Sunday, December 18, 2016

WWE Roadblock: End of the Line 2016

Pre-show features Sam Roberts and the announcement of the UK Title and tournament. Rusev being on the pre-show of a B show is astounding. And now Enzo is referencing her real-life nudes. Wow. I know the first thing I'd do to the cohort of the guy who tried to snake my wife would be engage him in a collar and elbow tie-up. Commercial right after. Of course. Current highlight of the show is a kid dressed like Enzo. They're brawling in the WWE UNIVERSE - JUST LIKE YOU CAN DO IN THE GAME! Rusev wins by countout. Wow.
Sam Roberts says annoying things. "WE THE WWE UNIVERSE, OWENS AND JERICHO WAS LIKE OUR ROSS AND RACHEL!" This man is paid to speak!? NXT is hyped up as the show with the next generation of talent. "The next generation". 37 year old Itami, 37 year old Nakamura, 39 year old Joe, 39 year old Roode. Tag Title match starts things off with rather fitting Christmas gear. Big E referencing cockblocking here on this PG show. Kofi calls Cesaro and Sheamus the Shameful Swingers. And now we've got the black minstrel act singing slave songs. Wonderful.

Solid double teams by Cesaro and Sheamus. Big E hits the suicide spear and actually lands reasonably safely. Babyface New Day once again uses 3-on-2 heel tactics to try and retain titles when Woods kicks Sheamus leading to the Big Ending. THEN AGAIN when Woods distracts while Kofi taps to the sharpshooter. Weird bit where Kofi seemingly deadweights Cesaro during a setup for the Neutralizer, which gets 2. Tornado dive by Cesaro on the floor. SOS gets 2. Sheamus rushes in and cradles Kofi to win the titles.

Generic Brunette Interview Woman Says Words to Owens, who says he's better than the New Day and Roman. He buries her stupid questions, then gives Chris a scarf - but Chris REJECTS IT! Sami's out to face Braun. Sami's new gear screams WCW Saturday Night jobber. Braun really loves him some corner charges. Mick brings a towel out. Braun vs. Cactus in his prime would've been a fun match. LOL @ DELETE! They are out here FOREVER. Shouldn't the ref be counting? We had a countout earlier. Sami avoids a charge and Braun eats the post and then goes through a barricade. NOW the ref counts!? He gets to 9 and Sami gets 2 off a crossbody. Sami hits the kick, but time expires - which gives him the win because...he didn't lose? Corey points out that this is not actually a win.

Seth vs. Jericho recap leads to their match. Jericho's homage to Okada gear is nice. Match itself is nothing. Good sequence leading from a powerbomb into a Walls. KO comes out and winds up not only distracting Seth, but also the ref when Jericho cradles him. Jericho yells at him and eats THE WORST flying knee ever. Pedigree hits and ends it. Pre-show match recap leads to the announcement of Rusev vs. Cass II on Raw. Kendrick is out for the crusierweight title three-way. Aries is out for commentary. Two minutes in and we get submission finisher trading. Great. Super-long kneebar to Swann leads to him getting to the ropes, the faces superkick partying Kendrick, and then the hook kick winning for Swann. Neville comes down and jumps Swann. Neville as a heel is already more over as a face than he ever was as a face. Owens begs Jericho to forgive him and bangs on his door - but there's no Jericho.
The Sasha vs. Charlotte video airs - so this is already happening. Holy shit is this gear a great look for Charlotte. Cole's PPV streak is stated to be better than Hogan AND THE UNDERTAKER'S. Jesus. Pretty smooth chain wrestling here from each woman - impressive. Three minutes of that leads to a crossface, but Charlotte gets the ropes. They fight to the floor and Sasha hits the shotgun knees off the apron. Backbreaker/strangle hold is locked on for Sasha. Charlotte goes to toss Sasha out, but Sasha counters, tosses her out and hits a suicide dive.

Sasha is on the apron, but gets slickly tripped off the apron and hits the steps hard. This seemingly KOs her, and it only gets 2. Why Charlotte didn't just take the countout, I have no idea. Super Natural Selection hits and gives Charlotte a fall. Sasha evens it up with a wacky clusterfuck of a cradle. Crossface gets a second fall for Sasha. Charlotte works on the knee and gets a last-second tap to tie things up at the end.They go into overtime and Sasha gets 2 off a small package. Charlotte has a sub-Dusty-level figure four on now. Yikes. Charlotte wins with the figure 8 and a fan is PISSED. Sasha is now a three-time champion who had ZERO DEFENSES.

Owens-Reigns is up. Lots of chinlocks. LONG CHINLOCKS. Owens hits a frog splash off the dasher boards through the announce table. This gets a 9 count before Roman rushes in and eats another frog splash for 2. Pop-up powerbomb leads to 2 when Roman gets his foot on the ropes. KO grabs the belt and eats a spear. Jericho hits a codebreaker to KO. Codebreaker leads to WE'RE BUDS AND WE SWERVED YA! Well, this show got everyone on it under. Seth comes down and we get a double-team powerbomb to Jericho through the Spanish announce table and then attack KO near the English team. KO eats a powerbomb through that and rolls to the floor. ROMAN IS STILL BOOED. This helped...maybe Seth?

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