Thursday, February 21, 2013

TNA Impact 2-21-13

So weird to see the Impact Zone in the pre-show video - hard to believe the last Impact thing shot there will be Hardy's attack from the Aces. Loved the recap of last week's show - made it seem more dramatic, and made a bigger deal out of the Brooke-Bully deal. The crowd shot this week showed a fan in a giant '89 Batman logo shirt. Hogan limped down to ringside slowly to start the show. Hogan cut a promo mentioning Jeff Hardy, THE WORLD CHAMP WHO ISN'T THERE, a billion times. Might as well go with a "fuck you" on the last night before saying Bully's the top contender now because he's "head and tails" above everyone. I'm not quite sure what that means, but I like Taz bringing up Bully not even being in the matches to determine a top contender. Loved Bully giving Hogan a YOU along with the fans to get him into the match. Roode and Aries met with Daniels and Kaz because they've got an 8-man tag. Daniels, the ring general who earned his medals, ruled. They'll team up to face the Mexicans, Storm, and Joseph Park. My word is Storm ever lost in the shuffle.

A new Road to Lockdown ShopTNA ad hyped up being able to hype up ACES AND 8S gear. That seems counterproductive. Digging the tie-dye style shirts though - Sting's would fit Brock's gear perfectly. Hemme didn't say "Aries" and Taz called Bully the gimp of his team - that amused me. Taz was pissed about Storm's fans blowing up his Twitter, and he hates them, himself, and shocked they even own mobile devices. Heel Taz is great. Loved the partners from the corners into each other was changed up with Joseph accidentally elbowing guys, then Chavo congratulating him and Joseph being scared because he thought he did something wrong. They hyped up King Mo since he's fighting on Bellator tonight. Park's wrestling camp training was put to good use with a double clothesline out of the corner. Tag champs left Bad Influence on their own, and Aries mocked Kaz's handsign. Loved Daniels taking like three bumps off a backstabber, then getting Pounced by Hernandez and frog splashed by Chavo. Loved Storm and Hernandez helping Park balance up on the second rope before he won with a splash. Fun little deal here - especially when Chavo hopped onto his back in celebration.

They showed Hogan and Bully's deal from earlier and a graphic for the main event - so weird to see Hogan in a match graphic.Rockstar Spud put over British Bootcamp as life-changing since it got him a contract and he's not recognized wherever he goes. And better yet, they recapped "Bigger Rob" holding back Robbie E, who is facing Rockstar Spud tonight. Taz threatened to stab Todd THROUGH THE HAND WITH A PENCIL if he didn't shut up. Thanks to Bigger Rob distracting Big Rob, Spud won this. Fine little match here. Robbie E and T had a spat that led to a Dixie Owns Vince sign being on TV. E slapped T, who threw down The List, Bro and threw his XXXXXl Cardigan before Robbie E got stuck in the ropes in the funniest way possible. KO 4 way is up next.

They replayed Velvet beating Tara 3 weeks ago, then they showed Gail winning last week, and Tess winning two weeks ago to show why all were contenders. Great - a nice, logical reason for this match to happen. Brooke Hogan came out in a see through black dress - odd, but hot attire for an exec. Taz saying that Hulk's trying to "keep in the family" made me chuckle. Velvet making sure her ass pointed right at the camera when she tried to grab Tara ruled. Velvet hit her finisher on Tara and Gail stole the pin - ensuring a new KO champ here. I love it when that's done. Oddly, they referenced Taryn being on Bellator LIVE later, which not only exposed this as being taped, but WHAT THE HELL IS TARYN TERRELL DOING ON BELLATOR!? Looking forward to a live Tiffany promo though. Loved Gail arguing with Taryn and it costing Gail big-time since it led to the In Yo Face and the title win for Velvet. She won with an ass-up cover and the camera zoomed in on Brooke's cleavage. Quick recap of Bullfy 'dad' making their match.

AJ's shitty 2012 was recapped, and they'll have an update on him next week. Garett-Joe is happening next...after not being brought up at all before this. Good recap vid though. Garett as a badass biker is an amusing visual. The Smone Smission Mashin came out to kick some ass. Joe and Garett had a fun match until Wes came out. Loved Joe doing Devon's last rights bit before a big corner chop. Angle made the save. Loved him making himself-Wes in a cage. Kenny King faces RVD for the X Title next in an unhyped match.

Todd saying that King would be perfect for the Aces amused me since they do love strippers. They did moves, RVD look the worst Royal Flush ever. Five star won for RVD. Brooke attempted to emote while talking to her dad, she failed. Hulk also called Sting THE GREATEST WRESTLER WHO EVER LIVED! They recapped Hardy's injury deal. They got Hardy's thoughts on Bully as his contender - he promised POSSIBLY THE GREATEST CAGE MATCH EVER. Well, after he promised to have one of the best Tokyo Dome matches ever, I wouldn't put too much faith in that statement. Anderson's working in blue jeans and a white T-shirt, and looks like a cheaper, skinnier version of the Sandman. Sting came out, then Bully, and Hogan's entrance was teased, but he was shockingly injured preventing it. Bully and Sting got the better of the Aces despite being one man the Aces are really quite incompetent. They can't beat a one-legged man and a 50+ year old. Loved Doc and Bully exchanging shots in the corner. I wouldn't mind a one-on-one match for them after Bully wins the title. The Aces dragged the Hogans out and made sure to zoom in on Brooke's ass. Doc pinned Sting after a big boot to the face - it didn't quite make sense since Anderson was in the scorpion, but since it led to a pin, I'm fine with him waiting for a proper running boot. This was fun stuff and made the Aces look like badasses again.

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