Monday, June 29, 2015

WWE Raw 6-29-15

Long recap of last week's Raw led to Seth and the goon squad coming out for a promo. JBL yelled about HASHTAG MONDAY NIGHT ROLLINS! He talks for a while about power. Seth puts over Jamie and then gives them all Apple Watches. Seth sent Kane on a vacation, and he wants to use it to throw animals into a volcano. Seth gave his goons a Cadillac. Show came down while they honked the horn for ages and he's facing Henry, who's a face here. Recap of Show and Ryback brawling last week. Show gets corner punches, Miz is on commentary, and Show KOs Henry. Miz is either on lots of cocaine or he's in give no fucks mode. This meta Scream series ad is bizarre. Ryback gets his match with Miz...maybe. Yup. They had a nothing match and Miz left so Ryback got a countout win.

Alicia vs. Paige - Bellas are heels here. Alicia got the edge before the break, but Paige won with a fluke rollup and Alicia's right shoulder not even being down. Cena's out for the open challenge next. Owens comes out. I hope Owens just kicks him in the balls here. Better yet - we're getting Cesaro-Cena! Love Cesaro hitting Rick Steiner's mid-leapfrog counter powerslam. He gets 2 off the Cesaro deadlift gutwrench. Owens is so great on commentary. Cesaro gets 2 off a slick second rope elbow drop for an ad break.

Cesaro goes for a sharpshooter, but Cena counters that and the swing. Springboard stunner gets 2. Cesaro gets 2 off the VE uppercut. Iffy sharpshooter is turned into a perfect one out of an AA! CESAROPLEX gets 2. Cena counters a crossbody with a facebuster for 2! That was new. OKADA DROPKICK FROM CESARO! Cena's Code Red had a ton of ass-groping, but got 2. Neutralizer hits for 2! A BILLION UPPERCUTS lead to the swing and the sharpshooter! Owens attacks them both! Perfect. In one night, they've remade Cesaro...if they want to.

Dolph and Lana go public...but first, another Seth-Brock recap. Bray talks about being awake. Lucha Dragons are out for a match. PTPs team up with them. Rock-Bo recap. Bo's teaming with the New Day. Swear I've seen this on SD. Loved Titus throwing Bo around, picking him up, letting them tease tagging him in and then throwing him more. Post-break chinlock thing. Great spot where Kalisto was popped up by someone into E, who went for an overhead belly to belly and Kalisto flipped out of it! Love the heels doing that tag in stomp bit. Faces win thanks to Titus being big and strong.

Lana and Dolph "go public" tonight. Perhaps they're going steady. Recap of Rusev and Summer. Dolph goes "um" a bunch. Well, I'm already tired of Dolph saying things. This is quite a bit worse than Ted Jr and Maryse - at that had no real ceiling to it. Lana was a legit main event-level act for a bit and now she feels like she's a Superstars-level act. She talks about how Rusev made her dress...and she's still dressing like that. Also, Lana looks more manly and tough than Dolph. JBL actively worrying about Rusev's physical health here. So Dolph is the logical heel, right? He threatens a crippled man and insults him. Summer and Lana get into a bad catfight.

Dean with a neck five o clock shadow adds to the sleaze. Roman comes in off-screen. I like the Rollins vs. Lesnar poster in the background. Roman was horrible here, but added some amusing homoerotic subtext to this by saying he wanted to pull some toys out with Dean. Neville is now being called the closest thing WWE has to a comic book character. IN WHAT WAY IS NEVILLE A COMIC BOOK CHARACTER!? Comic characters have depth. So far, we know that Neville's name is Neville and he does flips.

Cole talked about a Facebook exclusive promo from Sheamus leading to this match. Sheamus eats a running rana before a break, but gets the Finlay roll after it. Neville ducks a brogue into a cradle, but Sheamus kicks out and kicks his head off. Good little match here, but it never really got going. Hogan SI cover recreation shoot recap. SWAGGER VS. BARRETT! Swagger is dressed like Owen in '99 with the caution tape color scheme and jobs to the elbow.

Roman's out followed by Dean. Heels come out with the goons in the new car, and Jamie honking the horn some more. Roman destroys a kendo stick over Joey's back. Trifecta of Superman punches! Bray comes in and attacks with a uranage on the announce table. Time for Dean to job. Dean eats a chokeslam and pedigree to lose, but Roman takes a beating too and some hope. Running buckle bomb through the table to Reigns, and you could see Jamie going down clutching his ribs during that. Pedigree hits and the champ FINALLY stands tall. Bray comes down to ensure the show never ends and hits Sister Abigail.

