Tuesday, September 1, 2015

NXT 8-26-15

Well, this took a lot longer to get to than I was anticipating. I planned on covering the day after it aired, and then work and/or just recovering from work nixed that. Takeover recap. TEAM SAWFT is out to a huge reaction. Enzo's in baseball pinstripes and a Yankees shirt - greatness. They're teaming with the Hype Bros against the old school throwbacks and Jordan and Gable. Formula tag for eons until BIG CASS FIRES UP and they win with a rocket launcher.
Tremendous History of Emma video going over her rise, then fall on the main roster as a joke - even mentioning Santino, before becoming a big deal again on NXT. Charlotte and Becky exposit about Dana and Emma, while Becky says she isn't a fan of Australian shepard dogs. Charlotte Woo'd and they pinky swore - so lame. Becky Lynch hype video - if only they had 3+ hours to air this on Raw. Eva Marie's out with her shitty theme, but kick-ass robe. She's facing Carmella, who got a nice charity pop. Eva's cleavage is unimpressed.
Crowd chants "we want Blue Pants" during Eva's offense, which looks good-ish outside of the senton and doing the Cass and Enzo chants. Eva wins with Sliced Red #2. Breeze promo on Liger doesn't do much beyond saying he has a better idea for Regal. Dana Brooke hype video. Awesome post-match promo with Bayley backstage - I hope Rousey trademarked the Horsewomen name since WWE is now using it. Loved seeing her mom show up. Baron chats with Regal before "the Drifter" Elias Sampson comes down with an awesome theme song. Bull has a new BULL FIT robe! Bull's tummy is less big - good for him. Bull wins with a super bombs away butt splash.
Nia Jax vignette. Crews video about the Apollo Nation! TREMENDOUS angry faces from Alexa backstage. She cuts a promo on Blue Pants and wants to take her out of NXT. Four way women's main event. Emma's tiny blue shorts are just fine by me. This is the one with the botched finish - and Emma knocked Becky out with the corner splash. You can see her elbow hit her on the side of the head, and they played it off perfectly with everyone being surprised. Charlotte was supposed to win, but this was pretty darn seamless, and with Emma being a heel against a face Bayley, and their past together, it makes for a happy accident story-wise to give her a title shot anyway. Then Charlotte, the poor loser, attacks Emma with the facebuster and counts her own win. FUCK. OFF. Heels eat babyface finishers, which really makes Emma and Dana look bad. Ugh.

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