Tuesday, November 15, 2016

WWE SmackDown Live 11-15-16

Shane and Bryan hype up the 900th episode and we start with Miz vs. Dolph for the IC Title. These two have no steam now and it's a shame, because the match itself is fine. Miz is working on the knee constantly and Miz wins with a small package. NOW HE CAN BE MR. SMALL PACKAGE! The DX Express bus being destroyed is shown. Bryan says that Alexa has a valid point about her foot being on the rope and Nattie is all dorky. Oney Lorken comes out with a giant NXT logo tron to face Kalisto - who wins with the SDS.

The Fashion Police do a skit with King Booker and also Heath. ALL HAIL KING BOOKER gets a chant again. Nikki comes out and we get a Cena-Taker respect video from 2002. Nikki faces Carmella until Charlotte comes out in a bright red shirt to brawl. Everyone from the womens teams brawls. Nia goes through the barricade in a giant red shirt, looking silly. Five billion man tag match leads to the Grand Amplitude beating the Headbangers.

The Cutting Edge features Team SD bickering and Edge looking like an old Grizzly Adams before TAKER COMES DOWN! He stares down Shooter Shane and says that he is a great commissioner because he has no fear. Taker says that WM will no longer define him and he's back taking souls and digging holes! Survivor Series is where he was born and SD has been his home. Team SD has nothing to fear - but failure means they'd better fear him because Raw will rest in peace. Taker is seemingly now in Shane's spot - good move for him.

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