Wednesday, February 13, 2013

WWE Main Event 2-13-13

I love the now-weekly running gag of Miz being taken out of Main Event on commentary due to injury. Also loved this meaning Miz couldn't be out for the Highlight Reel, and Jericho buried Miz saying Alberto is a much bigger star than him - and he allowed Ricardo to gloriously introduce Alberto. He actually gave the fan his scarf just for this bit. Their Spanish-off was amusing...and then Ricardo damn near had a heart attack from talking so fast. Jericho's name-calling of Big E was something, but at least led to Alberto-Dolph in a TITLE-FREE MATCH. I fucking hate that moniker.

Pretty by the numbers match. Loved JBL saying that Jericho's the only WWE superstar to go on DWTS and not date George Clooney. Things got going after Del Rio was tossed over the top rope and landed face-first on the steps, then he did a REVERSE SUPERPLEX on Dolph. Tremendous spot.Loved the SLEEPER WHILE ALBERTO WAS ON THE TOP ROPE. Crowd really got into the match with Alberto's fiery mannerisms. Dolph took THE best fall I've seen for Alberto's corner enzuigiri. Loved Ricardo bonking E with the bucket and getting chased to the back as a result. This led to the armbar and a great overall match. It's worth watching this show for the match.

Cole's green shirt and tie combo is amazing. Fine recap of the Punk/Rock deal from Raw. They announced Brodus and Tensai against TRC. JBL called them the Future Endeavors. Guess he's paid attention to their win/loss records since breaking up. Loved Heyman basically intereviewing himself. Seemed kinda weird to end the show with a recap video on the Shield match on Sunday instead of original content.

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