville jumps him and then gets his head kicked off. Kane's foot has healed quite a bit over the past 48 hours, because he's now just in a walking boot.

Kane is mid-ring with his walking boot. Kane volunteers to be his partner, but Seth is in his Rise Above Cancer shirt disagree. Kane cites his coffee mug stating that he is in fact the best director of operations. Kane citing a COFFEE MUG to prove his point amuses me greatly. Kane says that he needs to bring out the best in Seth, and judging by Seth's win/loss record, Kane is correct. Can. Seth. Please stop. Talking like this. To drag. His promos. Out. OH THANK GOD IT'S QUEEN STEPHANIE! "Seth with your anonymous complaint!" "Too obvious. Mr. Seth no no S. Rollins sent an e-mail." Steph talked about football - she's now a big Pats fan. If Kane doesn't beat Seth for the title, then Kane won't be DOO. Dammit no! Steph makes Corporate Kane and Seth vs. the Dudleys.

Show came back to of course MORE TALKING with Seth and HHH. Nattie's out to face Paige and we get a Team PCB post-breakup team compilation from Raw. Nothing from the MSG show, oddly. Love Paige doing a "we want Nattie" chant while rocking back and forth on the abdominal stretch. Paige turner gets 2, and Paige gets to the ropes off a Sharpshooter, but taps to it when it's applied again. Good-ish match here. Owens-Ryback recap from SD. Now, AFTER RYBACK LOSES HIS TITLE, we get a big Ryback hype video  making him look like a world-beater. Holy piss test - Ryback is even more ripped than usual. Owens comes out and we're told this was built up on the pre-show and we'll find out about a few minutes. Fuck off.


Owens apparently mouthed off to the Lucha Dragons, so he killed Sin Cara in the match and tried to kill Kalisto after, but Ryback saved. Then Steph was on her phone, presumably tweeting about charity before the New Day came in and she cut all of their balls off. Way to kill WWE's one fun undercard act. Cena's in the ring with cancer survivors. I'm just not watching this. My mother survived breast cancer in '04, but passed away from it in 2009. God bless everyone in there who survived it, but fuck WWE and Komen for exploiting the deepest emotions you possibly can from people for profit. The roster stands up on the ramp to stand up against cancer. IF YOU BUY WWE'S MERCHANDISE, YOU CAN HELP FUND CANCER RESEARCH.


Kane and Seth are the show should logically be over after this, right? They've hyped up nothing else. Dudleys are out. WWE HAS SO MANY AWESOME CITIES. SO MANY GREAT SPORTS ENTERTAINMENT TOWNS! Now I do honestly wonder if Seth is high enough in the pecking order to beat Former TNA World TV Champion D-Von here. After several minutes of whatever, Kane "hurts his ankle" doing the basement dropkick. He handcuffs Kane to the ringpost, and then they just broke when Kane came off the apron. Well, thank God they gave that whole handcuff story about 20 seconds to be told. Kane distracts Seth as Kane is taken to the back and Devon gets a schoolboy. DAMMIT! Devon almost got the win there!

Dudleys get the table, but Seth dropkicks it into them for a DQ...somehow. The demon goes to attack Seth, but the Dudleys hit him with 3D. So now the Not the Tag Champs Dudleys>Kane and WWE World Champion Seth Rollins. Seth should probably move faster than the Yeti to set this table spot up. Seth should try to use the Yellow Devil trick against Kane at Hell in the Cell. Seth jumps into a chokeslam through a table. Seth has to be the worst-booked World Champion in at least a decade.

