Wednesday, January 30, 2013

WWE Main Event 1-30-13

Recap vid for the Heyman-Vince deal eats up five minutes of time, then Miz interviews Ryback, who makes silly faces and looks ridiculous on the loveseat. Loved his out of it face - fit the RVD-esque singlet. Then he had every match with Cesaro ever, only with a sweet yakuza kick from Cesaro to take Miz out. Given how terrible he was on commentary, I'm all for this. According to Miz, he "called it right down the line" on Raw, and countered Cesaro's point about some Americans wanting handouts by saying some do, while others are dream-driven like him - and he went from being in Ohio to being a commentator on Main Event. Hilariously ridiculous statement...and then he said Cesaro's back was being destructed. Miz is terrible at this role, but I could see him growing into it if he's ever able to find his own voice for it.

Damn it, Miz is back. Well, it wouldn't make sense for an active wrestler to be taken out by one kick, but I still don't want to hear him. They recapped Tensai's deal from Raw so the PTPs could invite him to do the MILLIONS OF DOLLAS DANCE...which they day to get away from him. Tremendous. Another recap of the Vince-Heyman deal is coming up. WM is 67 days away! Way more all-encompassing vid for the history of the Shield/Maddox/Heyman deal. Due to Brock's attack, Vince will need surgery - more on Raw! Miz's description of Tensai as a huge deal in Japan who went to WWE to wear a nightie was shockingly on-point. Miz was intrigued by the idea of Tensai and Brodus in lingerie, Cole would've preferred the Funkadactyls. Great bump from Tensai off a big boot from Titus. Cole hyped up the PTPs being great on Youtube, which is true. There's no reason they can't put their shopping skit on one of their SIX HOURS of weekly TV shows. 

Brodus came out to save Tensai from a double-team - I approve of them as a team since it'll be amusing and it's not like Tensai's doing anything of note anyway.  Miz said that the other refs were inspired by him and he made them raise their game. HOW IS THIS MAN SUPPOSED TO BE LIKEABLE!? And then he blamed Cole for not coming up with the end of his sentence for him. Cole talked about the JBL and Cole show at Miz's insistence. Tensai did the dogbark before some corner headbutts - tremendous. That was the best thing he's done in this run - he won after a senton after some dancing. This was a lot of fun. When he's face to face with Brodus, Tensai actually looks fatter. Miz referenced DDR and Brodus and Tensai closed the show by dancing. This should be a lot of fun for skits and such.

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