Tuesday, August 8, 2017

WWE SD 8-8-17

Nakamura-Cens is recapped and Cena comes out to start the show. He says he learned about the Nakamura chants the hard way and then Baron comes out and buries the dream match. Daniel Bryan comes down and says that Baron will face Cena tonight. Usos face Tye and Sami, leading to Tye tapping to the Tequila Sunrise. New Day brawls with the Usos and sends them packing. Orton chats with Renee about Jinder escaping with the title - but he'll face him tonight.

We get a Fashion Files skit with Arn, who says that he destroyed Tully the Horse because he was the hoss! Charlotte squashes Lana with the figure 8. We get a long KO, AJ, and Shane bit with KO apologizing for the ref stuff before. He brings up one McMahon screwing a legendary Canadian for a title before - so he knows it won't happen at Summerslam. Then we get a recap of AJ vs. Shane's issues before. KO shoves AJ and Shane together, resulting in AJ hitting a Pele on Shane but thinking it was KO.

Tamina and Lana bicker. Carmella faces Naomi and Carmella wins thanks to Ellsworth. So logically, why wouldn't she cash in right now? Nakamura is interviewed by Renee about Cena and Jinder and we get nothing of real note. Jinder comes out to face Orton, who actually wins after turning the cobra clutch slam into the RKO. It was a great finish and a nothing match - welcome to Orton in 2017.

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