Wednesday, September 20, 2017

WWE SD 9-19-17

The Vince-KO promo is recapped before Shane comes out and promises vengeance. Aiden English has a back and forth match with five billion time World Champion Randy Orton. RKO ends it. Rusev wants a rematch from Summerslam, and a superkick ends it. Jinder says words and Nakamura says he'll be champion. Don't care. AJ is out to face Corbin, but Tye beats up Baron. AJ locks on the calf killer and maybe that was a match. We get some terrible skit with Charlotte, Tamina, Noami, Nattie, and Becky and Bryan says that the winner of a match tonight faces Nattie at HIAC. New Day beat the Hype Bros. Dolph does more intros of other, bigger stars and Owens is pissed VIA SATELLITE. Charlotte wins this and will hopefully win the title - it matches her gear.

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

WWE SD 9-12-17

KO comes out to insult Shane, WWE, the clones, before Dolph comes out as Shane. Bryan comes out and tells him that Vince will be here later. Tye gets beaten by AJ in a pretty good little match. Baron jumps AJ and will seemingly face him at HIAC. Rusev talks about going home to be with those who love him - but he wasn't greeted with open arms. Jinder comes out for Photoshop comedy with Nakamura. Jinder says he looks constipated and then they mock his mannerisms. Well, that killed time. KO tells Sami he'll kick him off his show.

New Day beats Usos in a pretty damn fun street fight. Usos really shined brightly here, and New Day gets yet another tag title run. Nattie beats Naomi, and KO tells Aiden he likes his singing and he'll need an intro for the Kevin Owens Show. Dolph does Bayley's and Warriors intros. Shelton is out in new black, gold, and white gear that looks awesome with Gable. They beat the Hype Bros. in impressive fashion. Vince comes out and makes KO a made man just being in the ring with him. Then he lets KO shoot headbutt him, resulting in a giant bruise on KO's head and Vince being split open. In a post-Shibata world, this is just stupid. Vince gets superkicked, frog splashed, and Steph makes her TV return telling KO to leave. This was just out of this world on several levels.

Mae Young Classic 2017 Finals

Shayna is hyped up a ton in the pre-show video package, which is a bit surprising. HHH and Steph hype up the MYC before the red carpet stuff. KHARMA RETURNS TO WWE TV...thanks to GLOW. Wrestling is weird. Lita and JR are here live and we get a long hype video for Shayna before one for Kairi. Kairi is so great.
Shayna slaps hands off a handshake attempt, but gives her a clean break in the ropes. Kairi gets grounded and pounded, but turns both an armbar and RNC into cradles for 2. Love Shayna tripping her up off a bridge to kick her spine. WHY ARE THEY TURNING THE LIGHTS OFF ON THE CROWD FOR THIS!? Of all things to retain from the MYC presentation, that isn't one they need to keep. Shayna kicks the shit out of her arm and Kairi sells it like she just can't move it. Shayna hits a big running knee after mangling the arm on the mat.

Kairi recovers and gets her in the corner, but she misses the walk the plank sliding elbow. Shayna locks on the rear naked SLEEPER because it can't be a choke, and Kairi attacks the ribs. Shayna eats a backfist and goes up for the Insane Elbow, but Shayna mafia kicks her down. KIMURA UP TOP! HEADBUTT AND AN ALBERTO DOUBLE STOMP TO SHAYNA GETS 2. Sliding forearm to the ribs hits and the INSANE ELBOW WINS IT!

They hug while Lita talks about this being A MOMENT. Steph, HHH, and Sara Amato present Kairi with flowers and the trophy. HHH puts her over and why not just have him be a face? Babyface NXT HHH is great - megalomaniac heel HHH is done.

Friday, September 8, 2017

Mae Young Classic Episode 8 Recap

Tonight features the semi-finals of the tournament, with Kairi Sane facing Toni Storm and Shayna facing Mercedes Martinez. Shayna talks about exploiting weaknesses while Mercedes says she'll teach her a lesson. Mercedes hits a nasty corner chop and dominates before eating a corner knee. Shayna eats a pair of nasty Saito suplexes and Mercedes goes for the buster, but Shayna gets the falcon arrow RNC! Shayna gets flowers from Steph, because of course she has to be in this.

