Tuesday, August 30, 2016

WWE SD 8-30-16

The show starts with a recap of Talking Smack and Bryan and Shane chat backstage. Mid-ring, Miz tells the fans to not dare to boo him because it took 148 days to get their attention and the title was tarnished by failures. Dolph comes out and insults Miz for a bit to resume his neverending run in the IC Title mix. Bro Mans squash the Vaudevillains and advance in the SD Tag Title tourney. AJ says hi to "guy whose name isn't important enough to remember" leading to Crews spelling his name for him. Crews and AJ have an excellent little match - fast-paced and Crews is coming off like more of a star. AJ snaps his neck and wins with the forearm. Heath, Renee, and Rhino have a skit in Heath's house over Heath's losing efforts, but ROSCOE steals his car and Rhino is just chilling eating his food.

Bray comes out to ramble a bit about Randy Orton before he comes out in casual wear to respond. Randy says that he is damaged - but he always has been, and that's part of his charm. Bray says that he is the predator now and what do predators do? THEY KILL. Randy says that many have said they are, but he is still here even after Cactus Jack dropped him on tacks, or facing Taker in the Cell. Bray needs to be worried about the demons inside that Bray sees when he stares into his eyes and he will see it closer at Backlash. Randy runs in for a brawl, but Bray's song hits and he vanishes.  Naomi and Becky face Alexa and Nattie next.

Nikki does commentary calling herself the living Wonder Woman. Jesus. We get a recap of a Talking Smack brawl with Carmella jumping her. Alexa's booty game is on point, as is Naomi's glow game. Nikki says if she does her, she'll win the title. Okay, I guess her vibrator game will be on point on Sunday. They do a minute of nothing and go to a break.

Nikki is almost as bad as Otunga on commentary. Bliss chokes Naomi on the rope. Mauro talks about Alexa belts out a country tune - now that's a nice little character touch. "Nikki, you have to be inspired by the level of talent on the roster" THEY HAVE SIX WOMEN ON THE FUCKING ROSTER. Becky comes in and runs wild, but gets 2 off a sloppy missile dropkick before Carmella sloppily jumps Nikki and then Alexa gets a sloppy schoolgirl and wins. A Headbangers hype video is a thing...and aired! They face Rhino and Heath next.
The Headbangers come out and get no pop because it's not '97 and they were such a time and place team. Thrasher gets a flying lariat off the top and almost comes up short. Heath's red, white, and blue gear rules! The Stage Dive kinda hits for 2, so Rhino brings Heath into their corner and hits a gore to win. Nice RNR tactic there. Good for the Headbangers - the WWE.com piece on them a few years ago made it seem like they moved on from wrestling very well, but they got to dip their toe in the water again and their kids got to see them on a big stage. Headbangers would've done it for free, while Goldberg will get seven figures to accomplish the same goal. JBL talks about "the Hype Brothers". Their gimmick is that they say "bro" and JBL somehow fucks that up.
So on Raw, they were hyping up the SD PPV and on SD, they're hyping up the Raw PPV. AJ is out to do commentary for something, but Gary "the Milkman" Milliman is out. Maybe he's Jake Milliman's son. He wants a match and faces KANE! From Knoxville, Tennessee and chokeslams him. No match. Baron comes out and crosses paths with him.
Baron and Dean brawl a bit. Rabbit lariat leads to Baron landing some mounted elbows. Baron gets a long, boring chinlock before Dean fires back with punches. Corbin gets posted and cradled for 2. Dean low-bridges him and hits the dive. Deep Six gets 2 before AJ tells Baron to stay on him. They jawjack a bit and Dean jumps Baron. Dean gets 2, as does Baron off a distraction lariat. AJ hits Baron resulting in a DQ. Dean hits Dirty Deeds on Baron and crotches AJ before throttling him, grabbing his hand, shaking his hand. Well, that was amusing - these two have great comedic chemistry.

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