Tuesday, March 14, 2017

WWE SD 3-14-17

AJ-Orton recap leads to Bryan recapping the card to someone on the phone and AJ complaining to Bryan. Shane HASN'T ARRIVED YET, but Bryan is here to help. AJ addresses Shane mid-ring and wants A CONVERSATION TONIGHT. Riveting. Becky beats Nattie with the Disarmer. Cena Teen Choice Awards clips. Miz and Maryse cut a promo on Nikki and Cena, with Maryse blaming Nikki for screwing up her contract negotiations before. Nikki talks shit to them after running down and we're getting a mixed tag at WM thanks to Bryan making the match and being pissed at Miz for imitating - and doing it VERY POORLY. Well, his kicks are shit. Miz makes some incredible faces here and Bryan says that since he can't punch Miz, he'll have Cena do it.

Mickie faces Alexa in a solid little match. Mickie wins with a Mick kick - good to see her be given some credibility. Shane comes to the building and AJ jumps him and beats the shit out of him! Finlay saves him. This ruled! Mojo faces Dolph in a battle of guys no one can care about. Dolph leaves and loses via countout. Well, good - he had nothing to gain with a win. Bray goes through the debris and yells at Orton. Usos beat Alpha with a superkick before we see Shane go backstage and challenge AJ for WM. This wasn't bad - but did really hurt the in-ring action by focusing on Shane.

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