Tuesday, September 27, 2016

WWE SD 9-27-16

Orton cuts a promo on fear and how Bray is afraid of him. Dean chats about getting his belt back before the Usos come out with a new theme and camo gear. They always come off as Samoan versions of the Briscoes on Total Divas - and now they really do. 8 man tag with them and The Ascension against Beauty and the Manbeast and Alpha leads to them taking out Heath with the knee curb stomp and the Tequila Sunrise. Cena says that Dean has something AJ doesn't have - guts! Naomi and Nikki face Nattie and Carmella, who takes the corner rimjob to start. I love Mauro calling every part of that, from the headscissor to the moonwalk, BUT NOT THAT PART. Carmella beats her with a...sorta schoolboy? Okay.
Orton goes to spooky doors painted in paint/blood symbolism and walks through a door. Miz and Maryse come down so she can throw to a video package on him. This is an outstanding video and really makes him come off like a character babyface who has overcome every possible odd. Miz leads the hometown crowd in cheering for his parents, and his dad gets a Mr. Hero chant leading to Miz saying you can all get burgers later. Miz introduces "Mr. and Mrs. Ziggler", who created an elite-level loser! This brings out Dolph - finally, a WWE babyface who stands up for himself! Miz hiding behind Maryse is a great touch.

Maryse's boob window catsuit is amazing. Dolph tells him to say things to his face and Dolph tells him he cheated - while Miz points out that the record books just talk about wins. Miz says that Dolph was great, but he just loses - he needs to end his mediocre career and he was ALMOST main event-level, but now he's mid-card. "Your career makes me sick and it would make me sad if it was mine!" Miz tells him that Dolph can't get one more match from him - so Dolph puts his career on the line to get one last chance at the title at No Mercy. Now that's a stip and it actually feels important. They have made the IC Title seem so important once again, and it was so simple.

Bray sez words to Randy. Becky comes down for a match, but Bliss attacks her. Orton wears a sheep mask and finds Bray and beats him up. Cena comes down to do commentary, while AJ in his slick black and white gear are out for the main event. Dean and AJ have a far better match here than on the PPV. Dean's cloverleaf and apron forearm were fantastic. AJ gets crotched again and eats a big lariat, while the flying elbow gets 2. Ambrose hits Cena on the floor, and AJ cradles him for the win! Cena lands AAs and stands tall with the title.

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