Friday, December 19, 2014

WWE NXT 12-18-14

 An outstanding R-Evolution recap airs with clips of the title matches, Balor's entrance, and Kevin Owens's debut. His attack on Zayn closes out the recap and we get new shots of shocked fans. This took up only a couple of minutes and could've aired on Raw, making a slew of stars in the process. Neville's out in his shirt and Corey thanks Tensai for being out with him to make him look better. Neville grabs the mic and some fan yells something that's hard to make out. Neville thanks Zayn for the best match of his career - crowd chants IT WAS AWESOME! He says he wishes he could introduce Sami, but he can't due to Owens. Kevin's out in his usual getup, but with workout pants instead of shorts. Neville says that Kevin was SHAMEFUL - SHAME ON YOU, SHAME ON YOU MAN! Crowd chants "shame on you". Kevin says he doesn't care what Neville thinks, he's glad to be here and he came here to become NXT Champion. He said he'd fight anyone and everyone to get there, so if Neville wants a fight, he's got one. Enzo and Cass face The Ascension later. Oh lord.
 Recap of Becky's attack on Bayley leads to her talking to Devin about her eyes being opened by Sasha. She's going to end Bayley's career - cheers! IT'S BAYLEY has a giant knee wrap. Corey hates the "giant inflatable things!" Becky came out to yet another new theme, now with an Irish soccer hooligan chant to start it off. Bayley grounds her and pounds her. Sliding D takes Becky down for 2. Becky gains control with a knee shot. Bayley comes back with some axehandles and a suplex for 2. Becky takes her down and locks on the Four-Legged Clover, basically Corey's old finish, and wins. Charlotte-Sasha recap sets up a Charlotte promo from last week, a rematch next week, and Owens-Neville being made for later.

The Vaude Villains meet with Mr. Regal, using a TABLET! Gotch was pinned despite not being the legal man. Regal offers a rematch, and mocks them for being silly. Love the wacky black and white filter on this and Regal being amused by their antics. Bull kills a dude. Corbin kills a mix of Ryder and Scotty 2 Hotty. Goombas come out for their tag match followed by the Ascension. Viktor STOs Enzo and they lose. Yikes. Guy with a fivehead says THE WAR IS NOT OVER. Neville-Owens is up next.

Neville's out followed by Owens - love the fan having a Thanks Steen Thanks shirt. Corey is so great as the logical heel supporter - Albert said that Owens waiting meant he was a coward, and Corey said he just didn't want to let Neville dictate the pace. Owens eats a dropkick on the busted nose and he goes to the floor. Kevin chops and forearms him, but eats a headscissors takedown. Owens goes out for a break. Great bodyshots by Owens leads to him saying NOTHING I DO MAKES ME SHAMEFUL! YOU WERE CHAMPION FOR A YEAR, BUT TO ME, YOU'RE A JOKE! He immediately made himself seem better than the best here. Owens gets 2 off a cover, but doesn't hook a leg. After some stomps, Albert says HE HASN'T GONE FOR ONE COVER YET. Ugh. Neville gets a huge kick and sends Owen into the corner. More kicks from Neville. Springboard missile dropkick gets 2. Owens grabs him with a hug to prevent the Red Arrow and then gets a gutbuster, senton, and 2. Neville is put up top, escapes, and then eats a draping DDT from Owens complete with a nasty RVD-ish flip sell for 2. No one in hell that was safer than a package piledriver. Pop-off German leads to a dive to the floor from Neville!  Neville eats a hotshot into the post for a double countout - fine deal there since you can't be either guy. This was a nice, long match that made each guy look good. Kevin's pissed that it's over, and Corey's upset that he's still out there since he'll just cause chaos - and he does with the apron powerbomb! Within a week, Steen is already a hated heel FROM ANOTHER HEEL. Awesome!

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

WWE Super Smackdown (not quite) Live 12-16-14

I planned to watch this live, but then I fell asleep while watching the new Lupin the Third: Castle of Cagliostro DVD, which I strongly recommend. I didn't fall asleep due to the movie, but instead had its commentary going as background noise while I rested from a ton of walking - two vet trips and one to the store. I can't believe it's taken so long for a good version to hit the web, but here we are.


Show starts with a generic SD intro and THE NEW AND IMPROVED FANDANGO against THE BIG DAWG, THE JUGGERNAUT ROMAN REIGNS! Roman tosses Fandango around, but eats a chinlock. This should not happen. Ain't gonna hurt him, but ROMAN REIGNS should not be selling anything for Fandango except maybe hurting his fist with the Superman punch. Speaking of which, that hits, spear, win. Dean-Bray recap. Dean talks about visiting the special place in Hell at TLC. Dean's FEELING PRETTY HEALTHY, so yeah, injuries are dead. Bray talks about the creature behind his eyes and being disdain and hope. Usos and Rowan faces the Mizes and Harper. What a random set of teams. They had every mid-card SD tag match ever, only Rowan won with a flying splash off the top. They keep hyping up Ryback-Seth, which doesn't seem very good. Raw is Jericho hype.
Naomi and Jimmy are happy now. Recap of Brock killing Jericho leading into him aiding Seth to beat Cena. Rusev attacks Ryback. Seth cuts a long, meandering promo before Dolph comes out and says words too - they'll be in tonight's main event. WE ARE THE DOCTORS AND IT'S TIME TO TAKE YOUR MEDICINE! Dine on danger and snack on death these sound bytes are not. Their Kratos paint isn't doing much for me either. IT'S HISTORIC EPISODE #800 OF SMACKDOWN, and it's Naomi-Nikki time. Miz comes down to the chagrin of Jimmy, Naomi's distracted and loses via cradle. Recap of the Rose-Bunny bit, then Kane re-kills Rose and the Bunny. Very odd to show the Raw attack and then basically redo it here. 
Renee met with her guest at this time Seth Rollins about the Heyman deal. Basically, the deal was made and the beatings will continue until Cena brings back the Authority. Seth-Dolph main event is up. Tom's OWOAHWOAHWOAHWOAHWOAH can fuck up. Noble attacks Dolph and they go to a break. Dolph gets sent to the floor, but he lands on his bad ribs on the announce table so Dolph gets some hope. PERFECT flying enzuiguri kick from Seth hits for 2.9! Right out of FPR there - gorgeous! Seth gets tossed on the goons on the floor, then eats a fameasser for 2. Noble cheapshots Dolph and gets thrown out. Dolph hits the Zig Zag to win! Wow - now if you're going to have the guy win, why not make it an IC Title match? I get that you don't want to dial Seth "down" to that title, but they could at least make the title seem important. This was a damned fine main event.
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Monday, December 15, 2014

