Saturday, January 31, 2015

TNA Greatest Matches: Bully Ray

I love this revamped sleep schedule I'm back on. I'm going to sleep pretty much right after shows end, so I'm up nice and early and have way more energy. In rewatching a bit of Unlocked here, I see that Tommy's pants split on the leg. Poor guy. Anyway, today's show has Team Garett vs. Team Bischoff from LockDown 2012 and Bully vs. Abyss from Genesis 2012, so...I guess I'll be watching that. But first, TNA can't spell "similar".

 JB puts over Bully Ray as having an amazing 2012 and the first match will be Monster's Ball against Abyss followed by Lethal Lockdown. We get full intros for this, including Bully bullying Val and all of the weapons around ringside, including a barb wire board. Abyss has his bell ringing theme here, which I didn't like at the time, but I rather like now. There's even pyro and fans going crazy. Man is it amazing how quickly this company has fallen in three years. Direct's logo is still on the apron unblurred, so they're getting some free advertising here. Bully stalls and we get an ad break.


Bully and Abyss get into a chair fencing battle that Bully wins, but he eats a clothesline and a chokeslam. Bully gets up and grabs the chain out of his pocket, which Abyss blocks with a chair. Abyss puts the chair down after using it and decides to go with a trash can lid before grabbing a staple gun and cheese grater. Bully whips him with the chain right across the back. Can shots to Bully's head. Bully clotheslines him down. Abyss leaves to get Janice to counter Bully's kendo stick. Bully leaves and Abyss follows him. They've got all this equipment visible on the stage - you'd think they'd cover it with a tarp. They brawl to the ring again before Bully rakes the eyes. Bully's got a barb wire board, but chooses a cookie sheet to the back. Bully counters a whip and sends Abyss into a barb wire board. Now Abyss gets the board across the face and it hits the railing with fans trying to touch it. That's a definite flaw with that whole setup. Abyss's arm is all sliced up and he tosses the grater in.  Abyss grabs the bag of tacks and another one with glass. Grater to the nads leads to an ad break off of a wacky Bully face.

We get more plugs for Lockdown leading to this being about the 10th time I've seen Hardy's bump ON TNA PROGRAMMING before the first actual airing of the match. I get why they would do this since it is a reason to watch the show to see the whole thing, but it's based around one bump - and they've shown it a ton. We come back to annoying loud music playing and Abyss gets the tacks out and spread on the mat. Bully low blows his way out of a chokeslam before yelling "OH MY BALLS!" and going on a Joe Pesci rant on the floor. Bully sets up a table, but eats a chokeslam through it and Abyss gets 2.9. Abyss grabs a wider, but shorter barb wire board than before while someone yells at him to throw it over since he's struggling to get it in the ring. Bully grabs a table leg, but Abyss punches it out of his hands. Bully side slams him into the board for 2. Barb wire board sandwich to Abyss leads to THE SENTON OFF THE SECOND ROPE HITTING! Holy shit chant is kept in and this gets 2.9. Bully grabs Janice, but Abyss chokeslams him on the tacks for 2. Taz says that Bully's got all these tacks in his back before saying yeah, well he's got a shirt on too. Bully canes him with some stiff shots to the back and then a nasty one to the back of his head. Taz says the more you're hit with it the more it hurts since the bamboo splits apart and slices you. Black Hole Slam on the board gets the win for Abyss out of nowhere. Lethal Lockdown hype for this show leads to YET ANOTHER AIRING OF THE BUMP AD.


Gunner starts off against Garett, because of course he needs to go 25 minutes in a match with AJ Styles in it. Taz talks about MISTER INTENSITY, so this nickname's going on three years old now. Tenay talks about Garett's extensive history with MISTER INTENSITY. Gunner eats a missile dropkick and Gunner gets a clothesline after that. Gunner gets some rope-assisted stomps. Gunner nails a running knee to Garettt in the corner before choking him with his boot as he's prone in the ropes. Heels have the man advantage, so we'll get a heel out - it's Bully. He gets a running boot to the chest while Gunner holds him. Garett's head is pinned against the bottom rope, so Gunner stomps on it. Bully no-sells Garett's punches leading to Gunner jumping him. Now Bully sells, but eats a shot. Crowd's chanting for Aries loudly. Shockingly, he holds the X Title here. Aries is out and we get an ad break. Yet another Lockdown ad with THE FALL.

