Sunday, September 11, 2016

WWE Backlash 2016

The show opens with a 9/11 tribute and a recap of the feuds. Bray vs. Orton is hyped even with that being off the card now. Shane and Bryan come out for the opening 20 minute promo here on this PPV with no card. Women's title match is up. Naomi's intro is great and Alexa's Harley Quinn pigtails are hot. Carmella vs. Nikki is the only thing actually hyped in the intros. The SD women's title looks so awful. Cluster to start.  Nikki gets the disaster kick on Bliss for 2. Bliss gets 2 off a Code Red. Nattie Germans Becky, and then eats a rana from Naomi. Full nelson bomb into a cattle mutilation by Naomi! Alexa breaks it up and eats a double Eat Defeat. Alabama slam counters the code of silence and gets 2.
Three person tower of doom with Nikki, Nattie, and Carmella. Bliss gets 2 on everyone. Bliss gets 2 off a spinning sunset flip out of the ropes akin to Booker. Nikki goes for a dive, but Carmella nixes it. Naomi tosses her out and hits a springboard plancha to the pile. Blockbuster powerbomb takes Bliss out! Nattie takes Naomi out with the sharpshooter. TKO takes out Nattie. Carmella schoolgirls Nikki to take her out - leaving Becky and Carmella. Disarmer gives Becky the win and the title! "A LIFELONG DREAM FINALLY REALIZED!" Yes, THIS is what she dreamed of when she was struggling. Still a good story though. Becky's post-match promo is outstanding and she tears up and says she's Becky Balboa. Well, there's her post-WWE indy name.

Miz is an asshole to a fan and Bray beats up Orton backstage. Usos are out in perfect heel gear - white hoodies and all-black slacks and shorts respectively. LONG chinlocks here. Chop block and the big kick lead to a Tequila Sunrise win for the Usos. RHYNO AND SLATER SKIT! Slater dominates the skit and a VOTE FOR RHYNO chant breaks out and Rhyno never gets a chance to speak. Connor video.

Miz vs. Dolph recap. Maryse's super-hot outfit is amazing and shown off gloriously after a slingshot. Dolph is messing with his shoulder a bit and it gives Miz a target to work on constantly. Miz gets 2 on a slingshot Ligerbomb! Miz avoids defeat via the RNC and the shortstop DDT hits before a figure four. Superkick gets 2 when Miz gets his foot on the rope. Hairspray to the eyes leads to the Finale and the win.

Pre-show panel leads to Bray coming out and an attack recap. Bray wins via countout because Orton can't compete, so he'll face...KANE!? Joy of joys. This is made a no holds barred match, and is still rather bad. Senton through the table by Bray. Chokeslam gets 2 for Kane, but Orton comes out and RKOs him and another chokeslam wins. What in the holy fuck. AJ talks to some "indy guys" about how they got to meet AJ on the night he won the WWE World Title.

No Mercy is hyped up and it's a month away. Rhyno and Slater come out to face the Usos. DOUBLE SUPLEX BY THE USOS TO THE POST ON SLATER! Greatness. Slater eats a ton of offense, but gets a leaping neckbreaker and leaping DDT for 2. GORE HITS AND SLATER WINS! WWE Title match is up and AJ's rise is chronicled. AJ debuts a slightly new style of gear - it's very much like his existing stuff, but with FPR-style designs on it. AJ avoids a dive by low-bridging Dean and moving his throat into the ropes. Dean stomps a mudhole in AJ to boos. Dean catches AJ off a crossbody and hits a spinning Irish Curse for 2. Dean hits the flying standing elbow on the floor! Calf crusher is on, but Dean escapes. and does so again with a head bash. Apron CATAPULT INTO THE POST TO AJ! AJ recovers with a KENTA combo, but Dean avoids the Clash, but a torture rack backbreaker bomb gets 2. Springboard 450 hits for 2! Pele leads to the lunatic lariat. Dirty Deeds is on, but he's backed into the ref and low blowed. The Clash wins it!

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