WWE Raw 12-15-14

Jericho starts the show in one of his most mid-life crisis looks yet. He rambles on about loving the fans and they talk about Fandango taking his Slammy. Then Jericho talks about that and makes a ton of stupid Fandango names including I guess Fan-dipshit since he got muted. It's only 8:06 and I'm done with this. MUTE HIS MIC GODDAMMIT! YAY IT'S PAUL HEYMAN! And he's rambling about the Slammys too. And now they've found a way to make me not like Heyman either. He saved it with "AYYAAATOLLAAHHHH OF ROCK 'N ROLLA" with wacky faces and following it up with "How do you do that without getting dizzy?". Jericho demands $200 from Heyman for selling his best of tape. Heyman talks shit about Seth, who he wants to TALK TO LATER - thank God, more talking. Seth comes out to talk. Heyman, Jericho, and Seth exchange words for minutes before their formal talking segment. Of course!

Seth talks about THE VIGILANTE STING, three dudes chant for Noble, and Seth brags about Cena needing help to beat him. He wants a rematch - not tonight tough. God, I sure hope Cena comes out here to debate Seth's points. Nope - he just calls Seth a kid. Fuck off. Thanks John - way to set up the future. He's a kid with no balls, and a loser. A MAN doesn't complain - Cena's at least consistent. When he failed to win the WWE Title at WM 27, he didn't complain - title shots come and go. Cena wants a rematch, but he doesn't have power. IF ONLY HE KNEW SOMEONE WITH POWER. Rematch of a tables match inside a cage. So not a rematch then. Love Seth bitching about this and Jericho being the worst GM ever - even worse than the stupid computer! Great job building up that match tonight when we're not getting it. Seth and Jericho TALKED SOME MORE about Jericho beating Heyman. Logically, shouldn't Heyman just be leaving right now? Jericho-Heyman is happening later where I guess Brock kills him. 22 minutes to get to that. Yowza.

Heyman-Jericho can be either Extreme Rules, street fight, or no holds barred. So Heyman beats Jericho thanks to the no-rules stip no matter what. We come back for a graphic of that with Harper and Show mid-ring and Rowan on the apron. Dolph actually gets an intro. Dolph and Show start off, and Show's in new black and grey gear. JBL puts over the ladder match as one of the best IC Title ladder matches ever. Cole talks about how it was a night of THE FUTURE OF WWE. Speaking of which, 30 minutes in and there's been no mention of BRAY WYATT BEATING DEAN AMBROSE IN THE MAIN EVENT. Dolph gets stepped on. Show tosses him around on the floor. They come back from a break and Show does holds while they show TLC photos. Dolph gets the lukewarm tag to BIG RED ROWAN! Nice full nelson slam to Harper. Rowan takes Show out with a kick while Dolph Cactus clotheslines Harper to the floor. Show KO punches Rowan. Wow. On one hand, yay for no 50/50 booking. On the other, they've killed Rowan dead. Also, The Highlight Reel will have Rusev and Lana. What? I thought he had one with Seth later. Jericho met with Fandango about the Slammy. God no. Rosa looks 45 with this makeup.

Cole talked about over 15 million people downloading the WWE app and you can download it to vote on the Heyman-Jericho match. Cole talks about the SHOCKING ENDING to the Bray-Dean match. Bray and Dean will be UNDER THE SAME ROOF ON SD. Renee welcomed her guests at this time, The New Day. Xavier talks about the darkness and the light and some shit. They'll be facing Gold and Stardust. Kofi had some poems and said THEY AIN'T AFRAID OF THE DARK AW YEAH! Loved Kofi being slightly annoyed by Big E's sweating hitting them. "Towel off son!" This was by far the best thing on the show so far. Bellas face a team of female human beings in a tag match next.
They're facing Alicia and Nattie. Tyson's out "in support of his husband Natalya." Sharpshooter wins. Highlight Reel is next. Roman returns to action ON SMACKDOWN TOMORROW! Jericho has added a Rolling Stones lips tattoo, because why the fuck not. JBL buried Swagger for being a loser again and Lana talked about Rusev killing him again and Jericho using juvenile humor. Jericho buried Lana for her fake diamond buttons. Loved her "They are not fake!" He talks about Rusev showing Lana his Sputnik to relieve stress. Jericho calls her a ring rat and sings the K-I-S-S-I-N-G song about Lana and Rusev. He is literally using gradeschool humor. "IT'S THE US CHAMP AND THE COMMUNIST TRAMP!" She and Jericho exchange SHUTTUPS. Jericho brings out Ryback to face Rusev. JBL says that Ryback didn't earn a shot. Cole says HE BEAT KANE IN A CHAIRS MATCH! They recap Cena-Rollins and hype up the cage match.

Jingle All the Way 2 ad. I've got a free Redbox code and haven't bothered to use it on even that. OH MY GOD THIS '80S FILTER ON THE ASCENSION VIDEO! New Day came out and got no reaction. King talks about wanting a moaner or a screamer, but getting a sweater instead. Kofi talks about Big E's sweating problem. Stardust has new white and red paint with trim on the gear. Snake Eyes from Big E with a kick from Woods gets 2. Just for the record, we've heard more about Big E's sweating than we've heard about NXT R-Evolution - despite TLC being ALL ABOUT THE FUTURE and all. Team Black People sent Team Painted People to the floor for a break.

Big E ran wild on, as JBL called them, the gold and black people. Big CM Punk chant broke out. Kofi's doing a fine job on commentary here - he's an underrated talker. Cody locked on a front facelock. A GIANT NXT CHANT BROKE OUT. Holy shit. WWE has found a way to make fans rebel against their own product with their own product. Big Ending/DDT hits and Kofi yells MIDNIGHT HOUR over and over to get it over. Kofi is damn sure dedicated to getting this over - makes me want this to work. King buries the Heyman-Jericho stips for being similar - HA!

WWE WEEK ENDS WITH JINGLE ALL THE WAY 2! Somehow, that seems quite fitting. Miz talks about Jimmy Uso, who he faces later. Rose and the Rosebuds did stuff. They're party after his match. "Look everybody, it's Kane". Kane doesn't like his freaky friends OR their constant noise. Kane's a man after my own heart. Kane surprises Rose by saying he'll be in a match (why? he knew he'd be in one) against Kane. Jimmy Jacobs and Scarlett were Rosebuds here.

