Tuesday, January 17, 2017

WWE SD 1-17-17

Becky vs. Alexa is given the focus of the opening video - so that will seemingly be the main event. Shane announces the Elimination Chamber PPV, with AJ coming out to complain. Shane says that he's phenomenal...except for his attitude - so he threatens to go back to Japan. Cena comes out and yammers. Then Miz does and says he'll be in the main event of WM...well, him being in the WWE Title match this year wouldn't be bad - he's had a great run on SD. Miz, like every HEEL IN THE PAST HALF DECADE, talks about the IC Title being meaningless until he held it. Cena stirs shit up by saying it sounds like Miz is saying he's better than AJ - so AJ reminds him that he smacked his teeth out.

AJ says that after the beating he gave him, he's surprised he doesn't have a limp - so he asks Maryse is he does. Cena stirs things up more and Shane announces Miz vs. AJ now. Dean and Shane meet for a bit backstage so Dean can face Orton. Miz and AJ have a nice quick match before AJ hits a kneeling knee on the apron and then fights with Cena. AA hits AJ! Nikki and Nattie bicker more - but Nattie is in the crowd. Nattie goes to the merch stand, takes stuff, brawls with Nikki and yeah that was bad.

Alexa calls Becky a human Chucky doll and says she'll win. Angle HOF video airs before Orton faces Dean. Dean and Orton have a pretty solid, but unspectacular match. Dean wins with a schoolboy, which feels like a bigger deal than it should given that Dean is a former WWE Champion and the current IC Champion. The Family argues a bit afterwards. Batista Rumble hype video - looking at the WM sign was of course, huge.
King is mid-ring with his set and his old blue and white regalia...and no shirt. For being in his late '60s, King doesn't look bad without a shirt. King asks him about the attacks last week and Dolph says he's just trying to make him look bad in Memphis because of 2012 when he nearly killed him with the elbows. It's hard to believe that it was over 4 years ago and King hasn't wrestled a WWE match since - and that he can still wrestle today. So Dolph, BRAGGING ABOUT NEARLY KILLING JERRY LAWLER IN MEMPHIS, kind of gets booed. King says that no matter how many Dolph changes his attitude, he'll be a loser. Dolph superkicks King in the chest and I'm amazed they let King get physical - could've done without them teasing another heart attack by having him hold his chest.

JBL insults Dolph and stands up for King. Bray says scary words. Becky comes out to face Alexa, who actually comes out second. Luke vs. Orton is set up for next week. They have a pretty basic cage match for most of it. A few cage shots and fighting on top of the ropes, but nothing notable until a Bexploder off the top rope for 2. La Luchadora prevents a Becky win, but Becky gets the armbar before she's kicked and Alexa hits the snap DDT to win. Becky hits La Luchadora and unmasks her to reveal MICKIE JAMES!

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