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NXT Takeover: Toronto 11-19-16

I've missed the past few weeks of NXT and have zero desire to even skim through them - so the pre-show will come in handy. Generic brunette human yaps with fans for a bit. A highlight reel of Asuka DESTROYING PEOPLE rules. Minoru Suzuki and Pancrase put over by Mauro. I love him so much. Generic Brunette Woman at the desk is very patronizing asking for folks to sign up for the network for free. Ellering will be in a "crash cage" during the TM61-AOP finals. The DIY-Revival match feels like what a true final match should be for the Dusty classic - at least it's for the tag title. The recap of Tye's initial failure in WWE was great - it told his story of redemption wonderfully. Tye's wacky outfit is something else.


Toronto as a city is put over huge to start the show. A CHOIR SINGS BOBBY ROODE TO THE RING! This weekend may have peaked. Holy shit! They staredown to start, but Tye dominates. They engage in some comedy before a chopfest. Best atomic drop sell since Rick Rude by Bobby Roode there. GloriousPlex hits for Roode! Roode exposes his knee, but Tye avoids the Tye breaker and Roode tries to cheat to win using the ropes. A superkick gets 2 for Tye! They engage in a big slugfest and Tye wants more! FOREARMS AND NOW A SHARPSHOOTER BY TYE!  Back and forth small packages get 2. Tye eats the post and the impaler DDT gets the win! Tye really came off great in defeat - an excellent example of how to be put over with a loss. He got a standing ovation from the crowd.

Nice of WWE to license the use of Create a Wrestler Theme 5 for the Authors of Pain. The "crash cage" is just the shark cage with a new name so they can market it as a toy. TM61's theme would be fine for a mid-card theme in the Tokyo Dome. LOL @ fans checking their phones while TM61 points to them. The cage gets dramatic music and a platform at ringside - so there's really no element of danger here. Everything is all pretty and gussied up. AOP dominates, but gets sent to the floor and dived upon.

Dusty Classic tournament final is next. Regal narrating the video is fantastic. RAZAR AND THORNE CLIMB UP THE CAGE STRUCTURE AND THORNE FLIP DIVES OFF IT. A HIGHLIGHT IN A TM61 MATCH! A HIGHLIGHT IN A TM61 MATCH! And... then everything is just back to jobber '80s tag stuff. Moonsault gets 2 from Miller. Sandwich bomb into a rana whoopsiedaisy! AOP win it. Okay then. Angry Grandpa Paul Ellering is fantastic. So HHH won't show up on Raw for the WORLD TITLE PROGRAM, but the Authors of Pain wins a tournament? Sure! Dustin and HHH are here for Dusty. AOP continuing the Dusty tradition of fat guys getting a push they don't deserve.


205 Live video leads to the DIY-Revival match. Gargano's story of redemption is going to be fantastic. Outstanding start with a flash cradle from Johnny getting 2. Love the Revival wearing gear that pays homage to Bret. SHATTERMACHINEOUTTANOWHERE gets the first fall! Johnny's redemption story is going to get SUCH a huge pop here! The heels use a misdirect to lead to a fake tag for the faces, while a Hart Attack gets 2 for the Revival! ROLLING GERMANS ASND A KNEE HIT DAWSON and only gets 2! SANDWICH KNEE AND SUPERKICK GET A FALL FOR DIY!

Slingshot DDT gets 2 for Johnny! Every single nearfall here has the crowd losing their minds! JOHNNY GETS A SERIES OF FOREARMS AND KICKS OFF DASH TO CRADLE DAWSON FOR 2.5! Dawson grabs the belt and hits the leg while the ref is distracted! TRAILER HITCH IS LOCKED ON! Dawson gets cut! They go for DIY's finish, but Dawson gets superkicked and a A SHATTER MACHINE GETS 2.5 ON DASH! TOTAL NONSTOP CRADLE COUNTERS! IRON MAIDEN LOCKED ON BY JOHNNY WHILE CIAMPA HAS THE DOUBLE ARMBAR. THE REVIVAL HOLD ON TO EACH OTHER'S HANDS TO PREVENT A TAP BUT IT DOESN'T WORK! DIY WINS IT! That is by far the best tag team match of the year and possibly the best match of the year!


Asuka vs. Mickie is up. Goddamn Thickie James is looking good! Long collar and elbow work to start - I dig it. Mickie lets her into the ring and looks hot doing it before a kick exchange leads to Asuka doing the same and using it as a way to cheapshot her! MICK KICK ON THE FLOOR LEADS TO THE ANKLE LOCK AND GERMAN ON THE FLOOR! JESUS!

A Trish's love chant thankfully dies out before Mickie eats a ton of kicks AND WANTS MORE. GODDAMN Mickie came to play tonight! HALF CRAB BY MICKIE! MUTA LOCK ON ASUKA! FOREARM/SLAP EXCHANGES! Mickie hits her hard and NOW ASUKA'S PISSED AND TAKES A NECKBREAKER AND SERIES OF LARIATS! Flying Thesz press gets 2! Cross armbar by Asuka, but Mickie gets the rope! Rolling Asuka lock leads to them rolling around a bit and Mickie getting 2 off a makeshift cradle. Asuka locks it in and wins! Another outstanding match!


Joe comes out somber while Nakamura gets a slew of violinists and rocks out to his theme! THEN THE VIOLINISTS GETS INTO THE ACT! They fight hard and fast with knees and punches before brawling into the crowd. Joe attacks the knee and locks on a rolling kneebar. Joe is shockingly fast for a guy his age, with his size and knee and back injuries. TORTURE CRAB BY JOE! TOPE SUICIDA BY JOE! Nakamura recovers and hits the running corner knee for 2. Powerbomb and the modified crab are on! MIDDLE ROPE KINSHASA HITS! KINSHASA HITS, but he's too hurt! Joe counters a second one with a coquina choke, but the fans SING NAKAMURA'S THEME TO FIRE HIM UP! CHIMERAPLEX COMBO HITS! JOE HIT WITH A KINSHASA TO THE BACK OF THE HEAD AND IT SENDS HIM OUTSIDE! Joe kicks Nak in the balls, uranages him on the steps and hits the msucle buster to win! This ruled...and then wacky happy music plays after Joe wins before his theme plays.

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