Tuesday, August 9, 2016

WWE SmackDown 8-9-16

The show opens with a generic brunette talking to Orton, who is then interrupted by Alberto. Orton tells him he'll take him to ViperVille tonight. Bray and Rowan come out and Bray rambles on about being a god. Dean comes on down and talks before coming in and then Dolph joins in to take an ass-kicking. Dolph and Dean argue a bit before Shane and Bryan interrupt and say "screw you" to Dolph and we'll get the Wyatts against them later. American Alpha squashes jobbers with "the tag team division" of like four teams out there, and then they brawl. Eva Marie makes her SPECTACULAR DEBUT next.

But first, Miz and Maryse are interviewed by Renee. Well, she tries to interview them, but they eye-fuck and Renee throws to a video package on Apollo Crews. Becky comes down to face Eva, but Eva's top falls down and she can't wrestle. Becky can't believe it and just wants anyone - "COME AT ME BRO!" Alexa comes down and accepts the challenge.

After the break, Alexa chokes her on the rope and gets 2. Becky hits the Bex-Plex, but Eva comes out! STO and the Twisted Bliss ends it. Orton-ADR is next. Ben Hur presents WM XXX's Brock-Taker streak-ending match. Orton comes out, then ADR. Orton dominates with lariats and then stomps him on the apron. I love Mauro saying that Orton is facing one trained MMA fighter tonight and faces another at Summerslam. ADR damages the arm a bunch, but eats a lariat and a powerslam.

Draping DDT, but ADR rolls out to avoid the RKO, grabs a chair and hits his arm for a DQ. How about that - a mid-card heel looking strong here. RKO hits. Well...they made ADR look kinda strong. Rhyno works on his arms backstage before Heath comes in and says if he beats Rhyno, he gets a contract with SD Live. Heath says he has two kids and he needs the job, and he just bought a pool too. Rhyno says he has constituents to impress, and then Heath says he has 4 kids and Rhyno calls him out on his BS and says he can't help.

We see Miz arrive in a Lambo to chat with Scooby-Doo about Miz not being on the cover. Miz gives him an audit, but Scooby traps Miz in the Mystery Machine and steals the Lambo. "SCOOBY DOO, WHERE ARE YOU!?" This fucking ruled! Otunga brings up how he, Heath, and Bryan were in Nexus together. Slater hits a nice running boot after eating some chops. Heath ducks a corner gore, but gets caught cheating and eats a gore! "RHYNO, YOU DAMN POLITICIAN!" JBL was amusing here. Bray tells Rowan to die for the cause tonight.

Bryan and Shane agree to signing Heath, but Heath yells and bitches. So they don't sign him. Carmella comes out to no reaction and says she'll smack Nattie so hard she'll go blind. Well, that's a heel move. Nattie comes out and jumps her - good, she was verbally threatened! Nattie dominates and locks on a nice abdominal stretch. Carmella gets the Code of Silence and wins to silence. AJ vs. Cena recap is next.

It's a solid hype video showing off their whole feud from Raw to SD. Baron beats up Kalisto backstage for eliminating him in the IC battle royal. Dolph comes out for the main event. WM 30 main event recap via Ben Hur. Match finally starts at 9:48. Dean gets some punches, but Dolph tags himself in. Rowan lariat leads to an ad break. Dean comes in and punches away at Bray and dives onto Rowan. Shotgun lariat hits! Rowan gets 2 off a splash. Bray hits the uranage on the apron. Boy is that a stupid bump for a TV match. Dolph tags in and hits a big lariat and a neckbreaker to Rowan.  Jumping DDT hits for 2. Rowan hits the spinkick for 2. Zig Zag hits, but Bray makes the save. Tope suicida turns into a flip dive for Dean. Superkick by Dolph gets the win. Dean hits Dolph with Dirty Deeds to close the show. Easy watch tonight.

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