We miss all but the last 10 seconds of Aries' portion as they've cut this match down. Kaz comes down and runs wild on Aries. Lots of punches and turnbuckle bonks. Big clothesline from Bully to Garett. AJ's theme hits, and it's one of the bad remixes, but I love him just taking off the hoodie and not just doing a wacky bit since his team needs him. AJ runs wild on Bully in the corner, but Bully runs him down with a bodyblock. Aries has the worst gear yet in TNA - weird shiny silver and black stuff with pink accents. Big elbow to Bully from Aries. The lineup for this match is brilliant since it's full of good workers, but the focus is to get Garett over. Daniels is out with really generic music. Kaz and Daniels bonk AJ into the cage. Garett is chucked into the cage hard by Gunner leading to the crowd chanting ONE MORE TIME. Bully gets a double axehandle off the top to AJ and then one to Garett. Gunner dives off the second rope mid-cage with an Austin/Bret elbow to Garett. Anderson's out and Daniels sells a punch before he throws it. Whoops.

He gets a series of elbows to Daniels Bully and AJ exchange punches and AJ powers him up and just throws him down. Double backdrop to AJ from Kaz and Daniels. Aries gets the rope neckbreaker to Daniels. Eric's out to be the last guy for his team. He's in black jeans, a black t-shirt, and has the all-grey hair with salt and pepper beard. Eric holds him and has Bully chop the Bischoff tattoo. Crowd continues to chant for Garrett's destruction. Gunner chops him and Kaz hits a pump kick. The final face is RVD and once he's out, we'll get Lethal Lockdown. Eric's got quite a gut on him here. ROB VAN DAM - THE WHOLE F'N SHOW is out and we get an ad break.

 RVD's in and the cage is lowering. There's a guitar in there despite Jarrett not being in it. Eric hides on the apron. AJ grabs the hockey stick and hits Bully. Can lid shots from Anderson. Aries dives off the top with a lid shot to Bully. Garett's down on the opposite side with his dad and AJ and Aries bring Eric into the ring. Aries slams him and skins the face with his boots. Gunner prevents a five star frog splash to Eric. Aries gets the discus forearm, but eats a press slam into the cage from Bully. Anderson Finlay rolls Bully onto Daniels. AJ and Kaz fight up top before going to the cage ceiling. AJ kicks him down and hits an elbow. Five star to Kaz! Bully grabs a chair but eats a Van Daminator. Angel's Wings to RVD. Garett hits a snapmare driver to Daniels, but Eric canes him a ton. This is a bit unsettling. Crowd chants for blood - well, Garett's welts are nastier than that. Garett guitars Eric and gets the win - so fuck you everyone who worked hard in this, Garett has to win with Jarrett's signature and Taz talks about how Eric can't even use the Bischoff name anymore. Wow what a stupid part of the angle. The hard workers did their best, but this just wasn't structured in a way to be really good - it was all a backdrop to Eric and Garett having maybe three minutes of action.

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Friday, January 30, 2015

TNA Impact Wrestling 1-30-15

Last week's Feast or Fired show was dreadful outside of Robbie being amazing. The TNA Facts thing would be better without them putting a sound effect on them. The show begins with a recap of the first DA show, the Lashley-BDC split, and Lashley's promo. They did an echo on "GIMME MY TITLE NOW, NOW!" and it only added to the comedy. The street fight worked out a lot better in video package form than it did live. Roode comes out with Lashley's belt to no reaction. We get a PIP of the announcers with Taz adjusting his chair - that was a must. Now Roode gets a reaction with a "Bobby, Bobby!" chant. He says he's devoted his life to winning this title. Well no, you haven't - it's only been a title since 2007. Roode says he and EY were closer than blood, and he won't stop until he spills EY's. I liked that line.

Lashley comes out in workout gear looking pretty badass. Roode says he respects Lashley and they've torn the house down many times. Once - the second and third matches were too interference-filled. Roode says the belt isn't his, but he's owed a rematch and wants it tonight. Lashley says he's got it, and Roode wants it now. Roode's kind of a prick here - he's dressed to compete, but Lashley isn't. Aries comes down with his case and gets a MASSIVE Austin Aries chant. Aries is I think a face, but he's being completely unlikeable. MVP comes down and says dumb, dumber, and dumbest are in the ring and the title belongs to the BDC. 12 minutes in and we've just had talking. MVP challenges Lashley for a match and Lashley says that Aries can save the case, while MVP and Roode's challenges are accepted as well for a 4-way - so Lashley is basically giving Aries another shot whenever he wants. Well, that's nice of him. Gail and Madison are walking backstage for a KOs title match with Taryn next.