WWE thanks its fans for whatever. Cole throws to... Team Bella coming to the arena in a limo BUT THEY MEET TEAM BAD IN THEIR SUV. SO THAT MAKES WHAT WE'RE ABOUT TO SEE PRETTY INTERESTING...or not. Sasha grabs the mic and says it's great to be back home and puts the BOSS IN BOSTON! Nikki goes for local sports team heat here against the Sox. They talk and talk and talk. Naomi and Nikki went at it, but Sasha...tried her outside-in double knees spot, but there was no room, so she went with a Bombs Away. Nikki gets the perfect necksnap to Naomi and a back elbow to Sasha on the apron. SASHA GOT A HOT TAG AND THE CROWD CAME BACK TO LIFE! Sasha taps Fox to the Bank Statement. Awful Charlotte promo. And oh yeah, Becky was there too.
Sweet Jesus, Summer out for a death spot promo. Rusev's out and Summer made a wacky tribute video for him. This was amusing - so it's on par with instantly being the best thing on the show by leaps and bounds. Hot Summer knows that the way to a man's heart is on her knees. She pops the question! "THIS IS NOT YOUR CHOICE. SHE DID NOT ASK YOU, SHE ASKED ME - SHUT UP!" Mr. and Mrs. Barnoshev! Ha! You get a ring when I GET A TITLE! I like Rusev tying marriage to a title shot. Dolph's out for the US Title match. I like this - Dolph wins and then Rusev beats Dolph for the title. BUT New Day brings out his battered body. They say they're serious, but WHO WHO WHO will answer the challenge like an owl. Ha! Great buildup for Big E here with them bringing up BIG things.

E gets the apron spear and apron splash, but eats an AA for the loss. Dolph comes down and "accidentally" superkicks Cena. Dudleys are out, but everyone gets laid out by Kofi's kick. Kofi Kingston - killer heel is something else. They put this over as the dawning of a new era. I don't know quite what it was, but it wasn't that.

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TNA Bound For Glory 2015

Drew hype video starts the show off while Josh says that TNA HAS THE GREATEST WRESTLING ROSTER EVER! Manik, who was called TJP on Impact, is back to Manik. Andrew Everett is debuting here in Ultimate X. Nice outside-in curb stomp by DJZ, who then dives to the floor - so he can't get the title. Uno is alone, but goes for a flippy do instead of the belt. Inside-out SSP from Everett. Manik gets kicked off the X by Everett, who is walking the X holding onto the truss. HE TAKES A BUMP OFF THE X AND THEN THEY ALMOST MISS THE LANDING. Uno retains, but Everett shined brightest and shaved a good year off his career with that bump. Shane Helms came down after the match in a giant green jacket. He now has a "25 year storied and illustrious career". Pope says he's in his TRADEMARK COLOR that is ALSO ON THE TITLE. Helms looks 25 feet tall next to Uno.

Gauntlet for the gold is up. This is just a cluster for a title shot - I guess the World title since EC3 just cut an awful promo on-stage. THE LEGENDARY AL SNOW is out. Aiden 'O Shea debuts looking like Roadkill in a sleeveless shirt. Shera comes out and looks tentative just throwing punches on the ramp. He punches and punches and punches. And throws lariats that look like punches to everyone. Everyone does the Shera Shake, Aiden at least does it as a way to just kick some ass - so he has some sense. Tyrus kills dudes and then Dreamer comes out in Dusty polka dots. Pope came in, then ran when Tyrus and Abyss were staring at him. Well, that was a great way to kill the crowd. Tyrus wins this and tells EC3 he wants his title.
Wolves face Lee and Myers. Josh tells us that Lee's father started OMEGA with the Hardys and he had a beard young and it allowed him to look older so he kept it. Really fast action here, with the Wolves hitting all their moves and then retaining by using Chasing the Dragon. Lashley and Roode have a technically very good match that isn't very exciting. They hit each other's moves, and Roode wins off a Roode bomb. Hebner HOF video lasts about a minute. Kong-Kim is up, and Kong can't do anything. She gets a cross armbreaker, but that's about it and eats a tornado Eat Defeat for the loss - so Gail returns.
Jeff Hardy is painted like a referee shirt, and looks like a fool. EY is out to face Angle, who eats a piledriver and they kill time acting like he's hurt. The doctor calls it off, but Angle keeps going and wins with an ankle lock despite the match being called off. Well that was really stupid. Main event is up and EC3 gets a black and white video effect for his intro that looks cool. Drew gets the Krunch on EC3 ON THE STEPS. EC3 gets a chair and tells Jeff to hit Matt - why would he company? HE FIRED JEFF! Jeff Twists EC3, while Drew takes a great bump for a Matt Twist and...then Matt just wins thanks to excessive cheating. Matt holds the title Khali and DDP-style upside-down. Matt and Reby celebrate with their son. LOL Big John takes a bump for EC3 backstage. Hardys keep celebrating with their dad while Josh talks about Big John. Josh says they "couldn't have written it any better" tonight. Oh fuck off.

