Monday, September 28, 2015

WWE Raw 9-28-15

Great wacky Kane/Seth recap starts things off. Cena's out for the US Title open challenge too! Xavier plays his theme on the trombone and a giant CUM sign is behind Cena using Cena and U can't see Me. Cena jumps him with a lariat. Damn you Cena, you've injured Xavier's tromboning mouth! Xavier rebounds and gets an inverted suplex for 2. Cena Eats Defeat for 2. Cena gets the STF for a near tapout, but New Day interferes before the Dudleys fly in. Well, Bubba flies in and Devon does stuff. Holla Holla six man is made during the break by Kane...who has a job because I guess they can't fire him due to a split personality.

Everyone does whatever. Big E gets a big splash and Kofi steals a pin on Devon - so I guess the Dudleys are winning in NYC. If they're going to win them, that's the right setting to do it in. HR Girl Ashley meets with Steph and HHH about Kane getting an anonymous complaint. Seth has a suspiciously specific denial about it being via e-mail. Dean and Roman have a chat - not even Dean can deliver WWE Exposition well. Mark Henry's out to get destroyed by Big Show. Yup. Big punch finish. I liked Henry struggling to get up - told a nice story there.

MizTV features Miz highlighting his scarf - it's an infinity scarf. And then Charlotte called Becky "Becks" a bunch. TONS of bad acting here with Team Bella and CB. And then Paige came out and they all bickered and brawled. What in the fuck did this do to help anyone? Team PCB reunites for...this...after one week. Well, Brie could've broken her neck there off of a double hiptoss. Jesus. Charlotte gets pushed into Paige, who leaves and then Nikki beats Charlotte with the rack attack. JBL for some reason says "chaos brings ladders".  2K16 ad.

Brock-Show hype video recaps their history. PTPs are down to face the Wyatts. Titus gets choked out by Strowman. Stardust is out to face...Neville!? Boy howdy. Barrett returned and elbowed Neville, so he attacks Stardust too since he was attacked by him too. Not sure where Stardust's goons are. Ashley and Kane are mid-ring right before 10 for some talking. Seth comes out to talk and play a new Kane video package. Kane replays a video of...himself being buried by Seth. Seth is determined to be vain, while Kane is sane, and eats a cheapshot and a Pedigree. Kane gets the bag leg Pillmanized and he's taken to an ambulance that then fills with smoke and Kane hobbles out.

Orton squashes Bo. Yup. This match was worth the hours of time Orton spent away from his family in airports alone.Rusev vs. Owens breaks down due to a Ryback brawl with everyone. WWE plays this bizarre video of Ellen and WWE folks dancing awareness for pediatric cancer. Paul cuts a promo and Show intimidates him. They announce the Summerslam return to Brooklyn for a while. Roman's out for the main event.

Bray's out with his goons, so of course Roman talks. Roman dominates and we come back to a chinlock. Roman gets his comeback, but Bray gets the bodyblock. Crowd doesn't care about any of this. Bray hits him with the steps, they get a double countout or DQ and brawl. Bray bodyblocks him through the barricade and the crowd chants that it's awesome. In a cool bit, Bray celebrated on the table and GOT SPEARED THROUGH IT BY ROMAN! Spear spot was cool. Roman can really hit Y for his comeback, signatures, and finishers. 

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