Wednesday, December 14, 2016

WWE SmackDown 12-13-16

AJ is welcomed to MizTV and AJ says that Ellsworth has chinfluenza. Miz tells AJ that he has taken the WWE Title to new heights - while he has made the IC Title LEGENDARY. Miz tells him that AJ has struggled to beat Dean, but he beat him last week - and he is now above AJ. Dean and Dolph come down and Dean takes them out. Giant billion team number 1 contender's match for the tag titles later. Nattie and Carmella have a pretty bad match, that Carmella wins via distraction cradle.

Some fat comedian yammers with Miz and Crews is now the comedian's buddy as they mock Miz. Hype Bros win the tag title shot via battle royal. Alexa destroys Deonna Purazzo and gives her a wedgie before Becky comes down and Alexa tells her to shut up because the champ has something to say. Shane makes Alexa vs. Becky now, and Alexa ducks her after a few minutes by feigning a knee injury. Shane restarts it and Alexa eats a beating, so she just why didn't Shane come out again? Dean vs. Dolph vs. Harper vs. Miz is up to determine a top contender for the WWE Title - even though everyone in this is in the IC Title division too. Dolph wins after a Miz distraction allows him to superkick Dean and win.

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