Friday, August 7, 2015

WWE SD 7-30-15

I might as well check this out since it has more Cesaro-Owens stuff, and I couldn't get around to it earlier. Seth comes out to say words, but Cesaro comes out and we get Cesaro-Rollins with Owens on commentary. Owens comes in for a DQ. Wacky 8-man tag is won by a Kalisto roll. Rusev has yet another match with Swagger, but loses a surprisingly hard fought match to the Accolade - but gets a post-match ankle lock. Cesaro talks about his match with Seth and Owens - he hasn't found a partner yet, but he will. Stardust beats Truth with the Queen's Crossbow/Cross Rhodes. Everything about Stardust is so much worse than just Cody. Dean teams with Cearo, who gets 2 off the waterslide. Cesaro beats him with an O'Connor roll. Twas a show.

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