Saturday, October 3, 2015

WWE Live From Madison Square Garden - Brock Lesnar vs. Big Show

The show starts off with a recap of the major matches on the card. Sheamus is out first to face someone. Or rather, team with someone. JBL is out with Byron and Rich Brennan. Sheamus is teaming with Rusev, probably against Dolph and maybe Orton. Can't think of who Sheamus has been feuding with. WWE-Komen plug, and they've now added that to the Live bug. Dolph's out with a new DZ shirt and black, pink, and white vest. Yup - it's Orton. Amusing bit where Dolph turns Orton into a four-armed "put up your dukes" dude. Not much to the match - Dolph ate a ton of offense and got a hot tag to Orton, who won by beating Sheamus with an RKO. Great bit with Rusev insulting YOU STUPID NON-AMERICAN. YOU ARE SO USELESS MORE THAN LANA! He pie-faces Sheamus and eats a Brogue. So then they both look bad. Great way to solve that whole "roster full of un-over mid-carders" problem.
Raw recap with Kane and Seth. Corporate Kane is on crutches backstage, and says his leg feels great - but it's just so gosh-darned hard to get around on crutches. He's here for SETH he can see him win the US Title and take him away from MSG. Kane assured Seth that if he sees this "demon", he'll come running - well hobbling. Wacky Kane is so great. Stardust is out to sadly not fuck off forever. He's out to face Neville, so....yay... Great pose from Stardust on the stage though.
Crowd is deathly quiet during everything they do. This chinlock is not helping matters. Stardust puts Neville's cape on, but he just eats a superkick and a Red Arrow. Heyman promo backstage with Renee. Heyman, who owes his career to lying and cheating his way into this building some 40 years ago, cuts a great promo praising MSG. Hype video for WWE 24: NXT after Raw - the This Week preview was excellent. Raw recap for the divas. Team Bella is out to maybe face PCB. OH MY GOD, IT'S ACTUALLY TEAM PCB. WHY ARE THESE PEOPLE TEAMING!?

Right when the match starts, they turn the crowd lights out. It's somewhat TNA-ish. Paige gets a blind tag off the triple legdrops from Becky, but Becky comes back in to play Ricky Morton. Weird bit where Brie throws her down awkwardly for the Brie Mode knee for 2. Perfect necksnap by Nikki to Lynch leads to a forearm to Charlotte, who gets tagged in and chops way. Spear to Nikki. Paige blind tags in, but she gets blindsided. Brie's holey pants are A-okay. Alicia gets a Northern Lights for 2. Awkward Irish whip from Fox into a sorta-back elbow by Nikki for 2. Paige goes for a tag, but her teammates double-down on her. So Paige loses a 5-on-1 match - doesn't that kind of maker her sympathetic? Paige is quite shocked at her teammates and she would NEVER EVER do that. There's this one kid who is yelling back at her and it's great.
WWE-Komen ad is now about how WWE stands for a lot of wacky PR terms with WWE. Roman-Bray video leads to...Owens-Jericho! Odd that they didn't hype this up much at all on TV. JBL says that Jericho has been voted the best IC Champion ever. Where and by whom? JBL puts over "Ted Irwin", or Irvine. "Welcome to Madison Square Garden is Jericho" Well that just sounds awkward. He also mentions that tonight is his 25th anniversary in the ring. He had his first match in the Moose Hall with Canada. Lance and DON CALLIS are here too! YES! He thanks his friends and fans, and boy would this be a feel-good story if he won tonight.