We get a hype video for Lockdown next week - which you'd never know until this very ad. BDC faces Team Angle, and they show Jeff's crazy bump too. Josh shills the Madison banner. Gail spins out to the entrance area. Josh hypes up Taryn being the cheerleader in the Will Ferrell deal, which I like - WWE rarely takes advantage of things like that. Faces to stinger splashes to Madison, who bails. Cradle gets 2 for Taryn and then she hairmares Gail a few times. Madison gets a cravate and Taryn yells no. Madison gets 2 off some cravate knees. Taryn kicks out at 2 from a Northern Lights. Madison gets a Nova neckbreaker/DDT on the faces. Back to back covers get 2. Gail gets a wacky leglock and then Taryn gets a dragon sleeper on Gail. Gail counters into a shoulder charge, leading to the faces going up top and getting shoved off to the floor. Madison flapjacks Taryn on the steps, but Gail moves Taryn before the knee facebusters can be done. Madison hits a face jam on the steps to Gail. Crowd chants for puppies here in this good, serious women's match. Gail misses a crossbody and Taryn hits the cutter on Rayne for the win. I dug this match and they said you should tweet to her and name her finisher. Lockdown rundown includes Havok-Kong and the Hardys facing the Revolution for the title. I love them having "card subject to change" for a pre-taped show. Magnus is on the streets and has asked Bram to go to the bar and talk their issues out like men. Dreamer is shown going up some steps somewhere.

Spud and Mandrews go sight-seeing and Spud confuses DC for NYC. Dreamer comes out and is hyped up as a two-time ECW World Champion and the heart and soul of ECW. Dreamer looks so much fatter with this giant leather jacket on. Tommy's never lied to us and he never will, and to prevent things from getting crazier, he calls out EY. Well, this makes no sense based on what's going on with the show. Taz has no idea what's going on with this. EY comes down looking homeless. EY tells him to stay out of his business - well, he's not wrong. Tommy says that the first guy to offer his hand when he came to TNA was EY and the second was Roode. "I watched you go from being a joke to being the WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION OF THIS COMPANY!" Wow. Tommy says he's been screwed over and tells EY to not tun his back with Roode or burn a bridge with the fans. EY and his now-greying sideburns said Tommy's a fat loser from this dump. He doesn't want to burn a bridge - he wants to blow it up! Dreamer tells EY that if he wanted a shot at Roode, he should've just asked. Big No chant here, because of course. EY jumps him and piledrives him. EY punches the timekeeper for his chair, but Roode darts in and EY runs out. I liked this - it's a bit too much talking for 9:40 given that we've just had one reasonably-long match, but it was well-done. Matt talks about teaming with Jeff to a shot at the tag titles. Jeff cut a really good, intense promo on Abyss rattling down the weapons he'd use on him. We go to the bar where Bram's drinking and Magnus comes in and asks for a Heineken.


Angle walks backstage into Gunner's locker room and tells him to wake up and stop being a sleeping giant. He slaps the shit out of him and says he needs him to fight with him. Bram says he should've smashed Magnus's head the second he came in. Magnus repeats the words and tells him he couldn't, and they're best friends. Magnus said that Gunner had Bram hurt in the match, so he made a snap judgment and he got the tag title case - and who's his partner going to be? CRAZZY STEVE!? Ha! Magnus says that Bram's temper has put him in jail and on mugshots and until he figures things out, he'll keep making the same mistake. I like them meshing in the guy really being fired from WWE in some way into this, and Bram thanks him for helping him. Magnus says he doesn't get all of his friends jobs - he just did it for him. Magnus says he's got to put a roof over his son's head and food in his mouth. Bram asks to see a photo and he shows him his phone and they bond a bit. Bram says they're good and apologizes and they drink to the future. Bram sends him off to a dead end and then attacks. This is a great use of the real-life geography of the area and feels so much better than WWE doing stuff like this. Bram KOs him with a shot to the back of the head with a billiard ball and stands over his fallen body.


