Wednesday, July 6, 2016

UFC 200 Press Conference Recap

Dana welcomes us to the show 15 minutes after it was supposed to start. He says it's the biggest, baddest fight car in history and we see Brock next to DC. Brock is asked why he is representing Canada and he says it's simple - "I live there!" Brock is asked if he's ready to fight and he says he came to win, and it's no bullshit - he's here to fight. Brock is asked if this fight goes well, will he do more fights. Brock says you never know - but this could just be a teaser.

Edgar is asked about Conor keeping the 145 pound title and he says it's not his decision to make. Brock's blue belt in BJJ is talked about and he's asked what his skill level is now for grappling compared to when it ended. He says his goal is to be a fifth degree blackbelt and he loves training - but he doesn't care about having the belt and views it as a label. Brock is asked if he has kept up on his striking game after he went back to WWE, and he says he's worked with Pat Barry since coming back to WWE.

Jon is asked about DC's best qualities and "he has a very punchable belly" is his response! Hunt says he's looking forward to playing punchface with Brock. Jon is asked about what happens if he loses and he says unlike DC, this isn't a make or break fight for him. Brock is asked how he feels now and if he had anything after he left UFC. "I FEEL FUCKING AWESOME, WHY DOES IT MATTER - I'M HERE!" DC is asked how hard it is to hear Jon brag now and he says he's just here to kick his ass on Saturday. Jon is asked if he's towards the end of his run and he says no - he's sober now and he beat DC before when he was at the height of his partying. 

 Cain is asked how he feels and if he feels his body can stand up to training much longer. He says yes and he's coming to beat Browne. Brock is asked if Vince will allow him to fight more after this show if he wins. He says he'll get through Saturday and see what happens. He confirms that he's booked for Summerslam and we go to Miesha. She is asked if she feels like the champion now or if that will only happen if she wins. She says she wants to beat all the best, but beating Amanda is the first step towards doing that. Amanda says she can beat Miesha and she deserves the shot and she'll become champion on Saturday.

Jon and Brock are asked about their UFC 100 memories and Jon says he was so excited and nervous. Brock says his biggest memory was avenging the loss to Mir and being excited to get his hands raised and "saying some things that were very memorable". He's asked what beer he drank that night and he says he has two - one for the public to see and one for me to enjoy. Dana says "stop asking him questions!" He thanks Dana for being a great promoter and says that without the fighters, UFC would be nothing and "we're all over the world now" with ESPN coverage.

Miesha is asked if she watched UFC 100 and she says she did and her dream was to get to UFC 200. Amanda is asked how she feels coming back and having so many fans after her injury. She says she's happy to be back and will win. Ariel returns to UFC TV with Jones saying he's the one and only and Ariel getting a big pop. Ariel asks if he can get over the DC era by winning and putting his past behind him. 

Ariel asks DC if Jon is in his head, and he says he is - but if you spent a day in his life, you'd know Jon is just a manipulator. Brock is asked if it's surreal to be back and he asks about the ESPN interview where he said he was retired. Brock says that flying in allowed him to take it all in. Before, he took it for granted and he wasn't in the right place mentally. He says even flying into Vegas felt different this time around. Ariel says that Eddie sparred for 150 rounds and Brock refuses to answer  before saying "3,000!"

Dana is asked if he likes titles changing hands a lot and he says he has no control over that - he loves having dominant champions though. Miesha is asked if she prepares for fights differently and she says she works with a new sports doctor to help her nutrition. Browne is asked if a win over Cain puts him in line for a shot and he says it should. Amanda is asked if she mentally breaks and she says it's not true. Dana is asked if he'll up the bonuses and he says no - everyone's making tons here and it's over.

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