Tuesday, January 3, 2017

WWE SmackDown 1-3-17

Miz and Maryse come out and we get a recap of last week's ass-kicking. Miz DEMANDS an apology from Renee while making several wacky Miz faces. Dean comes down instead and Miz hits the road. Baron comes out to face Dolph, who has a new pink shirt. Baron working in a tanktop works well for him. Dolph gets 2 off the elbow drop, but takes a great bump for the End of Days and loss. He grabs a chair, resulting in KALISTO RETURNING to mild cheers and some boos. Dolph superkicks him and blames him and says he doesn't need anyone - who this heel turn is met with a huge "yes!" chant and a guy yelling "it's about time!" - so this may not work as planned.

James is all awkward with Carmella and gives her the shirt off his back. So is she a face now or something? Mojo, Crews, and Rhyno's sideburns talk to Dolph - Crews is now apparently Kalisto's friend and is upset. Becky comes out to face La Luchadora. Becky uses the giant red Superman undies to attack the back. They have a very boring match and Becky wins with the armbar. She beats Alexa, but A SECOND LA LUCHADORA COMES OUT.

The Teacher Daniel Bryan comes out to introduce Cena. AJ says that Cena doesn't deserve a shot - he beat him and then left TV for four months. Bryan says yeah, but SD IS ON THE ROLL! They beat Raw in the ratings ONCE- establishing them as the B show. AJ says okay, but Cena won't be as good as The Rock in Hollywood or as good as AJ in the ring - well, he's not wrong. Cena calls him a punk bitch and says he'll make him feel as stupid as he looks. Cena says he has passion and Baron comes down and says that he will be in the Rumble and face the winner of AJ vs. Cena to win the WWE Title at Mania.
 Maryse walks backstage and slaps the shit out of Renee. Carmella comes out to face Aliyah, who isn't even ready for NXT - let alone SD. Otunga has a billion nicknames for Ellsworth and Carmella. Ellsworth holds Aliyah's leg, allowing Carmella to superkick her and win with the Code of Silence. The Fashion Po Po comes out being wacky. AA has the belts on and looks great with them. Grand Amplitude gets the win. Wyatts cut a spooky promo on them.

Nikki and Nattie bicker back and forth. Nikki says that she and Brie have WORKED THEIR ENTIRE LIVES TO MAKE THE BELLA NAME STRONG. Nikki buries Nattie for using Hart-themed music and the sharpshooter, before Nattie implies that Nikki fucked Bret to get him to send a tweet out to compliment Nikki. Nattie does the "you can't see me" bit, so Nikki KOs her. Dean and Miz have a fine little match. Miz is getting better at his soft style kicks. Maryse gets kicked out, giving Miz a chance to KO Dean with the belt. It only gets 2, and the Finale is turned into the Dirty Deeds to win it! Fun match and a really good show overall.

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