Sunday, March 19, 2017

WWF In Your House - Canadian Stampede

This is a legendary show in some ways, and certainly has an all-time great crowd reaction. Opening video shows Bulldog hitting a sickening chairshot to Mankind, in a spot I don't remember. So a lot of good that did his brain. Jerry, Vince, and Jim Ross are dressed as cowboys looking insane. HHH is out to start the show with his woman to take up 20 minutes of airtime - oh how some things don't change. We see KOTR clips with HHH hitting a nasty pedigree ONTO a table, but not quite through it, Mick taking a nasty bump off of a Chyna toss, and then having a septre broken on him.

Mick runs wild with punches and a legdrop. Cactus elbow hits. Ass over tea kettle bump by HHH. HHH goes for an outside in sunset flip, but eats a mandible claw. HHH tosses Mick into Chyna to hiptoss Mick's knee right into the steps. And Mick needs a new hip for some reason. HHH chopblocks him a few times before locking on a figure four. HHH goes up top and gets crotched. They brawl out in the crowd for a countout.

We see the Hart Foundation in a parade, some festivities, and some sweet Hart Foundation shirts. TAKA comes out and then The Great Sasuke comes out too. Sasuke's gear looks solid. Mick and HHH brawl around. LOL at the THIS IS WORKRATE sign in the background. King works hard to get this over while Vince does nothing to help this get even more things never change. Lots of matwork to start things off with TAKA grinding Sasuke down. Sakuke locks on a half crab. GIANT backdrop over the top to TAKA leads to a missed flying karate kick off the top. Sasuke hits a series of round kicks to the chest before hitting a nice back spinkick to the face in the corner. Giant springboard dive to the floor by TAKA gets him over huge instantly. TAKA hits a nice belly to belly off an irish whip for 2. TAKA hits a jumping running knee in the corner before a springboard dropkick sends Sasuke outside. Michinoku driver hits for 2. Splash mountain and the tiger suplex get the win. Great super-short match.
 Mick and HHH keep brawling, now with a shovel and some beer kegs. Recap of Ahmed being injured during one of his many injuries. Ginger facial hairless Paul Bearer looks odd, but is doing more Percy Pringle here. AMAZING facial expressions here. Vader has BULLY in his tron showing him bullying that interviewer. Vater is out followed by Taker's incredible intro. Bearer is so great hiding behind the apron from Taker. Lariat and a legdrop lead to some arm work by Taker and then a giant stinger splash. Old School hits and a bit boot sends Vader to the floor. Diving lariat off the top hits for Taker. Paul attacks Taker with this shoe. Vader goes up for the pump splash, so Taker just UPPERCUTS HIM IN THE BALLS, not a DQ, and a super chokeslam hits for 3. Tombstone hits and gets the win.  Well, that's over thank God.

NOD vs. DOA video package leads to a Harts vs. Austin recap video. Todd does the recap video for this and he is great at VO. Backstage, we see Team USA with Animal looking HUGE. Some group sings the Canadian national anthem. They don't bother identifying them, so this was wasted money. Fink has a cowboy hat on, because of course. Bruce, Stu, and Helen Hart are in the front row along with the Calgary premier. Goldust has pyro and his costuming remains top-notch. Ken Shamrock, UFC Asskicker coming out of the wacky house set is amusing. Hot chicks have KEN SHAMROCK ROCKS shirts on.

 Austin comes out and jawjacks with the fans. The faces come out and boy is this sad to see now. It's like the last gasp of true happiness for them all as a group. They milk Bret's intro perfectly. Bret puts the shades on Helen. Bret and Austin stare down and slug away - perfect. Bret hits an inverted atomic drop and hits the lariat. Austin low-blows Bret in the corner. MILLION DOLLAR DREAM BY AUSTIN! Shamrock runs crazy on Neidhart and the belly to belly leads to a tag out. Owen hits the enzuiguri on Goldust. Hawk hits a FLYING SPLASH OFF THE TOP for perhaps the first time in his career. Bulldog hits his powerslam, but Goldust breaks up the pin.

Time for Bret vs. Animal. Owen hits the leg lariat and gets all pumped up. Austin chairshots Owen's knee. Austin fights hard out of the Hart corner to a chorus of boos. Test of strength between Anvil and Animal. Shamrock and Bret go at it, and Bret was a mentor for Ken in wrestling. Goldust hits a nice lariat. Austin beats up the Harts at ringside. The Harts come in and Austin is pinned by Owen. Austin jumps in after hiding under the ring and gets arrested. The Hart family comes in to celebrate.



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