Monday, August 8, 2016

Mid-South Wrestling 3-30-84

Jim Ross starts the show off with highlights of Mr. Wrestling II and JYD while hyping up tonight's card. Jim Ross and Jim Cornette are doing commentary, and they each have the same salad bowl haircut. Butch Reed vs. Terry Taylor is booked for tonight after last week's draw - which is a huge issue with them only having a partial archive up. MSW was so episodic and it's hurt by this stuff. CORNETTE GETS CAKED recap! Eaton as a brunette is bizarre and Condrey looks even sleazier with kiddy birthday hats. Love Cornette threatening to sue the fans and everyone on the show for playing the clip and then Bill Watts saying he owns the company, he finds it funny, so sue him! "You got a moutful of memories, and you can't back 'em up anymore!" The pop when Cornette needles Bill and then BILL SNATCHES HIS HAND is something else. Cornette needles him more and gets pie-faced and takes a glorious bump for it.

Jim Ross and Cornette talk about this incident and Cornette threatens to sue even more. Ross throws to pre-tapes where the MX jump Watts and leave him laying in a pool of blood. Now this clip is something Cornette likes, and Cornette cuts another great promo on Bill Watts. Ross tells him that he isn't messing with just anyone and Corny says he's just a washed up, old cowboy before Ross says he was a top 10 contender around the world and a former North American Champion. That small touch is great because it makes their top local title seem like something held by legends. Ross interviews Bill after this. Watts says that all sports are getting too crazy and the rules are getting stepped on. Watts says that he retired by choice, not force and could always look a man in the eye who beat him and say that he was the better man that day.

Bill says he isn't going to fine Jim Cornette because he doesn't pay them - his mom does. Beating him up proves nothing because everyone knows he can do that. He wants to humiliate him and wants One Last Stampede to embarrass Cornette so much that he will never want to be seen here again. Ross tells Cornette that Bill will be out after the break and Cornette remembers that by golly, he's got to call his mother now.

Ross tells us that Cornette has left and then Watts recaps the feud. Watts talks to Jim about going to a catfish pond and meets with JYD. He needs JYD's help here, but JYD's suspended - BUT THANK GOODNESS, HE KNOWS SOMEONE! He's a really nasty guy, a street fighter - S. Lee. Watts says that he thought ol' S. Lee was in jail for a bit, but he's out now!
Bill Watts and Jim are back in the studio and we see the legendary meeting with Stagger Lee. Jim Ross has to meet him blindfoled so he can't be seen. The feed cuts out a bit and we see him explain that Bill Watts has a problem and JYD said he could help him. Jim Ross explains that Bill Watts has been beaten up by the Midnight Express and S. Lee wants his money. Stagger Lee will team with Watts! We go back to a match from 1982 with Ted DiBiase against a jobber he thinks is S. Lee, but he holds up a banner saying "S. Lee is Stagger Lee" and then STAGGER LEE COMES OUT! Stagger's outfit is absolutely ridiculous, but Watts puts over Lee as someone who beat up JYD in school and Lee wins with the Thump.
Bill Watts highlight reel shows him beating up Terry Funk and Killer Karl Kox before Watts says that he's got one of Jim's mother's dresses. Watts says that the match will have a stipulation about either Cornette wearing a dress, or maybe give him a bottle or putting diapers on him. "YOU'RE GONNA BE ONE EMBARRASSED SISSY!" The first half of this show has all been focused on one thing, and it's been perfect so far. Mike Jackson, who still wrestles today, faces Mr. Wrestling II next.

Mr. Wrestling II interrupts Boyd Pierce to say that he is Mr. Wrestling - he is number one! Mike Jackson gets a big pop from the crowd with Magnum TA by his side. Magnum says that he Mike Jackson is allowing him to act as his surrogate tonight. Mr. Wrestling says that he didn't sign a contract to face Magnum - he signed a contract to face Mike Jackson. Magnum says that he was taught some good lessons, and he squares off with him. "My boy, I'M NOT MY OWN MAN - I WRESTLE WHO THEY SAY I WRESTLE!" Magnus says he's a coward and he's hiding behind the title. Magnum slaps him and says if he's beaten, he'll leave MSW. Mr. Wrestling leaves. Hacksaw Jim Duggan faces Nikolai Volkoff next.

Ross talks about the Russians attacking Duggan after a match with Masao Ito. Duggan hits the flying shoulderblock, called the spear, and gets hit with the board. Darsow punches through it with his coal miner's glove. He goes to hit Duggan, but Crusher Darsow is stopped by the RNRs and TA. Boyd Pierce is in a downright subdued outfit here to introduce Duggan vs. Volkoff.
Duggan slugs away and hits the tackle, but Dardow and a masked Russian sickle guy come out to attack. Terry Tayor and the RNRs come out for a save. Terry Taylor posts Butch Reed, leading to their match next. Reed says he was posted and his shoulder is hurt, but he can't wrestle right now. Boyd says the rules say that Reed forfeits or he can wrestle. He says this is a bunch of crap and hits Terry with the coal miner's glove twice in the arm and gut. He starts foaming at the mouth after a shot from it. For a show with three matches advertised and none of them happening, everything that is happening is at least productive.
Jim Ross says he talked to Grizzly Smith and Butch Reed has been disqualified and Terry Taylor advances to the finals with Krusher. Boyd brings us a standby match with Masao Ito against Larry Santana, who is wearing Mike Bennett's jacket. Ito is in red and green, which looks far worse than his red and black getup. Ito hits a gutwrench from the mat into a piledriver and wins with a chop to the throat. Jim Ross puts over Bill Watts as one of the greatest athletes of his time and re-runs the music video form earlier. This was an outstanding show and I think about a dozen bumps were actually taken on it. The goal was to sell you on Bill Watts being the biggest badass who ever lived, and dammit, he's bringing AN EVEN BIGGER BADASS WITH HIM and they're coming to kick some ass and it succeeded.

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