They put over Owens being in NYC before in the Hammerstein and now he's arrived at MSG. Jericho sends him to the floor, but eats a punt getting in for 2. Owens takes him to chinlock city. Owens out Dad-bods him with a lariat for 2. Pop-up powerbomb is countered into a Codebreaker, which is countered into the cradle sideslam. Lionsault is met with knees and the cannonball hits. Swanton is met with knees! Walls of Jericho is locked in, but Owens gets the ropes. Codebreaker hits, but only gets 2.5 since Owens grabs the ropes. SUPERKICK PARTY TO JERICHO! Owens cheats to win with a cradle after an eye rake. If they'd told this same exact story on a PPV show, they'd have fully rebuilt Owens in one night.

Awesome hype video for Dudleys-New Day. New Day mocks the Dudleys for Bubba pushing Devon for no reason, the wassup bit, wearing glasses with no lenses - THAT'S BOOTY! Then they SHAME them! Devon outwrestles Kofi to the mat. After about 5 minutes of good-ish, but forgettable stuff - we get a 3D. Woods comes in for a DQ. Great bit where Woods plays "Taps", but eats a 3D through a table! Well, that was underwhelming as a whole - but had a fun ending. Jon Stewart is shown officially, and we get a Show-Lesnar graphic.
Show comes out and then Brock's out with white powder all over his shorts. JBL puts over Brock winning in his "first match in the IWGP". Show has a giant brace on his left knee. Brock goes for lariats and takedowns and gets TOSSED OVER THE TOP! Perfect - they had to give Show credibility and did it. A big suplex city chant breaks out and we see a Fuck Fear shirt - amazing that shirt ever made TV then. Show's corner shot misses, but lets Brock gets some shoulder blocks. BROCK EATS A CHAIN OF CHOKESLAMS FOR 2!

This is gonna be short, but sweet. Brock ducks the punch and gets a German! Second! THIRD GERMAN! Brock loses him on the F5. FOURTH GERMAN! F5 HITS AND WINS! This was just perfect. Brock's not done though - OVERHEAD BELLY TO BELLY and a second F5. Brock had better be sharing a lot of his check with Show, because Show used up a lot of his bump card tonight. Big Show struggled to get up, but really came off a bit like a character babyface here. Eden gave Show a nice send-off here.
Seth vs. Cena is up. Seth comes out to cheers. John comes out and gives Jon Stewart's son a gift - well in storyline, that's odd. Super bulldog gets 2 for John. Electric chair gets 2. Nice pop-up flip into a kick by Seth for 2. Seth dives, but gets locked into the STF. Seth gets the superplex into the Falcon Arrow for 2.5! They fight on top of the cage, and Cena gets 2 off a tornado DDT. Seth gets a cage bonk, but Cena grabs him for an AA that is flipped out of - leading to a pair of superkicks for 2. STF is locked on, but Seth escapes. AA attempt is countered by a Chyna-style low blow. Seth climbs, but Kane's theme hits. Seth wants to jump down, but Kane's there. Seth misses a high fly flow off the top and just pops up and eats an AA. Well, he'll regret that down the line - a cage dive was just a footnote to this Kane feud. Seth is out of it, so Kane comes in and closes the cage door. Seth eats a chokeslam. What a geek. Tombstone. Uber-geek.

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Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Impact 9-30-15 Rundown

The opening Everyone Talks segment droned on even longer than Raw because of how out of nowhere everything in it was. LOLed at Roode talking about how important the KOTM Title was. Also loved Dixie looking forward to Bobby vs. Bobby on tweeting about the wrong Bobby. Can she please just wait one second to see who she is writing to ever?