Rose came out with his group. The hot dog needs to be named Frankie the Furter since there's a giant Frankie sign in the crowd. Bunny jumps in to save Rose. Double chokeslam. TOMBSTONE TO THE BUNNY! Wacky Kane is amazing. Recap of the opening bit leads to Heyman warming up. Kane-Rowan is made for Main Event. Nope. King talks about WWE Immortals, which is coming on 1/15 and I have no idea what that is. Heyman says that he's the jew in jiu-jitsu! Heyman tried to buy him off WITH A CHECK! Cole is SO EXCITED ABOUT THE STIP, even though they're basically the same. Great shirt for Brock - they should release more of them based on the WWE Title sideplates. IT'S HOPPERIN TIME! Jericho hit him with forearms, went for a Codebreaker, and Brock just hoisted him, F5ed him and killed him. Goddamn does Brock have "it" at all times.Brock is the motherfucking man. I'm all excited now and all he did was ONE MOVE. Brock is such a master of the music between the notes. Crowd chanted for Cena who DID NOT HELP THE BABYFACE HE WAS ON-SCREEN WITH EARLIER. Jericho did Cena a favor and he didn't even try to help him - what a cock! I dig the new Fandango theme.
Fandango talked about Jericho before ROMAN REIGNS came back. Superman punch, spear. FANDOOMED! A massive ROMAN REIGNS chant broke out. BIG SHOW CAME OUT. Show has what, three feuds going on now? I guess Rowan might be done, but he should be feuding with Cena after the last two PPVs and this. Superman punch to Show. Show goes to  the floor and kicks the 288 pound steps. They barely budge, but clearly he's got about 1,000 pounds of pressure in that kick since they did move. This was great - fantastic half hour or so of Raw so far.

Roman recap. Miz is out to face Jimmy. JBL talks about Sabrina the Teenage Witch and Citizen Kane. JBL and Cole get into a debate over Harpo Marx and Lucielle Ball in almost 2014. Superfly dive wins for Jimmy. Naomi walked backstage and met with Miz - they weren't miced for a bit or something. Miz is inviting her to be her guest on Miz TV on Main Event. OH MY GOD, HER ACTING LIVE. Miz doesn't want her to tell her husband. Yes, DON'T TELL YOUR HUSBAND about something broadcast on worldwide TV and that will require her to travel specifically for that segment to TV. Renee met with Her Guest at This Time Seth Rollins, who was upset that 24 ACTORS, HOURS AFTER TLC, he had a rematch.

Wacky Hogan Shop ad. Hogan and Foley are so great plugging stuff. Seth's out followed by Cena. Seth hops up during a cage shot attempt and eats a super bulldog for 2. Corner to corner buckle bomb from Seth gets 2 - I love that he's light, but ripped, so that move has some credibility given the size difference. Cena gets his comeback after the break. Seth hits R2 and avoids the fist drop. AA hits and gets 2! Cena tries to escape, but Noble's got the door. CAN JOHN CENA OVERPOWER JAMIE NOBLE!? Flying famouser gets 2 for Cena. Seth's flying knee hits for 2. Seth talks shit and slams Cena into the cage. Cena eats a cage door from Mercury for 2. They do a tug of war over Cena, but of course Cena is stronger than 2 men. Noble tosses the case in before the door is shut. Love Noble's "GET 'IM!" Cena ducks the case and hits a nasty lariat. Great case shot gets 2 for Seth. CENA GETS A SUPER AA FROM THE TOP ROPE! They're both down and out. THE BEAST RETURNS! Rolling Germans. Brock is just lifting this motherfucker up like it's nothing! F5 hits! Brock stares at Seth, and then Heyman shakes his hand. This is a good way to set up Seth joining Heyman if/when Brock leaves. Curb stomp hits and Seth wins BY LEAVING! Why not cover him? Cena made this whole big point about Seth couldn't pin him, HE GETS A CHANCE TO PIN HIM and doesn't take it - this annoys me.

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Sunday, December 14, 2014

WWE TLC (and Stairs) 2014

Before the kickoff, they rundown a ton of vehicles behind destroyed and the Show-Henry ring destruction bit from Vengeance. They've got tables, ladders, and chairs at the panel - BUT NO STAIRS!? Booker talks about spending one half of his career in WCW, then going to WWE and being in one TLC match before randomly plugging his book. Heyman talks about the number 1 contender not being named if Cena loses due to the lack of Authority. Seriously? How shitty is the infrastructure for this company if that is to be believed? They yell $9.99 a lot for a bit. Kof-E face the Dust Bros later. Clips air of New Day winning and then losing in the tag team turmoil match. Tom Phillips, one of WWE's generic brunette men, is in the social media lounge. Dolph Ziggler, the Slammy award-winning Twitter guy, will be live-tweeting later. A $9.99 ad airs.

Wacky Bray-Dean hype vid airs. Bray molds demons. THAT WAS HEEEERRRR CHAIIIRRRR! Boy what a colossal waste of talent this feud has been. Naomi tells Miz that she'll make it on her own. Naomi's acting is terrible. If Naomi swerves her husband tonight, then Miz will help her out. Booker ranted about wives and having a RIDE OR DIE CHICK, LOVE YA SHARMELL! TONIGHT HAS THE VERY FIRST STAIRS MATCH IN WWE HISTORY! A CM Punk chant broke out. Booker's talking about TESTING ROWAN'S CARDIO. WHAT!? We get a silly ANATOMY OF THE STAIRS video. #AskZiggler talks about Sting, Brock, and the ladder match. All this for three questions. Dolph is out to steal the show, which is honestly terrifying. They tried to get over "The Vigilante" Sting a lot.

