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SD 2-1-13

Loved Brock's stuff in the opening vid - great recap of Alberto's week. The Raw segment was worlds better being summed up in 20 seconds than it came off live. I'm shocked Alberto's street fight gear doesn't involve the Mexican flag. I like the idea of Booker letting former world champs earn another world title in the chamber. Not quite digging Swagger's promo. Love Booker making a HOLLA HOLLA TAG MATCH PLAYA with the tag champs against Rey and Sin Cara. Christy almighty, Rey could barely hobble to do his pyro pointing deal. Sin Cara's green zebra-striped gear looked way better than it should've since it's basically Badd Company's old getup, but the gold trim helped it a lot. According to JBL, Rey met Sin Cara WHILE THEY WERE BOTH IN in AAA...where Sin Cara never worked, and wasn't even in a wrestler, or training to be one when Rey was last there. Rey's bright red top made him look like a Christmas-themed luchador. Match went a few minutes before an ad break.

Loved the missile dropkick from Bryan after the backflip from Sin Cara. It frightens me that Bryan's already got both knees taped up heavily. Loved the champs' surfboard/basement dropkick combo. WWE Kids mag has a Ryback poster - I'm astonished they're still printing that. Loved Rey getting the hot tag and going crazy on both Bryan and Kane with stuff. Chokeslam into the rana from Rey ruled, and led to a No Lock I'm shocked didn't get the win so Rey would lose in his hometown. Holy crap - Rey actually won. Sweet - hopefully that leads to a tag title shot at the PPV. Rey hopping on Cara's shoulders was fun - I like it when faces are just happy for winning. Truncated clips of the Rumble World title match basically just showed the same stuff as the show-opening vid, ditto the Raw attack, which at least showed Ricardo taking a beating. Disappointed that Alberto didn't beat Striker with his stick for asking a stupid question.

Khali's out to face, VINTAGE JINDER feud here. Sadly, Jinder didn't work this in his hilarious skinny jeans. TREMENDOUS chop from Khali on Jinder. Drew basically telling Nattie to suck his cock was surprising for an SD bit. Khali won with the chop. Booker and Teddy delivered the funniest exposition in a while - it was so blatant, and I loved Teddy just calling khali "it". THE RHODES SCHOLARS BROKE UP. WHAT. IN THE FUCK. JUST WALK BESIDE ME AND BE MY FRIEND! I heart Sandow. Not sure why the hell they needed to be broken up since they were doing singles matches anyway during the team - INCLUDING ON RAW. I think they just did the breakup for the Rhodes Scholars to ROADKILL joke. A more thorough vid on the Vince-Heyman bit aired, because SD needs filler. Loved the drums during the Brock-Vince stuff, also, Steph's enormous boobs during the backstage bit. Also, according to JBL, Brock was a two-time UFC Champion. Heyman will be on MizTV on Raw - I deamnd that Brock kill him and we get the return of the Danger Zone. This ate up over five minutes of airtime.

Alberto was shown pacing again to kill more time. This show's starting to feel like Main Event...GOD, ANOTHER RECAP VID. At least this is for the Rumble match, which hasn't been recapped before, and featured some of Cena's promo, thankfully not the part burying the world title, and the Shield's attack, which is good since I completely forgot about it.  Sheamus came out for his match with Sandow, and was of course, completely fine after a brawl with the Shield. He wasn't attacked too much or hit with their finisher, but it always annoys me to see their attacks basically no-sold by the next show. This was put over as the start of a new era for Sandow...jobber to the main event starts in unhyped singles matches. Not much of a new era. Loved Sandow busting out a Finlay-esque headbutt to the stomach as a corner. Loved the Shield's interference ending this since they shouldn't have Sandow lose right now. Loved the bump Rollings took for the kick and Ambrose trapping the legs to ensure a beatdown on him from Reigns with one man down. I know what JBL meant by complimenting them for being "well-oiled guys", but it led me to having Vince WBF flashbacks.