Kairi and Toni feel each other out while Shayna watches backstage. KAIRI HITS A CRAZY CROSSBODY OFF THE TOP TO THE FLOOR AND BONKS THE STEEL! Hip attacks by Toni, BUT KAIRI SPEARS HER! Toni counters the flying elbow by catching her up top and hits a fisherman buster for 2. Ciampa's armbar is locked on by Toni, but Kairi escapes. Legdrop off the top to the back hurts them both. Kairi locks on a wacky scorpion and then elbows the spine. KAIRI HITS THE ELBOW AND WINS IT! Kairi faces Shayna in the finals. Steph and HHH put Kairi over and she stares down Shayna.

Mae Young Classic Episode 7 Recap

Abbey Laith and Mercedes Martinez's tourney history is shown before the card rundown. Kairi faces Dakota, Piper faces Toni Storm, and Abbey faces Mercedes in the opener. They have a fun match here, but it's a bit sloppy. Abbey sorta hits a flying crossbody off the top to the ramp for 2. Mercedes avoids the Alligator Clutch and wins with the fisherman buster. Candice comes out to face Shayna and gets a bit of an edge by dodging a kick and crotching Shayns. Candice hits a suicide dive into a DDT! Arm trapped crossface is on! Shayna picks her up and sideslams her. Candice gets her up, but the swinging neckbreaker is countered into a smooth RNC FOR THE WIN!

Piper faces Toni and we get a shockingly technical match here. Piper dominates a bit with the size and gets a splash for 2. PIPER DRIVER GETS 2.5! Piper goes up, but EATS A GERMAN! Legdrop off the top ends it! We get a terribly-acted Horsewomen vs. Horsewomen skit and get a rundown of Sane vs. Kai. Ross talks about how Kairi was so popular in Stardom, and Dakota actually dominates. Machine gun chops and a big knee gets 2 for Dakota. Kairi knocks her loopy with a backfist and they fight up top. Dakota knocks her down into a double stomp position, but it misses. Kairi's hesitation forearm doesn't - ditto the sliding forearm. Dakota high kicks her down, but a high knee misses. Alabama slam hits as does the elbow to end it!

Thursday, September 7, 2017

Mae Young Classic Episode 6

Shayna faces Mia, Candice faces Nicole Savoy, and Toni Storm faces Lacey Evans. Toni says she feels bad for Lacey's neck already - awesome line. Toni boots her down hard and hip attacks are met with a schoolgirl for 2. Lacey eats a backstabber out of the corner and a hip attack. Strong Zero hits and ends it. Mia and Shayna's video makes it impossible to root against either of them. Shayna poses next to WWE's horsewomen, who flash the fingers. Ross talks about there being two sets of horsewomen.

Shayna lands a bunch of kicks, but Mia lands a running rana. Mia lands a suicide dive, but SHAYNA GETS A KARELIN LIFT FOR 2. Shayna hits a rising knee for 2 and locks on an ankle lock after countering a deadlift German. Mia hits a Liger bomb for 2 and goes for a 450, but gets locked into an RNC! Shayna wins and celebrates with her crew before staring down the WWE chicks.

Rhea Ripley faces Dakota Kai, and TEAM KICK starts off strong with a kick to the back. Rhea goes for the full nelson slam, but Dakota hits a Pele kick. Dakota hits the wacky Alberto double stomp to win it. Candice LeRae is up for the main event against Savoy. Candice locks on some wacky submissions. Candice wins it with Ms. LeRae's Wild Ride and she hugs Johnny. Good to see her move on and do so well here.

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

WWE SD 9-5-17

Orton and Nakamura cut bad promos one each other to hype up the main event. Carmella and Ellsworth are mid-ring before KO comes down and bullies the ref. Shane and KO brawl before Bryan comes down to cool him down. KO tells Bryan that he'll sue the company and take SD down. Nattie cradles and beats Carmella. Carmella buries Ellsworth and breaks up with him. Dolph comes down and looks to be maybe 210 pounds. He does a Cena parody, a Savage parody, one for Naomi, and then buries the crowd. Okay, this is stupid. English beats Sami in another match. What in the fuck.

Bryan and Shane are out and Bryan says that Vince said that Shane is indefinitely suspended as commissioner. Well, they've run through a month of angles with this. Baron beats Tye with the end of days. Carmella makes out with Ellsworth backstage and then slaps him. Whatever. Orton and Nakamura have a glacial match that Nak wins with the kinshasa. Vince is coming back next week and three titles matches will happen too. All right - well this show sucked.