Pre-show match is up. YAY IT'S BLACK PEOPLE DOIN BLACK PEOPLE THINGS! One white guy in a hoodie next to THE STAIRS is dancing to their theme. Stardust has a black, gold, and GREEN outfit. Cody, like a moron, decided to climb a ladder and just jump off of it from 3/4 of the way up to the floor. Kofi and Goldust do an awkward headlock escape. They started talking about the Great Gazoo from the Flintstones and whether it was a comic or cartoon. JBL talks about how the Great Gazoo and Jumping the Shark being a sign that shows went on too long. MICHAEL COLE, THE VOICE OF WWE, SAID MIZ TV WAS A SIGN. Big E tossed Kofi over onto the heels. Cole, the voice of WWE, is Google Image searching the Great Gazoo instead of watching the match. He then talked about Harvey Korman voicing the character. Kofi hit the Elijah Experience in the corner to Cody. Goldust tags in and tells Xavier to GET THE FRICK OUT OF HIS WAY! Nice of Dustin to hop off the apron before Big E made contact. Kofi gets booed making a save. Big Ending/DDT combo hits. New Day wins.

 More with the panel. There's now a Shucky Ducky Quack Quack graphic! Renee talks about THE STAIRS BEING TERRIFYING! We get a Cena-Seth video with Cena talking about being upset with Seth's STUPID DECISION! Cena's house looks really dainty here. Heyman talks about tables breaking in unpredictable ways to put over the tables match. Riley talks about Sheamus beating Cena for the WWE Title in a table match. Jericho is guest GM tomorrow. Monday Night Wars will be about The Kliq.

WWE'S VERSION OF THE DEMOLITION DERBY began with clips of a demolition derby. I demand clips of Demolition's theme for this video. I'm kinda numb to all these weapon shots thanks to seeing 1,000 of them in just this video package. Dolph-Harper starts the show. Dolph's out in a Kent State Wrestling hoodie with Browns-inspired gear. Harper ducks a superkick and then they just got to the floor to get ladders. Dolph gets chucked into a ladder, then into the timekeeper's pit. He gets Harper off the ladder and eats a boot. They tease a powerbomb on a ladder bridge, but deliver a black hole slam on the floor. Cole talked about THEVIGILANTESTING! Dolph chucks Harper over the top and throws a ladder on him. Harper goes for a suicide dive while Dolph holds a ladder up for eons. Harper decides to jump into a ladder...why? Harper's arm got stuck for a stupid spot. Dolph gets pushed off the top of the ladder and hits the ropes a bit. Harper powerbombs him into a corner ladder. JBL dared to say that this could be the most physical IC Title ladder match of all time.

We get a new ladder spot as Harper puts the ladder over Dolph and does the rope boomerang! Dolph's nose gets messed up, the do a double-down spot off the ladder and the ref checks on him while Harper gets stuff ready. Dolph facebusts him into a ladder. Harper pulls him off the ladder and eats a big DDT - nice. Terry Funk ladder spin spot by Luke is met with a superkick. Harper gets knocked to the ladder bridge and you can see that his arm is covered in blood. Rough landing for Dolph off a bump off the ladder to the rope. Wacky ladder bridge mid-ring spot with Harper being taken down. Superkick on the ladder by Dolph and he wins. This was fine, but nothing I'd even want to do in a game. JBL called this a ladder match classic and Cole put over the IC Title being a star-maker. Well, at least they're going through the motions of putting the title.

Florida Georgia Line is proud of 'the troops thing".Usos came out with the Slammys. Mizes now have film reels on their gear. Jimmy takes Miz down and pounds him. Delayed double suplex to Miz. Mizdow stands on his head in the corner. Flying Uso is relegated to Naomi looking at it on a screen. Love Mizdow miming punches to Miz. They tease a Mizdow tag, but he gets schoolboyed for 2. JBL rambles about acting for a bit. "This is history, but I'm not sure it's good history." Miz gets the finale, but can't get the figure four. JIMMY GETS THE TEQUILA SUNRISE! Superkick to Miz! Jimmy goes for the dive with Miz 3/4 of the way across and in the wrong direction. Uso dive to Mizdow. Miz attacks with a Slammy for a DQ. Well, everything about this underhwelmed.

Byron welcomes his guest at this time, Seth and his goons. Seth talks about what's happened and talks about THE VIGILANTE STING! THE FIRST-EVER STAIRS MATCH is up next. Crickets chirped as Show, or THE BIG TRAITOR AS HE'S BEEN CALLED, came down. BIG RED ROWAN came out to no reaction. Rowan gets a few corner charges and hits the horrible spinkick to send him to the floor. I'm predicting ******* for this - take that, Okada! Some woman yells I HATE YOU at Show. Show GRABS THE STAIRS. Crowd's clearly scared to death because they're making no noise. Stunned silence I suppose. Rowan, who is now a MENSA MEMBER, makes a stair wall. I can't wait for Angry Birds: Stairs with that stair wall.Show is "taking his time" with the stairs. Show bonks him into the corner steps a couple of times. Ugh. Rowan slams him on the steps. Great. PIN HIM PLEASE! Show does a flying stairs shot and hits Show's side hard. "Show is smarting". Show chucks him through the stair wall with a tackle. Rowan boots the steps into Show's face. Chokeslam to the steps. KO punch from Show. Show puts the stairs on him to win. I like putting the stairs AROUND him, but not really on him, pinned him down.

Total Divas returns on 1/4 against the Tokyo Dome show. Wow - Seth-Cena's up next. Long recap vid from earlier airs and Heyman is at ringside. Cena says IT DON'T GET BIGGER THAN THIS! The mid-card of "WWE'S VERSION OF THE GOLDEN GLOBES". Cena gets a clothesline, but J and J prevent a table from being used. J and J prevents a powerbomb through a table. CAN JOHN CENA OVERCOME THE ODDS!? They're not really doing much here. It's just dragging on. Cena gets his comeback. TRIANGLE TRIANGLE SQUARE! COME ON SETH, HIT R2! Cole asks why the heels don't just toss Cena through a table. Valid point. He fights out of a triple powerbomb. Cena grabs a spare guardrail and hits Noble. Suplex to the guardrail for Noble. Nidia gets namedropped. Mercury and Seth try to bonk Cena with a table, but he ducks and they break the table on the post. Mercury's taken out. Punch exchange. Skywalker hits. Seth goes for the fistdrop, but he eats a kick. Cena does an awesome hop over the table and sets up a super curb stomp. SUPER AA THROUGH THE TABLE, but there's no ref. J and J moves him and throws out the table bits. "THEY'RE CLEANING UP THE CRIME SCENE!" Good old school boys. Cena DEFIES THE ODDS and avoids another triple powerbomb. AA to Noble and Mercury through a table. HE STORED UP THREE FINISHERS! They brawl on the apron and both go through the table. Yet another non-finish. One ref picks Cena. One picks Seth. They do a restart. Seth eats an AA ON THE ANNOUNCE TABLE, but it didn't break. Show comes down. Lord. THEJUGGERNAUTBIGDAWG comes out in black and silver gear. Superman punch to Show, Spear through a table. Cena AAs Seth through the table. Roman looked good for his two moves.


