Tuesday, January 10, 2017

WWE SmackDown 1-19-17

The show starts off with a recap of all the Miz/Dean/Renee stuff - it's been quite great so far. Dean comes out as Mauro hypes up Dean starting the year off with his second IC Title win. It's the first Asylum with him as IC Champ and he enters the Rumble. Miz comes down and threatens legal action if he doesn't get his title back. Dean gives him a participation award instead. Miz throws the frame at him and soft styles him to death. Miz is left laying and Dean gives Maryse the award while Mauro says Maryse was fined $5,000 for slapping a "non-competing Superstar!".

The Nattie-Nikki "drama" gets a far too dramatic video package and then Nikki is jumped by her backstage. They have a mid-ring brawl and Nattie gives her a wedgie and a big boot. They brawl and brawl and brawl. Dolph's heel turn is recapped and he doesn't give a statement. Dolph's graphic says he is a two-time WWE Heavyweight Champion - so I guess that's the retconned name for the World Heavyweight Title. They have a fairly bland match until Kalisto reverses a cocky cradle into a crucifix and wins. Dolph attacks him with a chair, leading to a kid losing his mind. Crews comes down and eats chairshots too - heel Dolph is great stuff.
American Alpha says they'll retain tonight and Cena says that tonight, he'll prove that he still belongs. He actually busts out a rap and says that he HAS-BEEN fired up and he'll make a statement by pointing out the toughest guy in the room and knocking his teeth out. American Alpha vs. the Wyatts isn't much of an actual match. Gable beats Orton, which should be a huge deal for Gable - especially if it leads to him getting a one on one win. Orton gets pissed at Luke, who goes to superkick Orton, but Orton ducks and Bray eats the shot.

Bryan and Becky have a chat about the win last week before Alexa comes in and Bryan just sighs. Bryan says that Alexa defends next week against Becky - but to prevent Las Luchadoras from getting involved, it will be in a cage. Carmella comes out to face CJ Lunde, dressed like a '70s throwback. God, she is so awful and awkward with everything. Carmella wins and Ellsworth is overjoyed. They celebrate and he wants a kiss - but good things come to those who wait according to her. Baron meets with a robo brunette and he says that Cena is true to his word, but he alters outcomes and he'll see him to his End of Days. AJ comes out to do commentary and Cena has a fairly...nothing match with Baron. This could have been a bit like Cena's US Title open challenge where it's used to make someone feel elevated - but it just didn't quite work. A single AA took him out and we get a nice staredown to close things out.
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