Sunday, November 27, 2016

Saturday Night's Main Event 11-2-85

 I re-upped to the Torch with the Black Friday deal, and now it's time for the Wayback Playback! Heenan bobs for apples dressed as Davey Crockett and Gene is the Great Pumpkin. Wacky SNME intros show Super Piper and Jesse...just dressing like Jesse. Terry Funk with Jimmy Hart is quite the pairing. The SNME replacement theme is solid. Terry is shown beating the tar out of Mel Phillips. Well, good for Terry! We see Terry beat up JYD with the branding iron at MSG. Pat talks about Terry leaving the WWF because working for JYD was just too much for him - even then, JYD couldn't do a thing.
JYD throws Terry's poncho over his face for some hockey punches before Terry climbs over the top rope and gets crotched and sells in the most wacky manner ever. Terry is just amazing at everything involving wrestling. Funk slams him. JYD slams him twice and Terry is tossed out and is so confused he hugs and then nearly slugs Hart. JYD slams him and hits the headbutts that Terry innovated. Terry goes outside and jawjacks with fans instead of facing JYD.

JYD grabs Jimmy and slugs him. Terry lands his series of punches and gets 2. We get some TNA-like lighting at points here. Back and forth sleepers. JYD hits Jimmy, but Terry grabs the megaphone and KOs JYD to win. JYD sends Terry ass over teakettle over the rope and onto a table, that he slides down and then JYD pulls Jimmy's pants down and "brands" him with the baby powdered branding iron. Terry pulls him out and gives him a wedgie in the process.This was pure cornball comedy, but it kinda worked.
Halloween pie eating contest goes on. Batman Shieky and Robin Volkoff rule. Liz as Jane is quite hot. Bundy and Albano covered in pie is absolutely disgusting. Piper's Pit is up with the Hillbillies. Joy. We get the Uncle Elmer wedding and see the slapdash announce area for Vince and Jesse. Piper insults the rednecks and Jesse chats to them too. Wow is this bad. Liz's ass looks great in this getup. JYD is a mummy for some reason. The chains and white linen are not a good mix here... Heenan cheats while bobbing for apples with Cousin Junior.

Bundy and Studd are with Heenan on the interview stage talking about their tag match against Andre and Hogan. Andre's giant rack and gut are sad to see. A WWF Big Man Match occurs with choking, punches, and slow action. HOGAN the second rope with a sledge! Andre chops away on Studd, who takes a wacky tree fall bump. ANDRE GETS TIED IN THE ROPES! At least here, he's hung facing the outside - so it's a bit different. IT'S BEDLAM AND IT'S A DQ. Andre wants more of Studd. Please God no.

Tito is IC Champ here and Savage in his gorgeous black and orange sequin robe. Savage and Tito are in their primes and have a really fast-paced match - especially by the standards of the company and especially this show. The Macho Man tights getup didn't do much for me - but it wound up being iconic for him even though he really stopped using it in the late '80s. Savage goes for the double sledge and sells eating a gut punch PERFECTLY. Punch combo by Tito leads to a Bolo punch sending him down. They brawl on the floor for a double countout.


 Mr. Fuji makes vaguely weird noises while tightening imaginary bolts in the side of his head to prepare for a martial arts battle. As ya do. We go to "Roddy's house", which is just Vince's with a couple of Piper things on the doorstep. Roddy prepares bowling balls on a stick. Roddy goes into a horribly racist bit about "natives" when Vince mentions "your native Scotland". Jesus. Piper prepares "chocolate bars" made of bricks. Kids come by and we see Steph as Cleopatra and some kid is Hogan. Pat talks about a photo going viral of a kid dressing as Ax for Halloween and the parents clearly being very understanding for their son going out in S&M gear. Piper gets some chocolate-covered peppers.

Vince and Hogan talk about the kung fu challenge. Fuji breaks boards and Gene talks about how this is PERHAPS the most important match in Steamboat's career. We see Fuji and Don hanging him. Wow. Muraco's shirt has actually aged quite nicely. Hearing Vince do play by play for "kung fu" is something else. Fuji gets hit in the back of the head with a kick and takes a back bump. Steamboat kicks the legs and chops away while Vince talks about "full contact" - kinda odd to hear that referenced for such light shots. And wouldn't all shots be full contact if this was real? Steamboat is selling like the pro he is. Fuji goes for a suplex and Steamboat reverses here in this KUNG FU MATCH. Steamboat goes up top for the flying single-leg martial arts kick that Nakamura would later do. Fuji uses the mist and Muraco puts the loafers to him. 
Gene does the pumpkin pass with Liz. That ain't gonna end well for him. We get a recap of all the Halloween contests so far. Jesse and Super Piper accuse the hillbillies of cheating before Lou seizes and drops the pumpkin. The faces get 5 passes and I guess the winners get a coke party after this or something. Jesse calls Roddy SUPER ROD. The heels all use their capes to cheat and we get a fine shot of Liz's ass. The heels cheated AND STILL LOSE! 
Jesse says that he and Piper want to face the Hillbillies on the next SNME. Well, that sounds absolutely amazing. THE SHOW CONTINUES for no reason. Recap of the show. We get credits - which I never remember the WWF doing, but loved seeing WCW do for PPVs. Closing shot of the hillbillies...why?

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