Tuesday, December 27, 2016

WWE SmackDown 12-27-16

Cena starts the show off and gets some huge YES chants while talking about AJ. He asks if AJ can retain once more and says that he'll challenge for the title at the Rumble. He's sick of the new era and says it's the My Time is Now Era. The Wyatts come out as THE SMACKDOWN LIVE TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS. Boy does that sound ridiculous - and it's not like just being SD Tag Champs would be dumb enough too. Usos and Rhyno/Slater are here too.  Miz's locker room is shown and American Alpha comes out. JBL says that this is the same building that Raw was in and they outdrew it.

Slater slips off the top and eats a superkick to take them out. A wonky sunset flip takes out the Usos. AA's gold and American flag gear is Angle-riffic. Harper catapults Gable into the rope and Gable bumps to the floor for it - that's a new one. JJ gets a hot tag and works really well with Orton. Gable missile dropkicks Orton AND GRAND AMPLITUDE HITS TO GIVE AA THE WIN! This was outstanding and these guys were made right here.

Dolph cuts an intense promo and then Robo Dasha chats with Ellsworth. He buries himself for being scrawny, having no chin, being 150 pounds but Carmella says that Dasha is insulting him by saying these things and they leave arm in arm. Becky and Alexa having a ground-heavy match with Becky dominating. BECKY DOES THE PENTAGON JR. ARM SNAPPER! And this is just a spot - Becky gets 2 off a missile dropkick. La Luchadora comes out to distract Becky, which gets 2 off a schoolboy. Bliss gets a forearm shot that sends Alexa down, but Becky gets the armbar and Bliss gets the ropes. Luchadora interferes and Bliss hits the DDT to win. Alexa was put over as almost a face in overcome the arm injury and popping the arm in the socket to retain. Bliss tells Dasha that La Luchadora could be Sasha - or maybe Nia.

Miz and Renee do a bit outside of his dressing room with her surrounded by security. Dean beats up Miz. Nikki cuts an annoyed promo about Nattie. Baron says that he feels no pressure tonight - but AJ and Dolph should because they're going to meet the end of days. Baron is fine in there as a guy who exists to look intimidating and give the other guys someone to feed off of. AJ hits the over the knee DVD while Mauro puts over his amazing year, but Dolph avoids the clash. END OF DAYS HITS AND DOLPH HITS A ZIG ZAG TO BARON - to get 2.5! End of Days to Dolph, but the P1 Forearm hits Baron and AJ retains. AJ and Cena shake and will face off at the Rumble. This was an outstanding show - it was fun to watch and built to the future perfectly.
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