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TNA Slammiversary 2015

Tenay is joining Pope and Josh on commentary. DJZ faces Manik and Uno in an X Title 3-way. Sloppy match here, with Uno nearly dropping DJZ on his head doing...something like a reverse rack driver in the corner. German into a buckle leads to a springboard something or other off the ropes for a win for Uno. Robbie cuts a weird chicken promo for his match against Jessie "The Man" Godderz and his new furry robe. After several minutes of whatever, Robbie wins with a scorpion death drop. Fat Hardy cuts a promo about being exciting to be here. Okay then. Morgan vs. Bram. Fuck this. Bram wins with the Brighter Side of Suffering on chairs. Riveting.

 Tyrus and EC3 talk to JB. Aries and Davey go at it to make a stip for a match already taped. Good going through the motions match here with Aries winning via distraction schoolboy. Dollhouse vs. Brooke and Kong. Taryn's gear is now lingerie - nice. Kong actually did some stuff here, including a cross body block. Magnus says that he doesn't hate James, he LOVES HIS FAMILY and he loves his family more than he hates Storm. Oh, and they're both leaving. They had a walk and brawl with a crazy spot.

Magnus put Storm on a table and then flew through the air and missed the elbow on the floor. Magnus survive a billion superkicks. Horrible bump for Storm onto a barricade bridge against some chairs. Double beer bottle bash results in Storm winning by falling. Production went all wonky with them losing audio. Tyrus and EC3 faces Lashley and Anderson, resulting in them talking about OVW and WWE ECW. Tyrus nearly dropped Lashley on his head on a suplex. Tyrus jiggles like Homer setting up the spike. EC3 sneaks in, gets his finisher and wins. EC3 grabs a replica from a fan and holds it up - TNA's replicas look fantastic.

 JB, Jeff, and Karen's sideboob cut a nice promo backstage. They played this up like a retirement match, and boy would that title just being the Global title again have more meaning here - or they'll just name it that again. Whatever. They didn't bother releathering the TV Title, so it's got that weird nasty rust brown look to it. Jeff beats up EY to a "you still got it" chant. Roode schoolboys Jeff to get a shot to climb. Kryptonite Krunch tower of doom hits. PILEDRIVER OFF THE APRON ONTO A LADDER BRIDGE TO JEFF. Jesus.
Jeff sneaks in and wins the match while Josh and Pope talk about WHAT THIS MEANS FOR TNA. Well, it's been a nothing title since literally day one. In the KOTM form, it's been around for one day, so I'm sure the company will least in the sense this isn't hurting any part of the company in any way. I liked Jeff celebrating with his family in the ring - that was a good moment for him after so many years of turmoil between losing his first wife, gaining Karen, losing TNA, and then creating GFW.

Thursday, June 25, 2015

WWE SD 6-25-15

A five minute long recap of Raw airs summing up Brock and Seth. Jey's out on commentary. Seth and Kane and Mercury came out and talked. Ryback was reprimanded for attacking Show, so he came out to talk. Sheamus and Dolph had every match they've ever had, but with a slightly new finish - Dolph ate the kick on the top rope. Alicia beat Naomi, who I think was a face here. Bo and New Day clapped, but Bo was off.

Kane vs. Ryback is up, but Show destroys Ryback first. Ryback comes back, but eats a superkick to the chest for a DQ. TE recap. PTPs and the Lucha Dragons face New Day and Bo. Kalisto flipped around a ton, Sin Cara dove to the floor, and a Kalisto springboard 450 won. Seth and Dean had a pretty fun match, but cheating allowed Seth to win with a Pedigree.

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Wednesday, June 24, 2015

TNA Impact 6-24-15 Rundown

What a crazy newsworthy day for TNA. Sadly, it didn't result in much build for the PPV. Jeff's return was both surprising in nature, but unspririsng given the GFW/TNA mergery rumors that have been going on for the last couple days. Heels vs. Wolves was really good, but nothing amazing. Ditto everything else. Uno won the green X Title...good for him. There wasn't much to the Angle-Hardy match, and Jeff Jarrett's in a king of the mountain match for some sort of goal to close out his TNA career.

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ROH 6-24-15


Nigel is out for commentary tonight - yay! "Mr. ROH" Roderick Strong is out to face SHINSUKE NAKAMURA! Lots of chinlock variants, Strong gets an Olympic slam for 2. APRON KNEE BY NAKAMURA! They fight to the floor and the roaming lights actually see them for an ad break. Mid-ring forearm exchange hits before a big bow and arrow punch from Swagsuke hits and takes Roddy down. Roddy gets a series of running knees in the corner and a double knee backbreaker for a 2.5! Bodyscissors sleeper is locked onto Roddy! Diving knee off the second rope by Nakamura, but he can't cover! Double knee gutbuster hits as does the Strong Hold, but Nak gets the ropes. SICK KICK HITS FOR A 2.9! Forearms lead to a tossing suplex countered into a running knee for 1! Strong gets one of his own, but Nakamura responds with a big knee for the win!

