Tuesday, September 13, 2016

WWE SmackDown 9-13-16

Backlash recap starts things off. AJ is formally announced as "the face that runs the place" to huge cheers while just "AJ Styles" gets a sing-along. AJ's blue and gold sideplates are slick. AJ says he's the champ that runs the camp, leading to Cena coming out. Cena says he has only one more reign to go to tie Flair and AJ is the face that runs the place, and Cena has one goal left - to be the 16 time champ! Dean comes down because hey, he's the former champ! He says that a loss doesn't bother him, and hey titles come and go too. Well fuck off - he's only mad because he got hit in the balls. Cena spits fire with "I'm shocked that low blow hurt you - you got no balls!" Dean calls Cena a lazy part-timer. Damn - now I want Cena vs. Dean for the number one contender's shot. Dean and Cena have outstanding chemistry.
Shane comes out and says that Dean will get his one on one shot - but not now. Cena gets the shot at No Mercy, and Dean gets to be in it. "Since you guys have animosity, you've gonna team tonight." OF COURSE! It's Dean and Cena against AJ and a partner of his choice. A fatal 5-way women's match determine's Becky's next opponent. Usos vs. Hype Bros. rematch. Knee clip, eye rake, superkick and a splash win it for the Usos. Miz walks around backstage. Hawkins facts videos are now actually using him. Okay then. Miz is out with Maryse in regular garb. How disappointing.

Dolph lectures Former Wrestlemania Main Eventer Miz on how to be a top guy and Miz buries him and says Dolph's career is dead. Dolph agrees and says he just wants one more match - with no gimmicks. Bryan orders a rematch. SmackDown - the show where cheating ACTUALLY HAS CONSEQUENCES. Miz says he will not give Dolph a shot because he wants to renegotiate his contract, so he leaves. AJ asks Baron to be his partner, but Baron wants a shot at the title instead.

Baron von sad tummy is out to face Apollo in a Backlash pre-show rematch. Baron won that, and jumps Crews and hits his finish on the floor. Swagger's theme hits and his "contract has expired", so he's on SD Live now. Swagger says he's like a rolling stone and he's now on SD Live. He's got a stone-cold fox of a wife and he's going to be a BIG PROBLEM MAN! HE'S A MAN. SUCH A MAN! HE'S A BIG PROBLEM MAN!

Becky comes out to a great reaction and says Philly is the perfect place for Becky Balboa to be SD Women's Champion. Becky is so genuine - she comes off like a female version of Daniel Bryan in that regard. Nikki shaking her ass and pseudo-flashing the audience really misses the whole point of the #womensrevolution deal. Everyone's in this at one time - so it's going to be a cluster. Nattie hits a pair of snap suplexes and gets 2 off a Michinoku driver on Naomi.

Ridiculous spot where Naomi hits a corner kick on Alexa, then the Bubba bomb - but she hangs on and Nattie hits the run-up basement dropkick. Rear View gets 2. Carmella superkicks Nikki, but gets tossed out and Alexa steals the pin to win! AJ talks to Kane about being his partner tonight.

Shane is mid-ring for the Slater signing. Love Heath's Has 7 kids (that he knows of) graphic. Rhyno gets an ECW chant. Slater's new I Got Kids shirt is great and Heath is so likable. He thanks Shane, Bryan, and Rhyno, and hit kids. "Betty Lou - baby, I'M GONNA GET YOU A TONGUE!" Ascension comes down in new shitty warpaint to get a shot. Heath said he'd give a shot to anyone at any time - so Shane okays this. Dammit. Rhyno seemed pissed...I'm sensing an Ascension win here. Nope. Rhyno gores and wins it. AJ meets Bryan, who gives him THE JAWLESS WONDER James Ellsworth as his partner! "He isn't even a household name in his own household! Mauro rules.

Casual wear Randy is out and says that Bray is the face of fear because he's afraid of the RKO. Bray says scary words and teleports to the ring. Rowan jumps Orton in a new black jumpsuit. RKO TO ROWAN! ELLSWORTH GETS A GRAPHIC!
AJ comes out, but MAIN EVENT MIZ JUMPS HIM. "He'd break his jaw if he had one!". JBL gets a great one in. Miz is legit a main eventer again and has credibility again. Amazing.  During the break, AJ hits the over the knee AA and Miz does Bryan's "I have til 5" bit to Cena. Miz should bust out Bryan's cape and Mr. Small Package gimmick next. Dean and AJ go at it, but Miz eats an AA and loses. Step back for Miz there, but this show was a huge step forward for him as a whole. Dean hits Dirty Deeds on Cena to a chorus of boos. Yes! Dean has an edge to him again! This is so much better than him slinging hot dogs around.

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