Tuesday, September 22, 2015

WWE Night of Champions

Cable went out for a couple of days, so I missed this live. A neighbor apparently cut my cable line in two places, so Comcast came out today and fixed that up. Owens vs. Ryback starts the show off. I like Owens working the arm in unique ways with the post, and cheating to win the title. The GO TO HELL TOUR IS ANNOUNCED! He'll be on the Austin podcast and main eventing HIAC with Taker. Dolph's new '92 Catwoman getup is odd. Dolph wins after a mis-timed shoe throw by Summer, OR WAS IT!? So the drama.

YES NEW DAY! YES NEW DAY! Xavier's got new wacky red hair. LIKE A GOOD TABLE, NEW DAY IS THERE. THAT BOY CAN SING! I love this being a Coming to America tribute act. Kofi's new SAVE THE TABLES dance is hilarious. Nasty back suplex by Bubba to Big E. Scary superplex too. New Day retains thanks to Xavier's interference. Woods eats the table! Nikki-Charlotte is up and Nikki has added bending over to his intro - totally fine with that. Charlotte has nixed the booty shorts, which is probably good since she has no ass. Nice snap suplex into the ropes from Nikki. Nikki jumps off the top and sorta eats a spear and Figure 8 for the win.
 Jericho and the sorta-Shield against the Wyatts. Not much of a match here, but fun - Braun beat Jericho with the head and arm choke after he blind tagged his way in. The idea was he was a bit of a gloryhog, but it cost him and the team. Seth's got his white and gold PPV gear on for the Cena match. WWE bragged about Stewart getting an Emmy with their AA clip. I liked Cena catching the foot off a blind kick and then doing the Code Red. JBL got in a mention of his matches with Cena during that. Superkick to the gut and jaw leads to 2 for Seth. AA hits and Cena wins the US Title. Cena AAs Seth on the floor, which really does make Seth a sympathetic character.
Sting's out in his singlet without a shirt - so I guess he was saving this for the PPV. Seth flew around nicely for Sting. They go to the floor and fight on the table - Sting is shoved through the SAP table and he hits his head on a monitor. Seth gets a corner elbow and a Falcon Arrow for 2. Stinger splash hits and he goes for corner punches, but eats a scary buckle bomb. Seth picks him up and Sting just collapses trying to continue. Ugh. Bad move from Seth - accidental in both the move and the post-move, but let the guy recover. The doc clears Sting for the finish, where he gets the deathlock, but eats a kick and then gets cradled trying to go for the deathlock again. Given that Sting won his first World title with a submission-countering cradle, this was a nice bit of storytelling that they paid no mind to at all. And then they teased a cash-in, but Kane prevented it by kicking both their asses. Okay then.



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