Tuesday, December 6, 2016

WWE SmackDown 12-6-16

AJ comes down and addresses the elephant in the room - his ass being exposed. He's got a walking boot on his ankle and says he did everything he said he'd do at TLC. Ellsworth comes out and says that the boot is just a way for him to get out of defending the title against him tonight. Daniel Bryan is protecting AJ because he's beaten him THREE TIMES and YER DUCKIN ME STYLES! Dean comes down and hits Dirty Deeds on Ellsworth. Wyatt Family squashes Heath and Rhyno - I dig Bray tossing him into an RKO. Kalisto talks about facing Baron again and Nattie vs. Carmella is up next.

They brawl and thus there's no match. Nikki confronts Nattie backstage, but Nattie is flustered and Nikki...just leaves. K. Baron hates small guys and The Ascension talks about rising. Skinny one has solid face paint work. They face the Hype Bros, who win with a Hype Ryder. Miz TV with Dean features Miz insulting Dean - and giving him a Participation Award plaque. Well, now we know Dean's direction outside of the WWE Title picture. Bryan comes down and makes Miz vs. Ambrose for the title. The fans Yes and so Bryan makes it for tonight!

Kalisto gets a few shining moments, but eats an End of Days and loses. Nikki meets with Sophia Grace...who is apparently a singer. They yammer about some wacky celebration thing. Gable destroys Tyler Breeze and beats him with an O'Connor Roll German. Alexa Bliss comes down and gets a pyro celebration. Alexa mocks those who don't like her and says this isn't the New Era - it's her era. Becky can call her anything she wants - but she'll call her Champion first.

Miz and Dean have a pretty solid match. Ellsworth comes out to try and help Dean, but winds up distracting him and Miz wins with the Finale. Yowza. Dean lost in both WWE Title and IC Title matches within 48 hours - that doesn't bode well for him. Miz has added the flying knee strike to his arsenal - making him a far better Daniel Bryan impersonator than Brie was. Okay show, but nothing amazing.
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