Tuesday, November 1, 2016

WWE SmackDown 11-1-16

JAMES ELLSWORTH STARTS OFF SD'S OPENING PROMO and gets an "Ells-worth!" chant! He apologizes to Dean and Dean says it's okay - he brought him to ringside. AJ comes down and pushes James into Dean so he can cheapshot Deano. Phenomenal Forearm hits! Kane/Bray/Orton recap. Bryan tells Dean he'll get a shot at AJ tonight. Kane and Orton have a match. Wyatts interfere in this no DQ affair. RKO wins it and the Wyatts do their finishers to Kane. Riveting.

"Lone Wolf" video for Baron. Nikki and Becky face Carmella and Alexa. Alexa rakes Becky's eye and hits a snap DDT to win. Naomi tells Bryan and Shane that SD is going to shine. The Spirit Squad is even more annoying than ever, and gets interrupted by American Alpha. Grand Amplitude wins it so they can go on the SD Live team. Raw and Goldberg recap.

Bryan is on Miz TV. Miz has an amazing red and black getup on. They bicker and Bryan tells Miz that he won't be on Team SD. Miz says Bryan is scared and Bryan cuts a passionate promo about how he's the best at things that aren't wrestling. He can go yammer on commentary and leave the real fighting to the wrestlers. Bryan says that Miz turned down a match with Dolph, but he'll make an open challenge tonight. Hawkins answers the call and gets beaten quickly. Superkick ends it. Hey great - a guy gets a move over in one shot. Excellent!

Wacky Dean and James bit backstage. Wyatts yammer with Randy. Headbangers return in another bad match against the Usos. Dean tells James to leave and opens the door and says that any man with two hands can get an Uber. Dean and AJ have a fine little match before James runs down and security grabs him. AJ's cheapshot gives Dean an opening and a Dirty Deeds wins it - so it's Dean vs. AJ for the title. Fun little match - but the Miz/Bryan stuff was the best stuff by far.

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