They throw to the panel and talk about THE HISTORIC FIRST-EVER STEEL STEPS MATCH!
Byron talks with his guest at this time Nikki Bella. Brie says she and Nikki had issues, but blood is thicker than water and that's it. Nikki gets shoved to the floor and does pushups. Snap suplex to AJ. CM Punk chant. Ringpost bow and arrow from Nikki - nice! Chinlock to AJ. Brie stalks on the floor. Nikki gets some horrible shoulders in the corner. AJ gets a neckbreaker and a 2 count. Tornado DDT from AJ. Disaster kick off the second rope gets 2. Wheelbarrow bulldog from AJ gets 2. Shining Wizard gets 2 thanks to Brie, who is tossed out. Nikki sprays AJ and forearms her for the rack attack win. Can't wait for the OSW Review of this show.

Human Friend Tom Phillips met with his guest at this time Roman Reigns. He MADE AN IMPACT tonight and he'll be in the Rumble match. He delivered this really poorly and messed up his  lines. Mr. Kane came down. Chair swordfight is won by Ryback to start. I'm praying for a "dumb as fuck" chant. Ryback gets a powerslam. Falling splash hits three times for Ryback. Kane eats some chairshots. "TABLES, LADDERS, AND CHAIRS, AND STAIRS, AND METAL BARRICADES AND BRIEFCASES!" Amazing Tweet. Chairshots. Boring chant. Kane gets a throat thrust. Another boring chant. Chairshot to Ryback. CM Punk chant. 2 count. Side belly to belly hits for Ryback. Kane gets a ton of chairshots to the back. Kane grabs more chairs. Kane goes to chokeslam him through chairs, but he eats a nasty spinebuster through them. Feed Me More lariat is met with a chair, a chokeslam, and a 2 count. Meathook. Shellshock, it's over. Thank God.

Toy ad. Rusev-Swagger is in the death slot. JBL hyped up Y2-JIZZLE! Swagger interrupted and Zeb's apparently been written off with the leg break. At least Dutch got one last big run nationally - and his biggest one yet. He needed some good after losing his granddaughter and got it. Swagger and Rusev brawl, Swagger misses the bomb, Rusev misses the kick, gets a takedown, locks on the Accolade. Swagger gets to the rope, gets put in it and he's in it FOR AGES not moving without the ref stopping it. Swagger somehow picks the ankle out of this. Rusev kicks out of the ankle lock and superkicks him on the floor. Swagger comes in at 9, eats a superkick and another Accolade and passes out. This was short and not awful. Brock-Cena hype vid for the Rumble - it's their EPIC FINAL BATTLE. This was great.
 Bray-Dean video from earlier airs here. Lilian introd the TABLES LADDERS AND CHAIRS MATCH with a weird echo. Dean comes out first followed by one of the coolest firefly entrances yet. Bray came out in a new brown leather long vest and matching pants. They brawl in the entrance way, then in the timekeeper's area. Then in the crowd. They go by the panel. Well, I figured if they had the props by the panel, they'd use them. Dean dives onto Bray off their table. Dean dual-wields some canes before tossing one down. Bray goes for a chair and eats the cane. Flying chairshot elbow to Bray. He bonks him with the cane in the throat on the chair. Dean eats a shot on top and goes through a table to the floor. Bray gets a normal-sized ladder and bonks him. Slam on the ladder to Dean sets up a senton. Bray puts the cane between his teeth. Pace is downright glacial with Bray on offense. Corner charge misses and he eats the ladder. Punch exchange mid-ring leads to a ladder shot and a corner forearm>bulldog. Dean hits the flying standing elbow off the ladder bridge in the corner for 2. Rope-bound dropkick leads to a flying legdrop to Bray's draped-over body. LARIATOOOO OF DEATH gets 2 for Dean.They fight on the floor again. During this war, Cole talks about CANDY LAND. Dean sends Bray to a table and hits a diving elbow through the table off the ladder. Some chick yells HOLY SHIIIIIITTT! Dean gets the bigger ladder and hits another flying elbow. This is basically a video game match. They go mid-ring and Dean eats Abigail for 2. Second one is countered into a schoolboy for 2. Bray goes into a ladder and eats Dirty Deeds for a 2.9.

Dean tosses a chair around on the floor. Dean goes under the ring and grabs a monitor. Cole says it's for the techs and Dean checks himself out. They show the stage setup for some reason. Dean goes and grabs a 25 foot ladder. Dean asks the SATs to leave and they do while he gets things set up. Bray chairs him to the gut. Trachea crusher from Dean to Bray. Dean climbed up top and hit the elbow off the ladder through the SAT - so that's the third ladder elbow drop spot so far. Logically, he should fail at one of these things. Monitor blew up in Dean's face. Abigail hits for the win. Ugh. TLC AND STAIRS fallout is up.

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Friday, December 12, 2014

WWE SD 12-12-14

After an exciting NXT special, it's time for SD to go through the motions. Raw recap video takes up some time. Cena and Seth blather about. Cena RUNS THIS PLACE...I'm not digging this feud at all.These don't have good chemistry, there's nothing personal about it. Mizdow's out for commentary on Cesaro/Kidd vs. Usos. Okay action - nothing great. CESARO DOES THE JOB IN A MATCH WITH TYSON KIDD. Holy hell has his stock plummeted. Miz meets with Naomi about Jimmy costing Naomi the gig. Jey tells Jimmy they have two. days. until TLC! Another long Raw recap sets up a rambling Bray promo.

Nikki's out to face someone. It's Alicia. Nikki dominates and wins with the rack attack. Nikki does it again to establish that she is in fact a heel. Slammy recap. New Day's out for Big E-Goldust. Goldust takes some good bumps for E and loses to the Big Ending. Titus-Swagger is just a showcase for Swagger. Rusev and Swagger do a staredown. AMBROSE PROMO! He's a gutter rat and when he has Bray's whole world in his hand, HE WILL CRUSH IT! Great stuff. Ryback, Dolph, and Rowan face Kane, Show, and Harper. Show and Rowan have zero chemistry. Dolph bumps around great for guys, GETS THE ZIG ZAG ON SHOW leading to a tag to Ryback and Harper respectively. Ryback wins with the Shellshock. Everyone does shit with show-appropriate props and Dolph does a ladder dive onto the heels on the floor. Twas a show.