Taz and Josh talk about what we saw, making it seem important. Hardy and Abyss brawl backstage for Monster's Ball. They come out and brawl a bit. Abyss gets a cheese grater, but he eats a trash can to the head. Flying forearm sets up the double legdrop to the gut for 2. Twisto stunner sets up poetry in motion with the chair. Air Hardy to the floor misses and he goes through the table. It looks like he hits his head on the guardrail, although it's hard to tell with the table covering so much of the screen. Hardy's thrown in, but he's got the grater. Abyss grabs the bag of tacks. Grater to the balls lets up Hardy charging in, but Abyss sidestepping him and hitting the corner chair. Abyss grabs Janice and they show an Occupy Universal Studios graphic for the next tapings. Janice gets stuck in the buckle, Twist hits. Manik prevents a Swanton and the rest of the Revolution attacks. Matt comes out and fights them off with a kendo stick. Manik and Sanada hold him for a superkick and the Wolves come down. Alarm Clock to Manik. Wolves double dive the Revolution while Matt dives off the apron onto Storm. Abyss gets the tag bag and spreads them out. Abyss sends him up, but Hardy counters into a sunset bomb onto the tacks and the swanton wins. This was fun, if a bit too much like every Abyss match ever. Storm attacks Abyss for losing.


Jeff talks about how he wrestles every match like it's his last while Matt talks about countering the Revolution. Josh cuts to a recap of the opening bit. Aries is asked if Lashley did him a favor, and Aries says he wouldn't go that far, but it shows how confident Lashley and he does appreciate it. Aries says even if he loses, he may just win. SPUD TIME! Mandrews and Spud come out. They've never said Mandrews is just Mark Andrews shortened, but whatever - it's an okay moniker. Spud's black and neon green gear amuses me. EC3 and Tyrus come down and deny the request for a tag match against EC3 and Tyrus. DJZ brings out the BroMans and their awesome theme. Angelina shakes her ass and the faces attack the heels from behind. Jesse presses Mandrews over and over - love it. Great bump from Mandrews off the double facejam. Robbie holds the hands and teases a tag before stomping the wrist - what a great heel. Mandrews ducks under and gets the tag! Spud lands a great series of punches before a ball claw and then a double ball claw. HE RIPS THE BOWTIE OFF AND HE'S PISSED NOW! Spud takes Jesse down and Mandrews hits the SSP for the win! This was fun. Tyrus kills the faces with the elevated spike before EC3 attacks his very tiny foes. EC3 makes Spud and Mandrews against Tyrus for Lockdown, which you knew was coming to some degree due to the ad. They've got to figure out a better way to hype up next week's show than to offer video spoilers - they're killing the need to actually watch the show live. Champ and challengers walk backstage - the title match is up next.


Recap of the prior match and the post-match deal. Spud cuts a fired-up promo with Mandrews and he says he'll get him! Josh puts over both guys as being the winners of British Boot Camp while Spud yells that he's not a fucking loser! They run down Lockdown and Taz says that since the BBC guys won, they can beat Tyrus. Taz says the BDC will win and they bring up how Angle's whole team isn't even set yet. Amusing little bit with JB saying "competitor number thr...two!" when MVP came out second and Taz ribbed him. Josh puts over MVP's appearance on Taz's podcast, while they talk about how he went in-depth about his childhood. When Roode came down, they showed the confrontation with Roode last week - I like that. They make everything seem important and don't just end its importance after the segment ends. Josh puts over the rankings and I like that they actually matter for at least this match - it's a nice change of pace. They've had a rough start, but within a month, they've really got a fantastic formula for this revamped version of Impact down. Lashley attacks MVP before Roode and Aries get back in there. They brought up Roode and Aries being tag champs - I have zero recollection of that.

Taz runs down the whole top 5 rankings and how Tenay explains them logically on TNA Unlocked.  TNA Greatest Matches: Bully Ray is up tomorrow. Smart move timing-wise. If he's in WWE, then you get some mileage out of the footage and if he returns to TNA, then you keep his name fresh. Blackout countered into the spinebuster by Roode. Another Lockdown ad hypes up Hardy's bump and the Lethal Lockdown match. We come back to Roode and Aries fighting in the corner.


Lashley powerslams Roode for 2 thanks to an Aries save. Aries goes for the brainbuster, but Lashley tosses him off. Aries low-bridges the champ and sends him out before diving onto him. MVP sneaks in and hits a running forearm on the apron to send Aries to the floor. Yakuza kick in the corner to Roode and an exploder gets 2. MVP gets the ballin elbow after avoiding the Roode bomb and gets a fisherman buster, but Aries attacks Lashley with the Last Chancery that is countered into the dominator perfectly - I want to do that in games NOW!

