Tuesday, November 22, 2016

WWE SmackDown 11-22-16

Shane starts the show being okay. Because of course. Shane gets a "you still got it" chant and thanks Orton and Bray for winning as a team. He bitches out Dean and AJ, leading to Dean coming down and Ellsworth getting a contract offer. AJ is offended, but says that if James can beat him in a ladder match, he'll earn that contract. Miz and Maryse do a photoshoot before Bryan interrupts and makes Miz vs. Kalisto because Baron ruined the CW match. Holy Jesus does Kalisto botch a cradle horribly for 2. Baron interferes and Miz wins with the finale, greatly offending Otunga. Baron beats up Kalisto, and Dolph jumps Miz on the ramp. Pussy.

Alexa wants a rematch with Becky and will get it at TLC. Coach Nattie and her whistle annoy everyone before blaming Becky for the attack on Nikki. Shane says there's no proof of who attacked Nikki, and then Nattie quotes the song from Titan 19 YEARS AGO. Dean eats some pizza. Tag team turmoil has the entire division go at it in another match that showcases how horrible these divisions are. Alpha wins it with a nice mini-match against the Usos before Bray says words.

Dean shows up as the Mountie and asks Shane if he wants to know why he's dressed like it. Dean says he'll tell him next week. He's the Mountie and he'll always get his man. Becky taps Nattie before Alexa jumps Becky. Hype Bros. shill merch before Miz says he'll write the final chapter of his rivalry with Bryan. Carmella and Nikki engage in some sub-porno acting. "What. Am I!? TALKING ABOUT!? YOU. TOOK ME OUT! OF THE SURVIVOR SERIES! MATCH!" Nikki says that at TLC, she'll face Carmella in a no DQ match. K. Kane faces Baron until Kalisto runs down with a chair. Riveting. AJ vs. Ellsworth has AJ bullying him before Dean comes out in a hockey getup to give James the win. AJ takes him down, but gets sent to the floor over the top off a ladder bump. Ellsworth wins! He'll also get a shot at the title!

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