Saturday, August 22, 2015

WWE NXT TakeOver: NYC Brooklyn

HHH starts the show basically taking all the credit for this show having a gigantic crowd and doing Balor's pose. Lordy. Luckily, we get Tyler Breeze getting a HUGE intro with a modeling runway setup. The fully-lit stage setup is on par with some WMs, and looked amazing for Liger - who had flames all over his, but a knockoff theme. The whole setup is very much like what Raw should feel like - an excited crowd with a lot of hot acts. Love Liger doing the corner cockiness pose. The Koppou kick was actually pronounced like that instead of coppo - oh well. Really fun opener - not as good as Liger-Dalton, but fun with Liger winning. Blake and Murphy have all-new maroon and gold gear. Blake is now fully blonde with trunks, so you can tell them apart and Alexa has new tiny booty shorts. WIN! So then LEVA BATES CAME OUT IN FRONT OF A SOLD OUT NYC CROWD. Crazy. Vaudevillains win the titles to a huge pop - just think of how much better that would've been with the SAWFT duo. Oh well. Apollo Crews had a strong debut beating Tye Dillinger and hitting a slew of impressive moves.


Regal gives Rhodes credit for making NXT and he announces the Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic for NXT TV. Baron's out to face Joe, who is in front of the biggest live audience ever in the U.S. for one of his matches...and it's against BARON CORBIN!? Baron gets choked out in his longest match yet - so WWE must see something in Joe. Steph came out as THE LEADER OF THE WOMEN'S REVOLUTION to set up the women's title match.


Bayley came down in an awesome gold and white getup with black and yellow polka dot armbands to pay tribute to Dusty. Sasha came out like a motherloving STAR here. She got a slick Escalade intro with an entourage should this have just been her Raw debut. BAYLEY TAKES HER DOWN AND PUNCHES AWAY! The ENTIRE CROWD is doing a dueling chant already. Damn does this feel special. Tree of woe leads to a springing elbowdrop from Bayley for 2! Sasha grinds away and slows things down, and even gets the double knees up top - but it only gets 2.

Bayley eats a wrist shot on the steps, but SASHA DIVES OVER THE REF ONTO BAYLEY WITH A FLIP DIVE! TURNBUCKLE SUPLEX BY BAYLEY! Armbreaker INTO THE BANK STATEMENT! BAYLEY COUNTERS AND GETS IT ONTO SASHA! BELLY TO BAYLEY GETS A 2.9! NXT is easily the peak of women's wrestling in the U.S. over the past 20 years. Wow. Super Belly to Bayley is countered and Bayley gets a SUPER REVERSE RANA AND WINS WITH THE BELLY TO BAYLEY! IT'S BAYLEY HAS DONE IT! Becky, Sasha, Charlotte, and Bayley all raise arms together. Wow.
Great hype vid for the main event leads to Owens coming out first. Balor got a pair of impersonators in longer trunks and then come down with the fully-lit ramp looking badass. This needs to be a staple of Raw ASAP. I love them just showing Owens giving zero fucks about this. They had one of those technically really good matches that never quite got out of...about second gear. Biggest thing was the double stomp off the ladder, but they felt like they were holding back. Still a great overall show that felt like yet another huge step forward for women's wrestling - which likely won't be the case tomorrow.

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