Tuesday, August 1, 2017

WWE SmackDown 7-31-17

AJ starts the show off to face KO. They have a solid match until KO goes for a punch that AJ ducks and "hits the ref", which misses by a mile sadly. AJ eats a superkick, but KO goes for the powerbomb and AJ cradles him to win...with KO's shoulder being up. KO complains to Shane and Shane says he'll give him a rematch - and Shane will be the ref. Usos mock New Day and do USO ROCKS. We get a bizarre Fashion Police bit. Sami is mid-ring to face Aiden English, who actually gets a full intro. Aiden gets a cradle win. Mike and Maria brag. Nattie and Carmella face Naomi and Becky. Naomi taps Carmella with the wacky necklock.

Rusev and Chad Gable have an outstanding TV match. Rusev is a dominant bully, but gets too cocky and charges into things too much. Chad goes for the leg and actually gets an ankle lock...why couldn't he be the fake kid of Kurt? He's so much better than Jordan. The Accolade ends it, but Gable is outstanding. Orton comes out to confront Rusev so they can be on the upper mid-card treadmill. RKO to Rusev. The first-ever Cena vs. Nakamura match is a basic greatest hits match. Protobomb hits. Gorbuster hits and the Kinshasa is countered into the STF. Kneeling knee strike "hits" and gets 2. AA gets 2.5. AA leads to a front choke, and an AA counter. Cena eats the inverted exploder and could've damn near broken his neck, and the Kinshasa ends it.

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