Tuesday, January 24, 2017

WWE SmackDown 1-24-17

We start off with Daniel Bryan eating an apple and being insulted by Miz. Miz says that HIS STAR POWER PLANTED THE APPLE TREE IN BRYAN'S GARDEN. Amazing line. And then everyone has an evil laugh. Bryan gives Miz an IC Title rematch - and Miz wants a no DQ match, but Bryan denies that since he knows Maryse will get involved. Since Miz's star power pays everyone's salaries, they'll be outside for the match. Luke and Orton start the show off with a good, but not amazing match. Discus lariat INTO THE RKO BY ORTON! Bray picks up Luke and hits Sister Abigail!

Mickie-Alexa video package airs before Mickie comes out to her old theme, which really doesn't fit. Mickie talks about beating Trish at WM and her being in the Hall of Fame. Mickie says that Alexa remembered her entire WWE career and then Becky comes out to jump her. Mickie goes into the crowd, but Alexa jumps her! Carmella and Ellsworth go shopping and he wears some ridiculous crap. Mojo wins a jobber battle royal to get into the Rumble. Nattie and Nikki brawl outside earlier today.

AJ bitches about being in the back of the Rumble poster before Cena comes out in new blue and orange gear. They go back and forth and do very little. Dolph demolishes Kalisto quickly. Crews jumps him like a dick. Naomi faces Nattie...but she's beaten up by Nikki backstage, so Alexa comes out. Miz and Dean have a good-ish little match that is basically a backdrop for the lumberjacks to clubber around. None of this is a DQ and Dean wins with the Dirty Deeds.

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