Gedo is out to face Elgin. They all but tell you that Elgin's out to impress Gedo here to get a spot in New Japan, but make it work nicely. Gedo HAS BEEN WRESTLING since 1989 and looks younger than Elgin. Elgin powers out of a go-behind and eats punches to the nose. Elgin gets an inside-out delayed suplex. Somersault senton misses for Elgin. Elgin wins with the powerbomb. The Bullet Club teams up to face Okada and RPG Vice!


Love Nigel asking what he can get for $10,000 in Okada bucks in Rappongi. AJ and Okada start things off quickly and then RPG Vice and the Bucks go even faster. Baretta takes a billion years to do something on the apron, and he rightfully eats a superkick for being a moron. Nice corner kick counter by Trent into a double stomp. Rocky tags in and runs wild. Rocky no-sells a superkick and responds with a big lariat! Doc yells about them CHANGING THE BUSINESS! Okada and AJ are in and AJ eats the Alabama slam setup-neckbreaker. SUPERKICK BY NICK! Slingshot gutbuster into a springboard dropkick by RPG Vice!
DOOMSDAY DEVICE SHINING WIZARD ON THE FLOOR OFF THE APRON TO MATT! Bloody Sunday to Okada! Okada spins out of a sunset flip attempt INTO THE TOMBSTONE!  AJ rolls through a Rainmaker and a blind tag leads to Nick coming in after AJ eats the top rope dropkick. Outside-in facebuster leads to the moonsault to the floor. More Bang is avoided by a blind tag and a super German!

Okada can't get the Rainmaker on Matt, but AJ gets the springboard elbow. Crazy exchange where Trent's driver is countered by a superkick and Rocky eats a superkick coming off the top. AJ flips through the superkick to go for the Clash, but Okada dropkicks him! Everyone fights, AND THE FACES EAT SUPERKICKS! Okada fights all three with forearms, but we get more superkicks! Triple team inverted tombstone INTO THE MELTZER DRIVER, SUPERKICKS, AND A STYLES CLASH FOR THE WIN. This was so so so so so much fun. Love Corino going 1-2-SWEET!


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Monday, June 22, 2015

Raw 6-22-15

WAHOO! BROCK IS STARTING THE SHOW! Brock's intro is interrupted by clips of Seth and HHH talking last week, and then Brock's own intro... Heyman introduces fans who might've missed out a refresher course for Brock kicking ass. This is seriously the second recap in six minutes. Heyman says that WWE doesn't want Brock's money - just an apology. Brock has to apologize to Cole and JBL, and if he doesn't, he won't get his title shot. So then why show the graphic for the match?


JBL looking scared shitless shaking Brock's hand was great. Brock gave him a noogie. Someone was paid money to come up with "beast for business". Heyman said that Seth's trip to suplex city has been paid for by BROCK LESNAR! Roman faces Sheamus tonight because Sheamus beat him on SD. DEAN AMBROSE FACES KANE NEXT!Damn that Kane, throwing Dean into steel steps that can take over 1,000 pounds of pressure! Kane's on offense after the break. Whew! Dean runs wild with punches and chops. Diving lariat off the apron for Dean. Seth comes down in new black and silver gear, and Kane wins with a chokeslam. God, could these announcers just talk instead of yelling everything? Cena-Owens II recap. JOHN CENA RETURNS tonight. But first, Seth and Kane have a chat. Kane doesn't buy Seth's crap.

Recap of Roman-Bray from MITB, Raw, and SD. Good singing voice on Bray. I still don't care about any of this, but I wouldn't mind seeing him on Lip Sync Battle. PTPs are out for a match with some team next. Titus Dad of the Year recap video! Titus slammed Gut. Skinny was tossed around like a ragdoll. D-Young won with a terrible discus elbow and double knee gutbuster. Roman and Sheamus do some stuff for an ad break. I predict chinlock when we return.

YES! Cripes, the bump off that apron dropkick lariat counter! Sheamus's left shoulder is beaten to death. He's got a nasty bruise there, and a series of bruises on his back. Multiple Irish Curses into rope-bound forearms for Sheamus. Roman gets some elbows and...then hurts himself with a back suplex. Bad planning there. Bray has a tea party, but they don't show who it's with - so everyone thinks it's Roman's daughter. See - if Roman was patient and just waited the two seconds for the camera guy to show the empty rocking chair, he wouldn't have lost that match.