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Thursday, December 11, 2014

NXT Takeover - R-Evolution 12-11-14

After issues getting the Network to launch on the PS3, Xbox, and PS4, I finally got it working on the X1, which means screens will be super-sharp. The X1 defaults to 720p, which looks way better than 1080i for my purposes - way sharper. Renee, Alex, and Tensai talk about the main event, then hype up the Balor/Itami tag. Itami's signing with Hogan and Hart, photo with HHH, and even NOAH shots are used here. He comes off like such a badass until they show him getting killed by the Ascension. Tensai blatantly lies and says that Itami is as popular in Japan as Flair is in America. Corey Graves hype video shows off his moves and kickass theme. Corey talks about concussions befalling him, and thanks to WWE's doctors, he can live a comfortable life - but out of the ring. He's retired in-ring, but he'll be a commentator instead. Owens promo. NOW IT'S TIME TO FIGHT! Tonight, Kevin Owens takes over! Yeah, this ruled!

Lucha Dragons talk to Michael Clone. BFFs recap sets up Charlotte-Sasha nicely. Sasha talks to Riley about THE NXT UNIVERSE, and then Bayley talks and gets jumped by Becky. IS IT YOUR KNEE!? Riley is dumb as fuck. I'm astonished Bayley won't need full reconstruction and miss at least one week of action. Zayn-Neville hype. We get a recap of Zayn's many big losses and then the Neville turn-ish thing, and their promo on the go-home show. They point out Corey's Revolution tattoo and throw to the opening hype for Owens, Charlotte, and everyone talking about their evolution.

FIGHT OWENS FIGHT! Is out. He's got a new KO shirt, a tear in his eye, a kick-ass theme, and a massive FIGHT OWENS FIGHT chant to greet him. Owens kills him with shots, kills him with a corner lariat, hits the cannonball and does a somersault senton to the floor getting a holy shit chant. A FLYING COW!? Fuck you A-Ry! Parker hits some stuff, misses a senton by a mile, but gets 2.9 off a palm strike. WHY IS CJ PARKER GETTING OFFENSE!? KO kills him with a lariat, gets the over the knee neckbreaker and wins with a pop-up powerbomb. Somehow, Owens got his nose busted up - probably on the palm strike. Definitely the palm strike - replay shows him clearly holding his nose after it.
 They throw to a Lucha Dragons video, but it won't play right away. I wish they'd just run NXT as a separate thing and give them all main roster pay, because NXT is the only place where talent is actually being maximized. Sin Cara is actually useful here, while on WWE TV, he's just a dude. Lucha Dragons are in gold gear, and while their theme is fine, it loops too quickly and is too "gemeric Mexican music" for me. Aiden's hair is something else. Love him yelling at Simon to SHOW HIM YOUR STRENGTH! They double team WITH POWER on Sin Cara. Kalisto has less of a body on him than Sin Cara - wow. English with a SCHOOLBOY TO THE FLOOR on Sin Cara. Heels double team Sin Cara a ton and lure Kalisto in to do more damage closer to their corner. Kalisto gets a tag and flies around. Faces sent English onto Gotch on the floor. DOUBLE TAKER DIVE TO ENGLISH! SDS hits and the champs retain. Okay little match - nothing really required to watch in it though. Sasha stretches with Becky backstage.NXT hype video.

Tye Dillinger is out and my stream's going to hell. Owens interview is coming next week on NXT. Tye's out to face Baron Corbin. Well, if the stream's going to be bad, it should at least be for this. Baron gets the snake eyes and big boot. Corbin hits the flatliner and wins after Bull comes out. Sami's chat with Cole takes up the focus, BUT IN THE BACKGROUND, Sami meets with the Goomba and Steen won't look at him! They do the same video for the Balor-Itami tag.


Ascension's out. Itami's got a new tron and new gear with a yellow and black kung-fu jacket. Balor's out with a revamped, darker version of his theme and THE PAINT RETURNS! And Balor has the biggest-league intro in the company! The performance art stuff's a bit weird, BUT THIS RULES! Faces kick ass. MARK-ING OUT CHANT! Itami's Bruce Lee gear is good stuff. Heels run wild when the match begins proper. Riley - "Itami doesn't speak English" - if you don't count HIS OPENING PROMO ON NXT, AND EVERY PROMO SINCE THEN, then yes, you're correct. God, the Ascension dominating this hurts it a lot. LOL at the WE WANT KENTA chant, and it being booed. Ascension guy with a fivehead misses a corner charge, but the fat one takes Balor down on the apron. BALOR COMES IN WITH A SLINGBLADE! Balor does a somersault senton to the heels on the floor. Corner kick to both guys. Saving Grace hits for 2! Itami spears Konor to the floor and lands on his head. Running lariat/STO from Viktor. GTS tease got a HUGE pop! Itami pulls Konnor out to prevent their finish, Pele hits! DOUBLE DOUBLE FOOT STOMP! Balor wins! This was fun - Ascension's awful and doomed on the main roster, but this was a must-watch due to Balor and to a lesser extent, Itami.

Renee meets with her guest at this time, Roman Reigns. OH MY GOD THEY'RE KILLING ROMAN WITH THIS VERBIAGE! Ric meets with Charlotte - Ric looks great, nice and thin. Sane Charlotte-Sasha vid. Sasha's out first, then Charlotte. YAY LIL NAITCH IS THE REF! I'm pretty sure Lil Naitch has been in the ring for matches with every one of Flair's kids that has wrestled - granted, one would be a nothing Reid match on Thunder, but still. They exchange chops. Why is Sasha covering her face for a chest chop? They fight on the floor and Sasha smacks her into the steps. Graves is doing really well for literally just starting this - although I assume he's been doing this at the Performance Center for a while. Sasha gets double knees in the corner then does the strut during a basement spot to get schoolgirled. Too gimmicky. Double knee straightjacket choke from Sasha. Sasha gets a hairpull and a figure four choke just like Charlotte. Electric chair drop out of that. They fight on the floor and Charlotte gets taken out on the ramp with a suicide dive - 2 for Sasha. FLIP BUMP FOR A SPEAR FROM CHARLOTTE! .2 on the Aries scale for that flip bump off the spear. Bank statement countered into the figure four, cradle gets 2. Banks neckbreaker gets 2 three times. Slam-style suplex by Charlotte. Charlotte's moonsault misses, but she gets a somersault instantly for 2! Nice! Headscissors fakeout by Sasha sends Charlotte's face into the buckle. Charlotte counters a superplex. DIAMOND DUST FROM CHARLOTTE gets the win! Good-ish match, but not as good as Charlotte-Nattie from the last special.

