Wednesday, December 21, 2016

WWE SmackDown 12-20-16

AJ vs. Ellsworth starts the show, with Otunga saying Ellsworth MIGHT have a chance. Ellsworth's tron being just his name with stars is perfect. AJ blocks No Chin Music and lays him out with the KENTA combo to win. AJ beats the piss out of him afterwards, including hitting a stiff slam onto the announce table. Dolph comes out looking like an unmade bed and cuts a promo on AJ, before Baron talks about deserving the shot more than Dolph. Bryan looks like a school teacher and makes Dolph vs. Baron tonight with the winner facing AJ for the title, and if Dolph loses, he's done.

Miz battles Crews for the IC Title. Crews was given quite a few chances to shine. Maryse's catsuit may be hotter than her usual lingerie. She gets ejected for interfering, but Miz wins after flipping out of the back suplex>powerbomb, "hitting the ref" on the way down, thumbing the eye and hitting the Finale. Solid match. Renee chats with him afterwards and he insults her over Dean, so she slaps him. Ryder's surgery is recapped.

Cena hype video. Nattie, Nikki, and Carmella chat. Nattie admits to it and then tosses Carmella into a Christmas tree, as ya do. Bliss talks to Bryan and Bryan says that the trainers have cleared her. Bryan tells her she's in a match tonight - but not against Becky. Dean faces Harper in a good little match that Dean wins with a cradle, and the family beats him up - so why even bother doing the fall? Miz further beats him up and gloats.

Alexa faces The Avenger...err...La Luchadora, DRESSED LIKE THE AVENGER - Chris Adams's gimmick against Jimmy Garvin in WCCW. Bliss taps to the Dis Arm Her. This gimmick ALWAYS works and even with it being done note for note like it was 30+ years ago, it works. Hawkins and Mojo chat with Ryan Phillipe before their match. Mojo beats him with a stiff running forearm. Ellsworth comes out of the trainer's room with two foot boots, k tape on his arms, ice on his shoulders, and a neck brace. Robo Dasha is absolutely perfect saying these robotic questions without a hint of concern. Carmella is concerned about him.

Baron gets a new lighting and tron setup tonight. AJ is on commentary and Dolph is sent into AJ by Corbin. They go to a double countout and AJ lays out Dolph and Corbin with a chair. Bryan makes next week's match a triple threat match. Solid setup there and it allows Baron to be in the main event mix without relying on him as a regular main eventer.

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