Replay of this idiocy. Detective Roman should probably open some doors. Or not - he found Bray's area, and it just has Bray singing in a loop and photos of Roman with the eyes and mouths cut out. Okay then. Seth meets with his former goons, who are around...why now? J and J reject Seth. Riveting. Neville's out for whatever.  These Today clips are even worse than Raw's scripted deals. "What Byron, what!? Wow. Cole is pissed at Byron for something. Kofi's wacky clap is GIF-worthy. Xavier now has a camera and takes shots of Kofi on offense! PTPs come out to even the odds for Neville for a break, but the ref tosses out the PTPs and then finally doing the same for E and Woods. High kick> Red Arrow. Yes, all of that bullshit was really needed for a Neville vs. Kofi Kingston match. Recap of Owens attacking MGK.

RYACK FACES MARK HENRY TONIGHT! Great ad for THE BEAT IN THE EAST! COMING SOON JOHN CENA AND CRITICS ARE TALKING ABOUT MR. ROBOT. Barrett is facing Ryder in his combo Majors Bros/Edgehead/Broski gear. Elbow up top wins. The 2015 King of the Ring is now OFFICIALLY better than Zack Ryder. And here we all thought the guy was doomed. Nice clips of a Brock vs. Seth interview. Not that I'd like to see the whole thing instead of Henry vs. Ryback or Barrett vs. Ryder, but that might've been a more productive use of a global TV deal given that they're paying Brock seven figures and would theoretically like to make a return on that investment.

This Cena deal is so great - makes the US Title seem important and makes you also want a Cena World Title match/run again at some point too. Cena yammers on for a while about the US Title being a symbol of excellence. Words words words. Somehow, Cena is now the underdog in this match. Owens comes out and says he's been called out of shape by some and a dirtbag by Cena, but he beat Cena a month ago and left him laying at MITB. Owens cut a promo in French to ensure Cena got cheered- glorious! JBL talks about these two have put two classics together...why? Steph and HHH put over Owens and Seth says that he hurt his family in the Authority. HHH cuts a great promo on/for Seth about apologizing to them.

Recap of Paige's awful stuff last week with the Bellas. Bellas are out with Alicia to face...some team who we aren't shown due to the clip. Naomi and Tamina...woo boy will this be a thing. I think they muted the ring mic for a while because there was no audio for bumps for a bit. Nikki gets a big babyface comeback, despite being a heel. Rear View to Brie, but Nikki tosses Tamina into Naomi's ass. Rack Attack gets the win. Terminator: Weird Spelling ad with Roman stuff in there too.

Show's out for commentary on Ryback-Henry. Miz vs. Show vs. Ryback is announced for the PPV. WHY IS MIZ GETTING A TITLE SHOT NOW!? They do some stuff until a break while Show ponders how Miz got a title shot. Ryback gets a meathook and wins with a splash. Riveting. Henry and Show argued, and since they're good, this was pretty interesting. And then Show just left. Tough Enough hype. JoJo said words. To Ryback. Who tried to get Flyback over. Ryback said his parents haven't spoken in 15 years, but him winning this title got them together. Damn - they're doing a great job with this, and it's a pleasant surprise. Show comes in and they brawl. I hope Miz just comes in here and gets in like one sissy kick and runs away. Nope - Show gets tossed into pipes.

Ryback-Show recap. Dolph, the living Reading Rainbow, is out for a match with someone already in the ring. Adam Rose - who got one second of screentime is the victim. Byron calls Dolph and Lana Zack and Kelly. Lana looks great with toned-down makeup. Superkick gets the win. Rusev threw his crutches in anger and fell on his ass, but Summer gave him one. Boy has he fallen. Goons talked backstage while HHH talked more.

Seth comes out and wants to apologize to everyone he's wronged one by one. And thank God, they all get intros. Goons come out with Kane. Beiber chant. Seth tells Kane he gets better with age. Brock comes to save us! Seth's goons leave. Maybe Dalton Castle's boys can help Seth. Brock takes Kane down! Brock massacres J and J! JBL calls Brock the Ultimate Fighting Machine! Seth goes to suplex city! GLORIOUS German for the third time with a deadlift and a flip sell! Kane saves Seth and shoves Brock with a choke and hits a chokeslam. GERMAN TO KANE! Kane clips the knee to prevent another F5! They attack the knee with the post and a chair. They attack for seemingly decades. Awful Pedigree to Brock ends things. Well, they needed to make you think that Seth could beat Brock - and they did that tonight.

Friday, June 19, 2015

WWE SD 6-18-15

Generic intro brings us to Sheamus saying words. Dean comes out, then Kane makes Sheamus and Kane vs. Dean. Roman comes in for a DQ after a few minutes of stuff. Roman said he doesn't run, and Bray's better find him before Roman finds him. Brie beats Paige thanks to Alicia Fox, who I think is a heel now after I think being a face for some reason.