Sami-Neville video replays. Sami's out in slightly new gear, then Neville's out in red and white gear. NXT has the best themes outside of New Japan. Sami looks really smug in the corner - I can't wait for this! Dueling LET'S GO SAMI/NEVILLE SUCKS chant! I'm Oleing at home, and clapping - AND THE MATCH HASN'T EVEN STARTED! Neville takes him down with a front facelock and they exchange holds ala 2K15. Corey makes a great point about Neville needing to man up like his favorite football team. Modified crossface chickenwing on the ground from Neville. Sami wins that exchange, so they go for another one. Corey doing a fantastic job pointing out that Sami's biggest rival here is himself. Sami gets a tiltawhirl backbreaker. ASAI MOONSAULT FROM SAMI! There's a staredown...and the stream's video freezes. It comes back and Sami's in a chinlock. Crowd chants Ole and SAMI FIRES UP! Neville gets the missile dropkick and 2. Neville kicks him mockingly and then gets the Kawada kicks. Sami comes back with a lariat. Pop-up dropkick sends Neville to the floor, he comes in and gets a running rana to Sami. Neville to the floor - FLIP DIVE FROM SAMI! Sami is so close to being the best in the world right now. Big crossbody gets 2 for Sami! Go-behind counter exchange sets up a hop-up into a victory roll setup and then the Blue Thunder Bomb for 2! Off the ropes German gets 2 for Neville. Sami takes a powerbomb for 2. NJPW FOREARM EXCHANGE! Sliding dropkick misses, LARIAT HITS FOR ZAYN! Helluva misses and he eats kicks. RED ARROW, KNEES! KOJI CLUTCH! Neville gets the ropes and a chorus of boos. Ref makes contact after a victory roll. Sami checks on the REF BUT HE EATS A SUPERKICK AND A REVERSE RANA FOR 2.9! Holy shit! BIG FOREARMS! Neville misses a kick and eats rolling Germans and then a chickenwing half-nelson suplex, BUT NEVILLE ROLLS TO THE FLOOR! TORPEDO DDT! HELLUVA KICK, BUT NEVILLE PULLS THE REF IN! Neville's on the floor! Neville grabs the belt, Sami takes him down and stares at the belt. Ref's kinda down, but not out. "COME ON MOTHERFUCKER!" "NAH, FUCK THAT!" Corner exploder! HELLUVA KICK! sami does it!

The locker room comes out and congratulates him - led by Kevin Owens, who hugs and kisses his best friend. This is amazing. This is like if Luger had got the big win in '93 - they're all just having so much fun out there. Confetti's falling, and I'm totally fine with this being Sami Zayn's career peak in WWE. I can accept them fucking him up massively on the main roster because he at least had this moment. Neville gets up, refuses the handshake and hugs him! Steen and Generico go off into the sunset, BUT KEVIN HITS THE APRON POWERBOMB! Boom - can't wait for the future.

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Wednesday, December 10, 2014

TNA Impact 12-10-14 - Best Of 2014 Part 2

Setting the Stage

Last week, TNA presented their first best of 2014 show and found a way to mess up something so simple. Instead of airing everything in full and really showcasing the best of what the company had to offer in 2014, they aired clips of the matches after building them up as the real deal. They also had some new content with the Revolution, with some being good and other things being really corny - like the ShopTNA ad. This week, TNA showed off their new logo, which I wonder if we'll see tonight. They also announced that only week one on Destination America will air on Wednesday, with the rest of the series airing on Fridays. They'll also be replaying the show on Saturday, but with new content - so why watch the Friday airing them? You can wait a day and get more content.

The show opens with a recap of Dixie going through the table and Storm's Revolution forming along with Roode winning the title and the tag team title series. JB and Christy start off talking about having the biggest superstars, and we'll get with Aries-Lashley from Destination X , then the Full Metal Mayhem, and more with Dixie and Bully. Hardys-Wolves starts things up with the Hardys intro, so perhaps we'll get full matches this week. Wolves get a nice snapmare>basement dropkick to Matt, leading to the Hardys double teaming in the corner, a double team elbow to the arm, and a double suplex. Davey counters poetry in motion with a lariat and tags in Eddie, who runs wild with a double rama. They get a double dive, but the Hardys come back. Side effect hits, and Jeff gets a swanton for 2. Matt comes in for a moonsault and gets 2.5 before Davey makes a save. Matt gets the Ice Pick and then Jeff locks it on Davey, who drops Jeff onto Matt and breaks up both moves.

Matt and Eddie fight on their hands and knees before the flapjack>Alarm Clock hits to set up a pair of double stomps and a 2.9 count. Jeff hooks Davey, leading to a dive, and he comes in and eats a Twist for 2.5. Twist is countered into a backslide for 2.5. Matt gets a short lariat and some ground punches. Matt goes for a superplex, but he eats a corner pop-up kick and then a powerbomb>lungblower from the Wolves for the win. This match was fantastic, and even knowing who won, I thought I might've been mistaken with some of the nearfalls. The decision to go with a full match instead of clips really made for a better experience. We even get to see the full post-match hug. JB hypes up Aries-Lashley and we'll at least be getting the X Title match from Bound For Glory, and maybe more from that card as well.

The Revolution's bad voiceover video airs and is now just called the Bad Voice Over ad in a graphic. Clips of the finish from Gail Kim-Angelinia Love in July set up her match with Taryn later. Aries-Sanada clips air to set up Aries cashing in the title for a shot at Lashley at Destination X. This match gets no intros, but the opening airs in full with Lashley catching Aries off a double axehandle off the top before a belly to belly on the floor. Then they clip it to the discus forearm from Aries. Aries gets some corner punches, low bridges Lashley, and hits the axehandle off the top now. Missile dropkick mid-ring leads to the corner dropkick, which is caught and leads to the running powerslam. Aries gets the Last Chancery out of the spear. Lashley gets up, so Aries goes for knees. Lashley counters with a giant gordbuster, but he misses a corner charge, leading to a sliding dropkick on the apron and a discus forearm in the corner and the running dropkick hits. Aries gets the brainbuster along with a sick landing and a 2 count. Aries goes for a 450, but Lashley rolls out and Aries goes for the suicide dive, but Lashley moves out of the way and Aries smashes himself into the barricade. Lashley nails the spear, Aries flips for it, and Lashley wins. This was hurt a bit by the clipping, but the main story of the main still got through. Sanada and Storm face Muta and Tajiri from Bound For Glory next.

