Tuesday, September 6, 2016

WWE SmackDown Live 9-6-16

Bryan is mid-ring with the dreadful SD Women's Title. The red and blue clash horribly on this belt. Bryan hypes up the FIRST-EVER WOMEN'S SIX PACK CHALLENGE elimination match. Bryan puts them in a SIX-WOMAN TAG and NOW IT'S A SIX WOMAN FORUM. Becky comes out and says she's surprised that she wasn't brought out first - leading to Bryan saying he loves his sister and law, and plugs Total Bellas. All of the sacrifices will be worth it to be the first SMACKDOWN WOMEN'S CHAMPION. Yup. Why couldn't they come up with a better title name than that? Nattie tells her to settle her tea kettle and how Becky prevented SD from being her kingdom. Nattie buries Becky for having unnatural hair! Ha! Alexa comes down and asks if Becky will ever stop moaning about her past and then Carmella yammers a bit. All the heels intimidate Becky, but Naomi and Nikki come down. Nikki is shoved and angry - in a great moment, Naomi puts her wacky hat on her.
Dean appears with some guy and sugars up his coffee to an absurd degree, while also looking like he is back from a six day bender. Backstage, Miz and Bryan are passive aggressive again. Miz comes out to face Crews, with Dolph on commentary. Dolph vs. Miz is made for Sunday. Dolph is funny burying JBL in a billion small ways, and then Apollo impresses huge with a moonsault off the apron before the break. The old hand-slapping babyface bit works here. Dolph says that he's been a cheerleader and a caddy, and he said he'd be champion and has been one before. Miz uses Dolph as a distraction and wins. Maryse comes in and gets the belt. Goddamn is she hot.


Footage airs of AJ being hit with Dirty Deeds, pissing AJ off. AJ bullies a PA and tries to frame him to get fired by destroying headphones...on a TV show. Bad plan, AJ. Connor's Cure video leads to them hyping up the tag tourney, and a hype video airs for American Alpha. Usos are backstage and have bigger beards now. Usos vow to win tonight and we get a cool crowd shot before Bray says things. I think he wants to eat Orton, or a snake, or something. Nikki comes out and shakes her ass for the #womensrevolution. They go to a break to ensure that everyone gets a full intro here in this six-person tag.

Alexa pie-faces Naomi while Mauro puts over Alexa's love for country. Becky gets 2 off a backslide on Carmella. Nikki comes in and chases the heels away, leading to them all calling them chickens and we get an ad break. Because THIS MATCH needed two of them. Becky runs wild on Carmella Nattie pulls Becky off the apron before Nattie and Bliss make a wish on Becky. Becky elbows out of a chinlock and Nattie gets 2 off a Michinoku Driver. Becky is SUCH a good face in peril here. Bliss is in and misses an elbow, so Nikki gets a tag. Disaster kick hits for 2. Carmella comes in and mocks Nikki, only to eat a TKO. Heels break it up and the discus lariat hits before Alexa and Becky brawl and Carmella taps Nikki with the Code of Silence.

Usos vs. Alpha is up, with the Usos basically turning heel by attacking immediately - but then eating Grand Amplitude! They officially turn heel by attacking them after the match. They superkick Chad's left knee and Uso Crazy splash it as well. That was excellent. Casualwear Orton walks backstage and cuts a promo on Bray on how a snake never stops wanting its prey - and he just has to lie in wait to get what he wants. Fandango is mid-ring with new tattoos, and Breeze is in Dubai looking for new kinds of silk for their fashion. He meets a lady to tango with Fandango and likes her tattoos. She dances and dabs, leading to Fandango saying YOUR HIPS ARE FULL OF LIES! Kane comes down and Fandango says he loves THE BIG RED DANCING MACHINE and he gets chokeslammed. A "go big red" chant breaks out. That was fun. AJ is backstage being a dickhead. "That is a picture of your family - nice-looking family. SMASH!" Hype Bros face Rhyno and Slater next. But first, a second ad for Connor's Cure stuff.


Hype Bros remain hyped. "The Slater Family" is behind the announcers. Stinger splash is met with knees to the face. C'MON HEATH GET IT TOGETHER MAN! Mojo sends him to the floor with a lariat. GET IT ANOTHER KIND OF TOGETHER. HEATH TAGS IN RHYNO! YES! DO IT FOR HEATH AND DO IT FOR YOUR FUTURE VOTERS! RYDER GETS 2 OFF A SCHOOLBOY! Crowd is booing for the boot, but Rhyno prevents the boot! GORE WINS IT! YES! Give Rhyno and Slater the belts! Another recap of the Usos attack on Alpha.

Renee's super-echoy room leads to them saying that Alpha's status is unknown. Usos come out and butcher their lines a bit, but they're intense and say that they put their bodies on the line for the fans, but they get turned on when Alpha comes in. Okay then. Dean acts like a bit of an asshole to the hairdresser for his in-ring chat with AJ. The hairdresser looks nearly identical to the Fandango tangoer earlier, who was wearing a Dean shirt.
Dean kicks out Charley the interview girl and gives AJ a gift - a bowling trophy, before replaying the glorious crotching and handshake. Dean mocks AJ's soccer mom haircut. Soccer mom haircuts and bowling trophies are part of the go-home show build to the WWE World Title match at a PPV. He says he beat Cena and man are they doing an outstanding job of building up AJ vs. Cena for the WWE Title, possibly with it being Cena's last title shot or title win. Dean cuts a great promo about how you aren't given trophies for being the face that comes in second place. AJ kicks his balls and breaks the trophy before taking Bullet Club-style aim at the title. This was fun.

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