Kevin Owens doesn't care about those who were upset about him not giving Dolph a title match, and since he won, that shouldn't matter. He feels like people should earn title match against him - and there won't be an NXT Title challenge tonight. Cesaro talks about Owens being all Talk Owens Talk, and wanting a fight.

Dolph and his reading partner Lana came down. Clearly all that time spent reading has paid off since Megadeth is spelled properly on his vest. He beat Bo, and Rusev was upset over them kissing. Neville and the PTPs beat the New Day in a nothing match. Seth comes out and talks for a bit about facing Brock. Roman and Dean talk about Bray, and Roman needs to go home to his girl.

Cesaro vs. Owens ruled. I love Cesaro getting a big lariat and now wearing an arm sleeve. He got a suicide dive, but did a bit of a flip there that could've gone badly. Springboard uppercut is back! Alpamare Waterslide hits for 2. Pop-up powerbomb hits for the win. This was short-ish, but easily the best SD match in a while. Dusty tribute. Kane and Sheamus vs. Reigns and Ambrose was a perfectly fine little match until Bray sang and Sheamus kicked Roman's head off. Shockingly, none of this makes Roman seem like THE MAN.

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

ROH 6-17-15

Lethal-Jay signing later and we get The Decade against War Machine. Colby's going to replace BJ, who was greeted by "child raper" chants. Colby slaps Rowe, who tells him he's not ready, so he tags in Hanson for a tilt a whirl. Rowe pie-faces him to not hurt him, but instead backbreakers him, gutbusters him, and powerbombs him to death! Page turns back on Colby, who eats a back suplex/legdrop version of Demolition Decapitation. WHY COULDN'T THESE MEN BE THE ASCENSION!? They're awesome! Cedric is mid-ring and he says he's not a breakout star, he needs to pick up wins. Mic is being weird here with the audio - almost auto-tuning him.

He calls out Moose and Corino name-drops every '80s jobber ever. Elgin vs. Strong vs. Moose is a top contender's match on PPV. Moose dropkick sends him to the floor for a break. Super-fun match here. Multiple corner dropkicks by Cedric including some kneeling ones! He goes for one too many and eats a spear, but it only gets 2. Veda gives Moose a wrench, but Moose doesn't want to use it - Cedric hits him AND ENDS THE STREAK! They set up Veda as "the only person Moose needs" and he's tried to be his own man, so they furthered this whole story perfectly.

ACH is out in a ridiculous red jacket and yellow sun hat to team with Sydal. Apparently, ACH is in a One Piece outfit. They're out to face Naito and Tanahashi! Back and forth Sydal and Tana stuff leads to a Sydal kneebar. Tana misses a dropkick and eats a standing moonsault for 2. ACH and Naito start off with holds and then go to strikes before awful eye puns due to Naito. After a break, a Naito sideslam gets 2. Super double stomp by ACH! Sydal tags in and gets a flying bronco buster and a pop-up rana gets 2. Tana Germans him off a standing moonsault attempt!

Tags are made and Tana takes a German for 2. Liontamer cloverleaf is on and Sydal gets a flying knee to break it up. Air Jordan dive from ACH takes out Naito and Tana. SSP from Sydal gets 2! Springboard off the ropes into a DDT from Naito. Slingblade to ACH sets up the High Fly Flow for the win! This was fun.

Contract signing time. Nigel with a full of hair is bizarre. Lethal looks so slick in his velvet jacket and hat. Press photographers "from around the world" are here, and are apparently not only invisible, but silent and without cameras. Nigel calls this the biggest match in ROH history and asks for final words. Jay Lethal says that signing this contract is the biggest Briscoe mistake since the one his parents made 31 years ago. Briscoe says he gonna whoop dat ass and he'll have to be Black Machismo. In the staredown, Lethal says he made the World TV Title important, while the title is all that makes Briscoe important.

Monday, June 15, 2015

WWE Raw 6-15-15

Cole starts the show talking about Dusty and they recap last night's tribute to him. They went to the usual intro after a Dusty chant, so that might be the extent of this - still nice to see. Seth comes out while JBL talks about how Seth defended it without any help. Seth's mid-ring and he'll talk after the break. Seth welcomed us to MONDAY NIGHT ROLLINS and thank God, he had a list. He thanked himself for victory. More Authority stuff. I like that I'm supposed to care about them splitting after MONTHS of teasing it and already doing the "they're broken up for realsies" bit. He cuts a promo on Cleveland. Poor Johnny Idiotface. Also, poor Seth for being reduced to local sports team heat as the World champ. Dean and Seth brawl for a bit. Dean alternated between being hurt or healthy depending on the second. Oh good - a sit-in. These were so great in 1996.