Aries hits the double sledge off the top to MVP. Roode takes MVP down with the crossface, but Lashley breaks it up. Tower of Doom powerbomb superplex hits, but EY attacks Roode with a chair. Lashley goes for the spear, but Aries gets the chancery! MVP attacks to end that. Discus forearm to MVP sends him to the floor and he goes for the dive, but Lashley spears him for the win! This was a very good match and easily the best match so far on Destination America. Angle came down to save, and they talked about his team needing to be formed and THERE IS TIME LEFT. There are also a few faces down, so this is a smart little setup.

We return to a recap of the title match. Angle is mid-ring with Roode, Gunner, and Lashley. Roode says the BS ENDS NOW - NEXT WEEK IS LOCKDOWN. Well, that's not now. He challenges him to a six sides of steel match. He says he'll make him pay and BLEED. Good little promo. And then EY cuts a frantic 1.0 manic Flair promo on him. Angle says that in Lockdown, the numbers will be equal. He'll have Gunner on his side, and Aries talks to him about joining the team. Kurt asks Lashley to join him and he gets a big Bobby Lashley chant. Kurt calls him THE MOST TALENTED WRESTLER HE'S SEEN IN TEN YEARS. Angle tells him to join, outlines reasons, and Lashley says he'll never team with him. So Kurt needs to come up with something next week. They show Hardy's bump from multiple angles here and hype up Lockdown some more.

This was a "sum is greater than the sum of its parts" show. TNA really seems to have nailed down the format of the show and it results in past events being cited and shown regularly, so things feel important. They also put over the rankings strong for the main event and re-integrated the Biscoff-style shooting outside of the building and talking head bits.

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Thursday, January 29, 2015

WWE SmackDown Live 1-29-15

After the craziness of the past week, we get a live SmackDown that might wind up being really important with the regular Raw being scrapped. Generic show intro begins things. Show faces Roman due to Roman taking him out of the Rumble. King says that Kane-Bryan is an all-time feud and IT ENDS TONIGHT IN THE CASKET MATCH. HHH, the top heel, comes out smirking and jolly. HHH says WELCOME TO MONDAY NIGHT RAW, but cracks jokes about the snowstorm. HHH says that WWE doesn't like to be told what to do and he hypes up that they do what people think they can't - like getting ONE MILLION SUBSCRIBERS TO THE WWE NETWORK! HHH got a cheap pop for saying Hartford. WELCOME TO THURSDAY SMACKDOWN LIVE. This man's a heel. He told a bunch of ball jokes about the NFL. HHH says the Rumble event was spectacular and after they boo, he puts over the title match being a showcase for Seth being the future, Cena being the past, and Brock is THE BEAST. HHH says the roof was hanging off the rafters and folks were going nuts from the back and to the front of the building. They talk a bit about the controversy and show Roman taking out Show and Kane and Rock helping him out. HHH says that on Raw, he'll make an announcement that will shake THE WWE UNIVERSE TO ITS CORE!


Roman came down and Cole talked about Roman being just fine with the fans paying their hard earned earn money and booing him and how people are angry he was picked to be THE GUY. Wow. Roman says he won the Rumble, and HHH starts the Show match now. Good to see the guy that performed the City Guys theme get work for this FEBRUARY FREE ad. Roman gets a LET'S GO ROMAN chant and he nods. Damn right he nods. King blames the fans for the reaction and Byron says everyone should be impressed with his resume as Superstar of the Year. This whole thing is bizarre, and NOW COLE IS TALKING ABOUT HOW IMPRESSIVE ROMAN WAS! They punch to the gut a lot and Roman sends Show over the top rope for an ad break.

We come back to Show dominating Roman's knee. I love Show grabbing the leg like a dragon screw and just swatting it away. Standing ankle lock here by Show - this move looks so great. Roman counters with...LOL @ that headscissor. Roman's legs left any part of Show's body and Show sold it too late. Roman Samoan drops him. CHEER THIS MAN DAMMIT! Diving running lariat off the apron to Show on the floor. Byron is actively hurting everything he talks about. COCKED AND LOADED but Show grabs him for the chokeslam and gets 2. Show goes up top and eats two superman punches and a slam off the top. NOM NOM NOM SPEAR!


