Tuesday, November 8, 2016

WWE SD 11-8-16

AJ comes out to hype up the AJ vs. Dean main event for Survivor Series. So odd to have two PPVs hyped at once. Baron and the Wyatts and Orton come down. Dean brings down Ellsworth! Everyone bickers a bit before Baron leaves and Shane in a greenish jacket comes down. Shane makes a main event six man tonight. Baron and Shane argue. Breezango wear kilts to face the Vaudevillains. Falcon arrow wins it for Fandango. Nattie loses a nothing match to Naomi thanks to a small package. Bryan meets Dean and James and makes Kane their partner. Kane tells him to not tag in - good stuff.

Baron beats the shit out of Kalisto before Kalisto dropkicks his knee into the steps to take him out of the PPV match. Becky and Alexa have a solid little match. Alexa's getting better and her snap DDT looks solid. Disarmor wins it. Bryan explains the cruiserweight title win be on the line when Kalisto faces Kendrick, and a win there gives SD the CW division. Crews and Hawkins have a match in front of a completely dead crowd. Nerdy Renee chats with Dolph about the 900th SD. No Chin Music is avoided and Bray hits Sister Abigail to win. Bryan announces that Shane will be on Team SD now. Wow.


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