So that's how you stop a sit-in - just cut away from him. Authority talks to Seth for a bit, and during the deal where they try to separate Seth from them, he cow-tows to them. Dean sits some more. Sheamus came out and we're gonna get Dean vs. Sheamus, and Dean just...throws the chair out because I guess he cares about the result of this match he didn't ask for. Sheamus attacks the leg for a while, but Dean gets the elbow for 2. Sheamus goes to leave, but Orton prevents it and Dean beats him. ORTON VS. SHEAMUS!? CUE THE N64 KID!


I guess Dean's sit in is over - he won a match. Seth called J and J Harry and Lloyd. So why are J and J still around if they're hired by Seth? Mercury cuts a nice promo on Seth. Dusty tribute at the desk. We see Dusty beating Harley for the NWA World title and they plug the doc on Dusty. Truth's out as a king, or something. YOU HAVE GOT TO BE FUCKING KIDDING ME! Barrett's out. Truth's just doing commentary. Or not - he's in a match and I love him calling Byron "Coach". Truth beats him in seconds with a schoolboy, but he gets elbowed. Geeks talk to MGK. Owens is next.

Owens is out and Cole tells us that Cena has suffered BRUISING. Owens points out that Cena's not here due to his own actions and not Owens powerbombing him. Cena, unlike he, couldn't just leave after a victory - he had to put the spotlight on him. NOW Owens wants the US Title. Kevin says that since Cena can't do his challenge tonight, he'll issue one. Dolph's out to be developmental champion. Owens dominates for a break. And we find out it isn't a title match after a chinlock after the break. DOLPH TOSSED OVER THE RING BELL TABLE! OH THE HUMANITY! Dolph's DDT gets a break. Post-break chinlock and we see a FALLAWAY SLAM ON THE BARRICADE. Superkick counter to the cannonball gets 2. Zig Zag gets 2!

Jesus. Did Rosa literally just get implants backstage? She looks ridiculous. Paige is annoying them by saying stuff, and then I think Naomi turned face. Or not. The Bellas arrive and act bitchier than the rest of them. Everyone abandons Paige, who now has to face the Bellas in a handicap match. Paige leaves and Nikki sits down. She needs to TAKE A SEAT!? Isn't Swerved premiering soon? I sense a bad comedy skit. Recap of Dean beating Sheamus in a nothing match.

Orton's out to face Kane, who clubs away back and forth until Sheamus comes out and they make it a handicap match and Kane wins. Seth talks shit to Kane, who tells him he needs to win match after match. Seth wants Kane next. Ryback's on commentary for Miz-Show. Cole horribly shills for Complications during Miz's intro. Roman addresses Bray next. Roman talks and then Bray talks seductively. Love one guy chanting boring here. Bray sang "I'm a little teacup" to Roman like he did to his daughter in the ad, which was shown again tonight.

 Bellas beat Paige in a fine little match. MGK is next. MGK came out and sang to zero reaction. Owens comes out and kills this fucker. PUT THE TITLE ON THIS MAN! Celeb gets killed. HERE ARE OUR SPONSORS! Terminator clip. New Day is POSITIVE they'll regain the titles. New Day's out to face Neville and the PTPs, who do an inset promo ripping off New Day and the Outlaws. DY gets a discus elbow to Woods. Titus tossing Kofi around and the crowd does the dog bark.

Byron talks about The Big E's tweets. Great snake eyes by E into a high kick by Kofi in the corner. Xavier hits a snap complete shot for 2. DY gets the double knee gutbuster to Kofi's bad ribs, and the Red Arrow wins. Recap of Owens destroying Cena last night and MGK tonight.  So a regular guy on the roster gets rushed to the hospital, but a civilian eats a finisher and he can just be evaluated by WWE's doctor? Kane and Dean said some words. Dean asks Kane what he lives for. I hope Kane lives for the thrill of one day receiving his new gear. Authority comes out to announce Seth's opponent.

Seth comes out and says no matter who it is, he'll make The Authority proud. Steph talked some more. HHH talked some more. HHH talks about pressure making diamonds. DOOM comes down in the form of Brock Lesnar. JBL brings up Brock being reinstated. Oh yeah, Brock was suspended in storyline. Brock's suplex city shirt appears to be customized for each city they'll be in - smart way to make easy money. I love Brock just staring at him and Seth backing away.

