Tuesday, July 19, 2016

WWE SmackDown Live 7-19-16

The show begins with Bryan's theme playing, Shane doing the yes bit, and Steph and Mick standing at their podium. For some reason that hasn't been explained, Raw gets the first draft pick. Steph buries pandering and then says no one does it better than Mick, who panders to the crowd before Steph yells a bit in a red and white Raw dress. Mick goes to make the pick, but gets interrupted by Steph as she announces Seth. It's 8:02 and Steph is already dominating the show. Shane praises them for having Crossfit Jesus, stammers, and Steph buries him. Daniel Bryan introduces Dean Ambrose as their pick. Raw gets Charlotte and presumably the women's division. SD gets AJ. Why not do matches and then picks like they've done before? This is literally slightly more exciting than just reading the draft picks. Raw gets Finn and then Cena comes out.

Luke is his opponent here and AJ already has an SD shirt on. With only 24 hours passing between the shows, WWE doing the same basic thing on every show is going to stick out even more. Sing along with Enzo. Enzo has moved around more just during the SAWFT bit than Cass has done in every match on the main roster. They start off and then go to ads, with the match shown via PIP. WWE is literally asking people to watch the show, the show's ads, and then the second screen stuff all at once.

Luke gets an elbow and slams him for 2. Kneeling elbows and a nerve pinch are locked on. Enzo and Cass backdrop the other Club guys out. Why isn't that a DQ? AA wins. This was nothing. Champions vs. Challengers is up with Zack and Darren facing Miz and Rusev in a Toyota-sponsored match. Draft time again, and Mick says Steph will respect him with this pick - Roman Reigns. Roman to Raw. BOOOOOO! Steph and Mick argue, but can't be heard because of boos. Cena is going to SD. The lack of roster reactions really hurts this. It helped prior draft shows and hell, made Battlebowl shows better. Steph announces that Brock is going to Raw. Orton goes to SD, so that will apparently be the only hype show for Summerslam's true main event. So weird to have Orton and Brock on different shows. Steph trying to do Big E's intro was cringe-worthy. New Day on Raw.

Toyota tag gets no intros. Ryder kicks Miz, but gets pulled off the top by Miz. "Darren Young was never great - how can you make him great again? He was a tag team champion - that doesn't make him great!" King was just awful with this. Young hits the Gut Check, but Rusev kicks him to make it a 2. Ryder dropkicks Rusev off the apron and Young makes Miz tap to the chickenwing to a fairly big reaction.

Bray comes out to face Woods, who is already in the ring with the New Day. Woods is in a trance and does nothing for a while until Bray hits him. Uranage hits hard. High knee hits Bray, but Bray hits Sister Abigail and wins.
Kane is mid-ring to face Owens, who gets a huge pop. Owens argues with Mick and then Sami jumps him. Why would Sami go for a sneak attack with his theme playing? Owens tells Kane to chokeslam Sami, but Kane chokeslams them both. There is essentially zero reason to actually have wrestling matches tonight given how they've meant nothing. Sami goes to Raw and Bray goes to SD. Sasha goes to Raw, while Steph tries to do the "boss" pose. Bryan talks about Mick's weird fascination with the women, and Bryan picks Becky. Maybe one show gets the WWE Women's Title and the other show gets the NXT Women's Title. Mick gets a sheet of paper out of a trash bag for his next pick - Chris Jericho. We get clips of Draft Center on the Network with Dean hyping up going to SD. Sasha faces Dana and Charlotte next. Why would the SD babyface rulers book a face vs. two heels in a match?

 Becky cuts a promo on the Network, and then Jericho does one shirtless. Heels are out first, then Sasha and we get a recap of the Raw stuff. New, more revealing angle for the Becky wedgie. Sasha runs wild on Charlotte. Stop doing the double knees on the floor, like immediately, if you want to be able to walk easily at 30. Dana kills her with a lariat, and is in some awful gear. This gear comes off as a Dusty-level rib on Dana. Backstabber and Bank statement, but Charlotte blind tags in, gets the facebuster and wins. Rusev and Lana to Raw.
Raw gets Rusev, and Steph kills "crush" by doing it a billion times. SD picks Miz, and Bryan says he hated to do it - nice bit of continuity here. Owens goes to Raw. SD gets Corbin, and Raw gets the Certified Gs. Cesaro vs. Jericho is up and Cesaro gets 2 off a crossbody. On the newtwork, Owens says "The attitude is because I know I'm the best thing going!" Owens is great! Then we get some stuff between them and the Certified Gs. Jericho should just keep working in this shirt. Now we've got the commentators talking about RATINGS RATINGS RATINGS! Swing by Cesaro, but the Codebreaker wins. Cole says that Jericho gets better with age, like win - giving Mauro a chance to bust out the "vintage" line - but Cole buries him for it.'Zo showing his Jordans off is legit better than most of SD so far.

After a break, Nattie and Becky brawl on the floor. Mauro says they'll go at it on Sunday like Kim and Taylor. Gallows and Anderson go to Raw - so The Club ends on the PPV and maybe the Balor Club starts on Raw. SD gets AMERICAN ALPHA! Mick picks Big Show for Raw. Shane references his Jack and the Beanstalk promo on Big Show from...16 years ago? Dolph goes to SD. Nia Jax is going to be on Raw.
Steph brings Neville to Raw - so he'll be the cruiserweight showcase guy. Bryan picks Nattie for SD. Cesaro to Raw. Guy who jobbed to D-Young, Alberto Deli Rio to SD. SD is saved! Mick picks Sheamus as a former World Champ. Boy do ADR and Sheamus reinforce how meaningless the "former world champion" label is now. At 9:36, Cole references the post-show draft and acts like they've already talked about it on the show.

Main event is up. Seth stomps Dean and hits a falcon arrow for 2. Long chinlock...boy is this show just a drag. It's not just Raw being three hours that causes it to drag, it's the way WWE formats everything so that it all just feels like it goes on forever. There's no real flow or sense of pacing. Dean misses a barricade dive and eats a flying knee and kneeling superkick for 2.

Buckle bomb hits, but a high fly flow misses. A la majistral cradle gets 2 for Dean. CM Punk chant and Dean hits a suicide dive. Seth hits a superplex, but Dean avoids the falcon arrow,  hits the Dirty Deeds and wins. Shane, Dean, and Bryan celebrate.

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