WHAT ROMAN REIGNS NEEDS IS BIG WINS OVER MAJOR SUPERSTARS AND THEY DON'T COME ANY BIGGER THAN BIG SHOW! Vince says they're in the Fast Lane on the Road to WrestleMania on the WWE Network. Vince invites new subscribers a free month of WWE Network for February and that's it. Everything about the show has reeked of desperation so far. Arnold video. King, please stop with the Arnold impersonation. Seth's out with J and J Security. Oh thank God, he's here to talk. He lost, but he's still got the future in his hands and he issues an open challenge that Ryback accepts. Ryback gets beaten down by the goons before Rowan comes down and bowls through them, leading to Byron to say GOODNESS GRACIOUS! Dolph comes down too. Heels retreat from the war. Kane and piano music met in a very red part of the building and then he caresses the casket while shirtless. Kane's recital of all of these words is impressive and wacky. The Devil's Favorite Dentist was amusing here. AN USO AGAINST SOMEBODY. I pray to God it's a Miz.

Kidd now gets Cesaro's theme. Byron talks about Kidd and Cesaro being a quiet storm no one is paying attention to. Tyson gets a sliding kick to counter a suicide dive, but eats the pop-up Samoan drop. Cesaro's in a basic black shirt - so much for the brass ring shirt. Dropkick to the knee sends Jey into the buckle and the swinging fisherman's neckbreaker wins. Piano music plays while they show THE CASKET. Cena calls out Rusev next.

Popeye's presents a replay of Roman winning the Rumble. Rusev yells and then grabs the mic to talk about THE END OF ROYAL RUMBLE MATCH! Rusev says he should face Brock because he's undefeated and the United States Champion - he raises two valid claims there in theory. Rusev calls Cena a man from the past. Wow is that insane. Cena comes down and says that he and the Universe don't get along all the time, but tonight, they can agree that he should should his mouth or Cena will shut it for him. Cena puts Rusev over as a world-beater who is the U.S. Champion and has beaten everyone. Cena tells him he's the face who runs the place, a ten time Rumble participant, a 15 time world champ who held the U.S. Title before Rusev had pubes and Lana had boobs. Lana tells him to not waste his time on Cena. Paige faces Nikki at Fast Lane for the title. Renee welcomed her guest at this time, Paige. Bellas bullied her. Brie appears to weigh 80 pounds. Where was Nattie?

Gold and Stardust came down and King buried Byron's suit for being on clearance. Ascension are out to face them - so who are the faces and who are the heels here? Fivehead starts against Stardust and Byron says the Ascension wanted to ruffle feathers. Gut attacks Stardust while Byron says that the Ascension has stood the test of time. So after weeks of burying them six feet under, now fans are supposed to take them seriously. I think. Fivehead locked on a chinlock before attacking in the corner. AND NOW BYRON IS BURYING THEM FOR BEING COCKY. FOR GOODNESS SAKE PICK A DIRECTION WITH THESE GUYS AND GO WITH IT. Goldust comes in and runs wild on Fivehead while Byron says Goldust got over the Attitude era with shock and awe, which is just what the Ascension are doing now. Stardust blind tags in, pissing off Goldust, and they lose. I guess they'll finally have their WM match. Kane cackled backstage and closed the casket lid.


They plug Wizard Wars and go to a magician backstage. He does an egg tricky with a hanky and then Miz shows up, the guy's impressed with Mizdow and Miz winds up with egg on his face. Truth's laugh was fantastic. Bray talks about taking smiles away from those that people find nostalgic and next, he'll take away smiles. So he'll help Kane win and the Kane-Taker connection is how we get to Bray-Taker? Kane wheels the casket down.

Bryan's out in his red and silver trim trunks from WM AND THE BRODY BOOTS TOO! Kane tries to shove Bryan into the casket, but he fights off. Bryan tries to get Kane in, but Kane fights him off. Kane avoids the casket by walking to the corner for an ad break. More teases.Bryan gets a skin the cat headscissors, but Kane avoids going into the casket. Bryan gets the dive and goes for some mounted punches. Bryan gets booted in the casket, but he avoids the lid shutting by leaving. Bryan dives off it and eats a throat thrust. Yet another break. This match refuses to end.