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Sunday, June 14, 2015

WWE Money in the Bank 2015

Missed some of the pre-show for the Nintendo World Championships, which was FANTASTIC before I switched over to the pre-show. Steph said that they'll be in Seth's corner figuratively, but not physically. King wants something different, so maybe Barrett will win. Barrett got tired of losing, so he decided to get some wacky royal bullshit gear made while jobbing.


Post-break headlock leads to stomps. They argue over whether or not Truth should call himself King. Cole says he can do it as well as Barrett, while everyone else points out that HE WON KING OF THE RING. Barrett spins his arm around for the bull hammer, but Truth gets a crucifix and wins. Fuck this, I'm going to 7-11 and get some cat food for Spud. King can be Truth's stunt double! I approve of these skits. They talk about Dusty, so I'll wait until after this to leave. It's a shame more '70s and '80s stuff wasn't actually shot on film, because it looks amazing now. COULD YOU NOT FUCKING ANNOUNCERS ON THE SHOW IN TEARS. Fuck. Renee was in tears at that tribute and should not have been put on the show after that. MGK is on Raw tomorrow. Couldn't care less.

The show begins with a ten bell salute to Dusty, with the roster and Vince on-stage. Show is in tears, but I do love them playing Dusty's theme and clapping to it...and then cutting away for a video package. Okay, enough of that real emotion shit - onto the sterile stuff. MITB is a chance for someone to change history and Cena's the face that runs the place. MITB is the opener. NEW! DAY ROCKS! Giant Roman is Money sign. Love Kofi just letting everyone beat each other up and getting a ladder to climb. LOL at the BURY RYDER sign. Dolph's gear has chains on it...why? To make him seem like a badass? His denim vest kills that.

 Kofi gets tipped off the ladder and catches his head on the rope. Kofi and Neville flip around Sheamus, who eats Kofi's kick. Kofi could really be in line for a good push after this - at least have him do a Cena match. He's shining nicely so far. Cool bit with Neville sliding under the ladder and Roman shoving it into his face. Powerbomb from Roman to Kofi on a corner ladder hits, and didn't break the ladder. RKO chain concludes with a pull-down RKO to Neville off the ladder! Dolph puts Sheamus to sleep on the ladder, which JBL points out will send him down - and it does.


Red Arrow to Sheamus! Kane gets a baseball slide dropkick to Neville. BIG DAWG DIVE looks good. new Day's out to help! Roman powerbombs Kofi over the top to the pile. Cool video game spot - Yuke's should put that over the rope Razor's Edge back in the games. Bray prevents a Roman win. YES! JUST WHAT ROMAN NEEDED - A FEUD WITH BRAY! Neville and Sheamus brawl up top, but Sheamus tosses him to win. "Well, he's got the case - he can job".

Renee interviews Paige about the Bella Empire. If she can beat Nikki, she can end the reign of the Bellas. What now? Paige said she'd win for Dusty - well, she'd better. Paige's black, blue, and silver gear rules - almost as much as the too-short red gear. Tieup exchange leads to Cole pushing them airing shows on the American Forces network. Paige gives Nikki a wedgie throwing her to the floor. Nikki decides to just jump into the corner for...reasons. Regal Stretch variant from Paige! Alabama Slam is largely missed so they can show the divas looking and pointing at the screen while apparently talking without words, as people often do. Rack Attack countered into the Rampaige FOR 2! Twin Magic after a fall. So why can't they at least have the same material for their gear? Paige counters a Brie cradle for the win. Brie shows that it's her by...showing her tats, and Paige kicks her. Nikki wins with the Rack Attack. So why isn't Paige winning by DQ for interference?


Miz is out after a Ryback-Show hype video. He cuts a promo on Ohio and is out for commentary. Ryback's got a blue and black singlet with black shorts under it kneepads and elbow pads. So close to almost matching. Ryback spinebusters Show to start. MEATHOOK! Show avoids Shellshock and then Ryback gets sent to the floor and tosses Miz over onto the other commentators. He eats a spear and chops while Show gets a "retire" chant. Ryback gets the Rousey armbar horribly and Show gets to the ropes. Logically, why should I be impressed by a suplex when he hit HIS FINISHER on Raw? Chokeslam gets 2 for Show. Ryback avoids one punch, but eats one to the floor. Miz attacks Show to prevent him winning the title. Miz - the one person on the roster with a brain. So...why wasn't Brie's interference a DQ? I mean beyond not wanting to do the same finish back to back?

