Wednesday, November 30, 2016

WWE SmackDown Live 11-29-16

Alexa comes down in a nice pants suit for the contract signing with Becky. She blames the Glasgow loss on dumb Irish luck. Alexa does NOT like being compared to Becky's cousin - who acts like Alexa and is immature, but is only 4. A BRAWL ERUPTS AT A CONTRACT SIGNING! Becky gets shoved off the top and through a table - so I guess it's a tables match. Dolph and Kalisto team up against Miz and Baron. Maryse knocks a ladder onto Dolph and and Baron chairshots Kalisto to hype up the DREADED CHAIRS MATCH.

American Alpha chat while Randy and Bray talk about being the best. Carmella and Nikki brawl. Dean chats with Ellsworth before AJ comes out. JBL calls AJ a top-tier WWE Champion on par with himself. The new blue P1 shirt is great - whatever AJ paid for that logo has paid off, because it's led to great merch in 3 companies. AJ beats them up and Ellsworth is carted off. Kane beats Luke Harper with a chokeslam. American Alpha has a very good match with Bray and Orton - but Chad eats an RKO perfectly and then a corner spear misses and Sister Abigail hits and the Family wins. Good stuff - Orton and Bray work quite well together. RHYNO HAS SHAVED and gets insulted by AJ, before Dean jumps AJ.

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