Bryan gets a post-break chinlock, because of course he does. Two people chanting ECW for whatever reason. Bryan kicks away and gets the dive again. Bryan gets tossed over the timekeeper's area and he lands almost badly on the chair. Kane chairs Bryan on the back a couple of times. Bryan's bonked off the lid. God the Yes lock in the casket looked awful. More lid stuff. Cro Cop high kick sets up the running knee and BRYAN WINS. THANK GOD, IT'S OVER! Okay, so we've got smiles...Bray's out soon right? Big YES chant on the casket while Cole teases that Bryan could go into the WWE Title match with HHH's announcement.

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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

GoFundMe Page Launched

Hello, this is Jeremy Peeples and if you're reading this, you either know me in real life or you've seen my writing or videos online.  Unfortunately, while I love doing both of those things, they don't pay many bills. Paid writing gigs have eluded me and my Youtube income is about $30 a month.

I've got a lot of bills piling up here, mainly related to my mother's estate. Legal fees are currently at $2,8000 and I've got a property tax bill for nearly $1,800. I've tried covering everything myself, but I can't keep doing this. I've tried cutting corners with my monthly expenses by nixing health insurance and going with a $3 per day food budget by just spreading a 7-11 pizza over two days, but that is far from an ideal solution for anything beyond malnutrition.

I realize I can't keep making those kind of cuts and need to focus on my health as well. If my health fails, then there's no one to care for the cats and that brings me to the next big issue. My 17 1/2 year old cat Spud was recently diagnosed with the beginnings of a kidney problem. In the past month, she hasn't been drinking abnormally, but she has dropped weight and hasn't eben eating much over the last couple of days. I want to take her to the vet as soon as I can so that if this lack of hunger is caused by her kidneys, that issue can be treated as soon as possible instead of waiting.

Waiting too long ended the life of my family's first cat Rocky in 2006 and I don't want that same painful fate to befall her. It was a crushing blow made even worse by the fact that it was so preventable. Thanks for taking the time to read this and any amounts are appreciated. Even if this doesn't wind up with everything covered, I'd be content with a $50 total since that helps to cover the cost of cat food or a basic exam.

Monday, January 26, 2015

WWE 24 - WrestleMania 30


 The Mania of WrestleMania (aka WrestleMania the Movie) was fantastic 11 years ago, and now we're getting the same treatment for WM 30. With Taker's issues, the medical drama could be really compelling stuff, and we'll see more with Bryan too. WWE 24 begins with the Vince/Taker clip that's been in ads. 24 hours earlier, festivities were happening around the area and the building was being set up. Show talks about WWE talent did 300 appearances, but now they did 800. Conner met with the talent. Daniel Bryan was adorable with him, as was Batista. Steph saying they invited him to WM to give him something to live for was a bit much. Hogan, Rock, and Austin shoot the shit for a bit. Warrior meets with Vince and HHH for the HOF. It's heartbreaking watching him with his daughters knowing that he dies 2 days later. Great bit with all the HOFers and a hilarious Kane/Bryan photo. Steph talks about Warrior respecting Linda so much. They cut to Indiana, his older daughter, talking about how proud she was of him while Dana said she cried through the whole speech.

Steph is at WM and HHH meets her in his costume! HHH calls himself the Skull King and they show Charlotte, Sasha, and Alexa Bliss suiting up. Austin, Rock, and Hogan chat and Vince tells them to have fun. They cut to Hogan's speech about the Silverdome and everyone laughing about it. They cut to the HHH intro. This is a bit more surface-level than the Mania of WM was, but still quite good. The NXT women are overjoyed to be here in this role. Ric cries saying his daughter made it. They show clips of the match and Bryan meeting with Brie.


Shield comes down and we get Hogan and Warrior's multi-camera speech. Dana talks about how good it was for him to have acceptance again and say that he missed the boys. Bray's intro is shown. Cena beats Bray. TAKER IS BACKSTAGE WALKING and he and Vince hug. They just showed the boots and the highlights and not the concussion-causing takedown on the floor. We get a beautiful piano rendition of Taker's theme alongside quotes and tweets. We see Vince order help and the ambulance leaving.

Bryan talks about how hard it is to follow that, so they've retconned the divas title match out. Bryan's big win came off so huge here with his family being there. Bryan hugged Conner and thanked him. We get a WM highlight package and that's it. Well, they teased something like The Mania of WrestleMania and delivered something that scratched the surface of it, but never came close to offering up that level of behind the scenes stuff. They gave Connor a graphic at the end, which was nice, but not Warrior.