Owens-Cena hype vid. The narrative of this is, of course, CAN JOHN CENA OVERCOME THE ODDS!? Steen really struck gold with Fight _____ Fight. It's made the transition smoothly to a main event-level feeling bit in WWE. I love how excited Owens is for Cena to come out so he can kick his ass. Love this THE CENA THE sign. Crowd is so hot for Owens - everything he does feels like a big deal and they're chanting like crazy. Lariat hits for Cena as Cole talks about his HISTORY OF NASAL ISSUES. Cena gets an awful dropkick - is that a Dusty tribute? Cena gets his comeback, BUT THEN KEVIN DOES IT! YOU CAN'T SEE ME TO CENA! Wow. STF is on! Inverted suplex hits for Cena for 2! CODEBREAKER BY STEEN!


Protobomb from Cena leads to the fist drop! Release German to Cena - CANNONBALL! Cena goes for a crucifix, but it's countered into White Noise for 2. Swanton, but Cena gets the knees up. ELECTRIC CHAIR FACEBUSTER FOR CENA GETS 2! Cena does the you can't see me and the AA for 2! NOW Cena is shocked that the AA gets 2!? Super AA is countered into an electric chair sitout powerbomb for 2! Pop up powerbomb INTO A RANA leads to a superkick from Steen for 2! Cena goes for the flying legdrop, but Steen gets the package sideslam for 2!

 SECOND AA GETS 2! Super modified AA off the top for Steen gets 2.5! Crowd's going this is awesome, and it's close. It's a bit too big move>big move>big move, but it's a star-maker once again for Owens. STF is on once again. LOL @ that Code Red. That was easily the worst one ever done, and so risky for John. Pop-up powerbomb gets 2 for Owens. Springboard stunner and the AA win. This was a spectacle.Cena's putting him over huge in the post-match. Cena goes for a handshake and gets POWERBOMBED ON THE APRON. YES! Owens is going to be so money as a face down the line. Love Owens just cackling at Cena's misfortune here.


Great promo with Dean and Renee - he could be big as champ. Dusty tribute video airs on the show proper for PPV buyers. New Day's out... oh yeah, they're defending against the PTPs. PISS! BREAK MATCH! PISS! BREAK MATCH! Love Xavier ranting for the NEW DAY SUCKS chant before E turns his anger into a clap! Love E clapping every chance he can. Great legdrop/splash combo from the chants to DY gets 2. E slapping the ribs during the stretch is fantastic. Nice blind tag into an STO by E for 2. DY is great as a face in peril to set up Titus coming in and just throwing guys around. POUNCE hits and gets 2 by Titus! E spear to Young to the floor, but DY doesn't take the bump. Titus hits the Sky High for the win. Well, that was a bit unexpected - but I'm glad to see the PTPs win it.


Generic words from the panel. Show recap as Seth walks backstage and Kane insults him, and Steph says that THE WEIGHT OF THE COMPANY IS ON YOUR SHOULDERS. HHH is GRUNTING and SAYING WORDS! Actually, that did make Seth seem like a big deal. At 10:19, the match began - so they're not quite giving them the 30+ it seemed like after the tag title match. Great bit where Dean and Seth fight on the ladder while Seth is against the ropes and Dean's on the floor, but it leads to Seth jumping headfirst into the ladder like a fool. T Power drive elbow by Dean. Ground bionic elbow from Dean! Dean goes to climb, but eats a chair to the knee. Ringpost on the figure four using the steps, which should prevent another concussion issue ala Bret. Some idiot chants C-Z-Dub. Figure four by Seth leads to back and forth slaps.

 Seth hits warrior's way in the corner. This has been a collection of things. A few of them have been somewhat exciting. Seth hits the knee to avoid a superplex, but he gets crotched on the ropes and eats a flying clothesline sending him off the rope. PUNCH CHOP PUNCH CHOP! Running knee and a Cactus clotheslines by Dean! A series of kicks leads to the rebound lariat and a flip bump for Seth. They fight in the crowd, which is won by Seth. LOLed at one guy yelling 'DO A BARREL ROLL, SETH!" Dean runs on the announce tables onto Seth. Seth eats a backdrop over the top onto the ladder, which kinida busts in half.


Dean climbs up slowly, but Seth grabs him for a powerbomb, but gets rana'd over the top. Dirty Deeds on the table! AND IT DOESN'T BREAK! Seth grabs a monitor and smashes it on Dean's knee. It was an old-school one too, and they made shit to last back then! Boy was that...just a pedigree. No setup or anything. Crazy bit where Seth hits a RUNNING BARRICADE BOMB. Seth goes to grab a billion chairs under the ring. Seth sets up a running Liger bomb on the chairs and ladder...why? You do a standing one, why land on your own back and ass on those things? Seth buries Dean under chairs and a ladder. They fight up top for the belt, each has it and...Seth falls with it. That certainly was a finish. HHH gives Seth props and then JoJo interviews him and he says he's the best and THE GREATEST WWE CHAMPION EVER! Great facial expressions from Dean here.

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