Tuesday, March 21, 2017

WWE SD 3-21-17

The show begins with a recap of AJ and Shane before Bryan talks about Shane isn't like a regular McMahon - he sees this beating as a chance to set an example. AJ yammers for a while and says he'll wait for Shane tonight. Bryan makes Corbin-Orton for later. American Alpha vs. the Usos is pretty action packed and even gets a this is awesome chant. The Steiner bulldog only gets 2, but a superkick ends it and the Usos win the titles. Luke Harper rants for a bit and says scary things - he'll face Bray on SD next week. We get a Total Divas sendup with Miz as Cena and Maryse as Nikki mocking Cena for being so rule-centric and then says he'll "pop the question".

Baron vs. Orton is a pretty long, nothing match. Baron is not the guy to get an exciting match out of Randy. Dean shows up on a forklift to distract Baron, and the RKO ends it. Randy says stuff, but the lights go out and he's surrounded by guys dressed like Rowan. The Fashion Police come out with Tyler dressed like Nikki. Well, Tyler has no ass. Fandango is facing Cena and he has Nikki as backup. Double finishers to the heels and Cena wins. Not sure why TWO OTHER PEOPLE BEING IN THIS MATCH wasn't a DQ, but whatever. Every female brawls and Alexa stands tall. MizCena and Maryse mock Cena's Marine performance and Miz says he bought her a DIAMOND...Dallas Page Yoga DVD set! A car pulls up and AJ preps a beating, but it's Rhino and Heath. Shane comes out and AJ beats him up. Shane takes a nasty bump into the barricade, but Shane hits the flying elbow through the announce table.

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