JB talks about the transformation of Sanada to The Great Sanada. The transformation is shown, so we're thankfully getting some context to this. The Revolution is shown taking guys out and forming member-by-member, sans the most recent member Abyss. Sanada circles around Muta to start and then blows mist, leading to a clip to Tajiri being hit with an object, then another clip to the handspring elbow from Tajiri. Muta comes in and dropkicks Sanada's knees before a dragon screw. We clip to Storm taking Muta out with a moonsault for 2. Tajiri backdrops Storm onto the ramp and kicks Sanada. Sanada jumps into double mist setting up the buzzsaw kick, the shining wizard from Muta and the win. The clipping hurt the match in theory, but it was a bad match, so limiting it to highlights was probably a wise move. Next, EC3 and the ECW guys face Dreamer and Bully in a tag.

We return to clips of the Roode-Lashley I finish setting up some Bully-Dixie stuff. We're joined in progress with Team Bully Ray facing Team EC3 with weapons thrown around the ring. Everyone does stuff with weapons before Al Snow comes out and Taz jokes about how everyone coincidentally has styrofoam heads with them. Rhino eats a DDT and Spud gets taken out and hit with a flying Head-headbutt from Al. Crowd cheers for tables, but Snisky and Rycklon prevent it. Snow hits an Asai moonsault onto the pile. Rhino eats 3D for the win. Dixie and Bully argue and Dixie says Mo will take Bully out. Next, Bully puts her through the table.

New content from "earlier this week" shows Manik telling Sheera that he's close to salvation. We get a recap of the Bully-Dixie feud and all of the failed table attempts. We get Dixie's full promo from the 8-7-14 show with her firing Rycklon and Snisky and then just yelling constantly. Bully cuts a promo on Dixie, Dreamer talks about his "extreme pipebomb" - okay, Punk was right, that term really does mean nothing. Bully and Mo brawl, and then all the faces gang up and put her through the table after taking Spud out on the ramp. JB talks about this leading to another tag title run for 3D, and then cut to 3D mid-ring for a promo with Bully putting over the history they made with the Hardys in WWE. Bully talks some more about what the Hardys said earlier, which means nothing here since we didn't see it - this kind of thing is why long promo exchange don't hold up well later, they're too context-sensitive. Roode-Lashley II is up after Joe vs. Kaz Hayashi vs. Low Ki from Bound For Glory.

Joe vs. Low Ki vs. Sanada from New York is joined in progress to set up Joe's title win via the choke, and then the BFG 3-way. Taz puts over the "Joe is Gonna Kill You" chant being done in Japan. Joe and Ki exchange nasty chops before Kaz hits a corner leg lariat. We go to a clip with Kaz eating a chop from Joe on the apron. Ki gets slingshotted into the ropes, but springs back for the warrior's way for 2! Dive fakeout from Hayashi leads to a Joe dive. Joe gets the choke on Ki after the Ki Crusher out of the corner fails and he's out. Joe vacates the title and cuts a great promo about regaining it before they throw to a clip of the multi-man match where Ki won it.

Clips of Taryn-Kim's first two matches are shown to set up their third bout. Gail misses the corner charge, but hits a neckbreaker on the steps resulting in a nasty landing for each. Taryn avoids Eat Defeat and gets the cutter for 2. Gail rolls through a crossbody for the win. Gail and Taryn hug before Havok comes out for her Imapct debut to run through them both. Clip of Havok's title win over Gail sets up Taryn beating Gail in a 3-way to get the Knockouts title for the first time. Full Metal Mayhem is next.

We get a Bad Voice Over video for Bram shilling ShopTNA. We get the opening with some corner stomps, and then jump to Matt eating a German suplex onto two chairs, complete with a nasty landing. Davey gets powerbombed on the guardrail by Bully. Whisper in the Wind to Bully sets up a clip of Jeff missing a table legdrop on the floor. Now they're all mid-ring brawling on ladders. Matt and Bully chop Eddie on the ladder and hit a double hiptoss off the ladders. Matt shoves Bully down and goes down himself. We go to Matt hitting a diving legdrop to Davey off the ladder on the floor. Devon gets for whassup, but gets shoved off the top through the tables on the floor. Bully shoves Eddie off a ladder to the floor with no one to catch him. Davey stops Matt from moonsaulting and then shoves Jeff into a splash off the top of the ladder to Bully on the floor through two tables. Eddie powerbombs Matt off the ladder and Davey grabs the titles for the win. Roode-Lashley II will close the show.

JB talks about how Roode was suspended by MVP, and that he won a match to get this shot. This was an angle-heavy match, so it will probably be clipped a ton. Strangely, they've run ads plugging "the new era of TNA", but haven't mentioned Destination America by name, which they did last week. A shoving match starts before a clip takes us to Lashley standing over Roode. Roode elbows his way out of a backbreaker and then going for the Roode bomb over the ropes, which worked in the first match, but wasn't shown. Lashley goes for a susnet flip out of the Roode bomb, but Roode counters ala Bret-Bulldog at Summerslam '92 and that's it. They aired maybe a minute of "the biggest World title match of 2014." Roode full celebration is shown and we get a hype video for Roode-Lashley III showing the breakup of Lashley from MVP's crew, Roode beating MVP, and Lashley spearing Roode after the match. Lashley also destroys EY, Aries, tosses things backstage, and just comes off like the biggest badass ever. 

The Big Picture

Other than the Full Metal Mayhem and World title match, They did a far better job this week of using clips to show the buildup to matches, and at least aired one full match. The clips for the BFG main event really helped it, and made the X Title match seem like something you should buy the DVD for. Next week has them running through the top 20 moments in TNA, with clips shown of Gail's title wins, Hogan-Sting from BFG, and Bully's reveal as the leader of the Aces and 8s. Well, that should be fun viewing even it's not really essential viewing - at least that's something you expect to see in clip form.