Tuesday, September 22, 2015

WWE Raw 9-21-15

Bray starts the show with a promo. Roman and Dean face the B-team, leading to a DQ thanks to Bray and Orton comes in for the save. Seth-Sting recap after this. Amusing skit with Kane not remembering what happened last night - wacky Kane is great. "YOU THE MAN SETH, GO GET Him!" Fuck Off Stardust and his goons against Neville and the Dragons. SDS wins. Seth talks to mommy and daddy and complains. Thankfully, mommy and daddy help him out and tell him to use the Cena rematch as a chance to regain his title. Cole talks about Owens winning his first title in WWE...odd since he was ON THE MAIN ROSTER AS NXT CHAMPION.

Ryback beats Bo. Charlotte came out and celebrated with Ric. Paige rants about there being no revolution and Charlotte just being a placeholder. This was a great sorta-heel turn, although she made tons of great points. Brie-Charlotte is up. JBL says that Becky will "get her turn" and Charlotte beats Brie, whose pants kept falling down. Herny vs. Sheamus has Sheamus miss the kick once, and it hits again for the win. KANE HAS A WORLD'S GREATEST DIRECTION OF OPERATIONS MUG! Kane has no gosh darned idea why people are so confused to see him. He does apologize in advance for maybe jumping the gun on Cena-Seth tonight. He doesn't remember being there last night, and Steph says to not insult their intelligence and wants to know where the mask is. Kane has no idea, but he'll start searching now. This needs to be Kane's full-time character. Paige-Nattie backstage bit with Paige's cleavage all over the place. 
New Day and Rusev against Dolph and the Dudleys. Great bit with Woods playing Rusev's theme on the trombone! Rusev kicks Dolph's face off to win. Nattie loses to Naomi via She Calls it the Rear View. Seth meets with mommy and daddy again. Daddy is tired of Seth's bitching. They recap Show killing Cesaro before he kills Cesaro again. Cesaro got a suplex and the chain of uppercuts, but that's it. Wyatts promo on Orton. House show Cena vs. Seth match is up.Cena EATS A HIGH FLY FLOW AND JUST GETS UP AND AAs him for the win. What in the fuck. Corporate Kane gets on the tron to distract Seth from Kane coming up through the ring to take him to hell. Okay then.


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