The X division 3-way was short, but super-fun. Lee, Z, and Ciampa shined brightly. LOLed so hard at EY eating mid-card finishers. It was a fine blowoff for that...and then of course it led to HIM BEING ANNOUNCED AS KURT ANGLE'S RETURN OPPONENT ON PPV. This was a really stupid way to get there. I did love Anderson saying he was so glad to finally find God though - that ruled. Main event sucked.

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OH NO, I'VE BEEN...slightly grazed by something!






Monday, September 28, 2015

WWE Raw 9-28-15

Great wacky Kane/Seth recap starts things off. Cena's out for the US Title open challenge too! Xavier plays his theme on the trombone and a giant CUM sign is behind Cena using Cena and U can't see Me. Cena jumps him with a lariat. Damn you Cena, you've injured Xavier's tromboning mouth! Xavier rebounds and gets an inverted suplex for 2. Cena Eats Defeat for 2. Cena gets the STF for a near tapout, but New Day interferes before the Dudleys fly in. Well, Bubba flies in and Devon does stuff. Holla Holla six man is made during the break by Kane...who has a job because I guess they can't fire him due to a split personality.

Everyone does whatever. Big E gets a big splash and Kofi steals a pin on Devon - so I guess the Dudleys are winning in NYC. If they're going to win them, that's the right setting to do it in. HR Girl Ashley meets with Steph and HHH about Kane getting an anonymous complaint. Seth has a suspiciously specific denial about it being via e-mail. Dean and Roman have a chat - not even Dean can deliver WWE Exposition well. Mark Henry's out to get destroyed by Big Show. Yup. Big punch finish. I liked Henry struggling to get up - told a nice story there.

MizTV features Miz highlighting his scarf - it's an infinity scarf. And then Charlotte called Becky "Becks" a bunch. TONS of bad acting here with Team Bella and CB. And then Paige came out and they all bickered and brawled. What in the fuck did this do to help anyone? Team PCB reunites for...this...after one week. Well, Brie could've broken her neck there off of a double hiptoss. Jesus. Charlotte gets pushed into Paige, who leaves and then Nikki beats Charlotte with the rack attack. JBL for some reason says "chaos brings ladders".  2K16 ad.

Brock-Show hype video recaps their history. PTPs are down to face the Wyatts. Titus gets choked out by Strowman. Stardust is out to face...Neville!? Boy howdy. Barrett returned and elbowed Neville, so he attacks Stardust too since he was attacked by him too. Not sure where Stardust's goons are. Ashley and Kane are mid-ring right before 10 for some talking. Seth comes out to talk and play a new Kane video package. Kane replays a video of...himself being buried by Seth. Seth is determined to be vain, while Kane is sane, and eats a cheapshot and a Pedigree. Kane gets the bag leg Pillmanized and he's taken to an ambulance that then fills with smoke and Kane hobbles out.

Orton squashes Bo. Yup. This match was worth the hours of time Orton spent away from his family in airports alone.Rusev vs. Owens breaks down due to a Ryback brawl with everyone. WWE plays this bizarre video of Ellen and WWE folks dancing awareness for pediatric cancer. Paul cuts a promo and Show intimidates him. They announce the Summerslam return to Brooklyn for a while. Roman's out for the main event.

Bray's out with his goons, so of course Roman talks. Roman dominates and we come back to a chinlock. Roman gets his comeback, but Bray gets the bodyblock. Crowd doesn't care about any of this. Bray hits him with the steps, they get a double countout or DQ and brawl. Bray bodyblocks him through the barricade and the crowd chants that it's awesome. In a cool bit, Bray celebrated on the table and GOT SPEARED THROUGH IT BY ROMAN! Spear spot was cool. Roman can really hit Y for his comeback, signatures, and finishers. 

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Thursday, September 24, 2015

Impact 9-23-15 Rundown

Really good show overall. The five way was the best showcase yet for Bram at the worst possible time, but made Drew look like a credible threat to the title. The Jeff-EC3 stuff was fine, and EC3-Spud was another great match between them. Gail vs. Jade was good, and the best-worked women's match in the company in quite a while.

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Knockouts Revolution





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