EAT FRUITY PEBBLES AND GET A BODY LIKE JOHN CENA! Josh has apparently lost his voice. Good - more JBL, and it'll lead to JBL burying him for months like he did when Cole blew out his voice at Armageddon '06. Orton came out to have a match while looking bored. Please turn this man heel so he'll appear to care again. RANDY ORTON ENTERED THE RUMBLE AT 26 AND LASTED TEN MINUTES...this was supposed to be impressive. Yay, Barrett! I think Barrett is now above Orton on the pecking order since he got clips of what he did before this match and Orton didn't. Bo Dallas is now trending in WWE - I have no idea what that's supposed to mean. Orton's going to THAT PLACE - is it anywhere near a doghouse? Bull Hammer attempt against the post missed - I always love that kind of spot. Loved JBL burying Josh for doing the THAT PLACE bit, then doing it. Orton won with an RKO. This was fine, but nothing amazing - I did like it coming off like Barrett cost himself the match due to the elbow missing than Barrett being inferior to Orton. Great shot of Orton doing his post next to an RKO sign in the background after the match.

I was hoping Barrett would attack Striker for being an idiot - instead, he attacked Bo Dallas. Loved JBL putting over Swagger's amateur credentials. Swagger looks NEWBORN to Swagger, or reborn. Swagger prepared for a future series with Kofi on SMS with a bunch of arm holds. I liked JBL talking about all the titles Swagger won - made him seem like a bigger deal than the match itself did. Great giant front dropkick on the ropes from Kofi that sent Swagger to the floor. Kofi's use of the steps to hop over them, then hop on them to attack Swagger ruled. TIP kick missing on the table was great, but a bit too similar to the last match with the elbow. It did set up the ankle lock well though. Latter portion of this was quite good, the rest was just there. A bunch of dudes begged Alberto to put the pipe down, but Show's bus came rolling in at 9:30. Why, I'm not sure, since he wasn't set to have a match, and IT'S AN HOUR AND A HALF INTO A TWO HOUR SHOW. Show ROLLING OVER THE HOOD OF THE CAR ruled. Alberto having his gear on under his pants looked weird. Show taking a bump on a car was scary. Show stole a Ford and got away. This was fine, but lacked a spark to it.

They've added a new DON'T CHANGE THE CHANNEL bit to the WWE app ad, so now it should only upset advertisers and not just the networks. Rock-Punk recap ate up more time on the show. Dolph came out, despite having the SD MITB case and the roster split being dead, he's got a Raw graphic. Comcast ad hypes up the company giving you a search engine on their Minor straw-grasping there. Rock and Brock will be on the 4/1 Raw in DC and tix go on sale tomorrow...very tempted to get some. THE VERY MEXICAN WORLD CHAMPION, ALBERTO DEL RIO, FROM MEXICO, met with his friend Ricardo and begged him to not come out due to his injuries. I'm sad that he didn't have the Mexican flag bowtie on over the neckbrace ala Gertner. A sign says VIVA DL RIO! Whoops. I liked JBL making a valid point that Alberto just got what he had coming since Alberto and Ricardo attacked Show while he was tied up before. The fan kept holding up his DL RIO sign. I'd laugh if he changed it to say DL SD. Dolph's jumping DDT looked terrible. JBL brought up that Dolph could cash in the case tonight, which I hadn't though about before, and would make sense if Dolph just had Big E attack Alberto. Big E got ejected - BOO! I love how much mileage WWE's gotten out of the Yes stuff to the point where it's now getting over other acts in a big way. Loved the draping backstabber from Alberto. Alberto made Dolph tap to the, if WWE hadn't made matches seem so meaningless, this would bother me. I enjoyed the match quite a bit - a tad sloppy at points, but really good on the whole. Show threatened Ricardo...okay, so the actual match result wasn't needed and won't mean a thing on Monday. TREMENDOUS KO punch from Ricardo. They should just do a highlight reel of him doing that to Ricardo. The acting by everyone who wasn't Ricardo and Alberto was Brooke Hogan-level.

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