Friday, September 23, 2016

NXT 9-21-16

The show begins with a recap of Samoa Joe's path of destruction and stating that maybe he went too far before, before he kicked Nakamura's ass too. Joe brags about hurting Nakamura and runs down the medical report - stating he could be out of action for 6-12 weeks! He wants the title off of him, but Regal comes down and says the information is correct - but he hasn't spoken to him and he isn't a normal person. Oney Lorcan faces Aries. Asuka intimidates Liv by staring at her.
Lorcan looks good here with some impressive strikes, but lands tailbone-first on the apron for a break. Lorcan recovers and hip attacks him in the corner twice, but he avoids the third one and sends his tailbone into the apron again before Aries dives onto him. Lorgan uppercuts him twice and gets 2. Aries avoids a blockbuster and eats a rolling elbow, the corner dropkick and lands a GTS from a suplex position before the Last Chancery ends it. Aries has Lorcan's blood on his chest before Itami comes down and Aries leaves.

Dan Matha hype video - he debuts in two weeks. Ciampa and Gargano talk about the CWC and the NXT Tag champs, who then beat them down. Aliyah comes down to face Billie Kay. They have a technically fine match that falls apart when Aliyah is on offense. Her uppercuts in particular look awful, but a neckbreaker gets 2 for her. The boot ends it with a win for Kay. Sanity hype video. Asuka faces Liv Morgan next week. Cedric comes down to face Almas, who has a vest now instead of suspenders.

Cedric takes down Almas with fast action before they flip around a ton and a big Almas shot leads to a dive and a break. Cedric lands a nice uppercut and a tope con hilo! An Almas moonsault block gets 2. Lumbar Check wins for Cedric! Nothing show, sadly.

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