Tuesday, March 28, 2017

WWE SD 3-28-17

The show starts off with AJ, in a new shirt, signing the contract with Shane. Not too much to this. James Ellsworth comes out and demands respect as she brings out Carmella to face Becky. Alexa and Mickie are on commentary bickering back and forth. And then everyone brawls mid-ring. Now we get a tag match with Nattie on commentary. Then more brawling and Naomi comes back. The Fashion Police chat with Bryan, who puts them in the battle royal. WM 14 clip shows Kane tombstoning Pete Rose, but it was credited to '97 instead of '98.

We get Miz and Maryse doing a bit with Total Bellas and a D-Bryan dwarf. MizCena instructs everyone on how to eat. Miz and Maryse exit the costume and tell Cena that he'll leave WM with nothing left. He's just a circus act without WWE, and he's a big dumb animal and Miz will finish him. Miz says that after WM, he won't be the man and his entire life will be exposed as bullshit. Miz can be money, and this was proof. Mid-ring, Cena mocks Maryse for not being a good worker. Yeah, let's put Nikki against Manami Toyota.

Mojo, American Alpha, and Rhyno/Slater win a wacky ten man tag to determine...I guess really nothing since everyone will be in the battle royal. Luke Harper chats next to a light bulb and comes out with far better looking gear - non-beat up jeans and a black wifebeater. Bray puts Luke in a trance and wins after Harper gets a few minutes to shine. I don't think Harper should be THE GUY, but he should get more of a push, and be more protected than this. Orton says things while video effects play. Well, that's better than a tug of war - I guess.

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