Sunday, February 26, 2017

WCW Halloween Havoc 1998 Part 2 and 3

Well, this one sure wound up getting lost in the show - so now that I've got this show ready to roll, let's finish it up in one go. Buff saves Rick Steiner on Nitro and then the Nitro Girls dance. Disco comes out to face Kidman for the cruiserweight title. Disco hits a hiptoss, but misses an elbow drop. Back and forth kip ups by both men. I forgot that Kidman had an ankle tattoo. Swinging neckbreaker hits for 2 for Disco. Nice whip into the corner leads to Kidman taking a Bret-esque bump, but with his back. Kidman gets low bridged and flies down the aisle. Nice toss into the apron leads to Disco hitting chest-first and then eating a run-up bulldog off the steps - nice spot. A splash misses. Pat and Jim talk about Disco being very good - but being typecast in WCW and only getting a main event run in TNA, where Disco, main eventer didn't quite click. Powebromb counter hits and Kidman wins with the SSP.

Scott Steiner and Giant come out as tag champs. Giant is smoking and boy is that tag title small on him. Steiner shoves a camera guy after grabbing a sign from a fan. Rick Steiner and Buff come out. Buff throws some crotch chops Scott's way. Giant chops Rick in the corner before atomic dropping him. Scott tags in and clubs away. Jim and Pat talk about how Scott owns a Shoney's, Rick's in real estate, Big Show is ready to face Shaq, and Buff's a gigolo. Rick recovers and hits an elbow. They go for a double lariat, but BUFF KICKS HIM IN THE BALLS! Running ball kick by Scott. SCOTT HOPS AROUND A BIT! I'm shocked to see him moving quickly. Missile dropkick from Giant misses. Rick bulldogs Giant and wins the tag titles. Rick faces Scott for 5 minutes, Steinerlines him. Mid-air catch powerslam by Rick. Someone in a Clinton mask comes in through the crowd and it's Buff. Buff grabs the ref and counts 2 because Rick kicked out. Rick beats Scott. Got this was a mess.

Mean Gene narrates an NWO video and then they recap Hall turning on Nash at Slamboree before doing the Last Call gimmick. Hall comes out with a drink, because of course he does. Tony calls Nash Mr. Cool. A fan has a wacky red and gold hat on. Hall tosses the drink at Nash and jumps him. Hall hits him with a mic and chokes him before Nash bleeds from the mouth. Survey time! Edge attempt, but Nash shoves him into the ref, which isn't sold. Scott slaps him, but then eats a buckle and the side slam. Crowd is dead. Nash shoves him down, so Hall works the arm and slaps him. Corner knees by Nash. CAN WE GET ELBOWS!? YES! More corner knees. Nash, ONE OF THE MOST POWERFUL MEN IN WRESTLING HISTORY according to Tony, fakes a drink and slugs Hall. Big boot. Jackknife hits and Hall takes a great bump for it. Second one hits. More crotch chops get a mild reaction. Nash just leaves and Mickey Jay helps Hall up. 

Bret comes out with the US Title and GOATEE STING IS OUT. God this is so weird. Pat and Jim talk about how Sting was Real Estate Steve and this is a dream match...with Bret as a heel playing a total chickenshit. Well, it's psychologically sound - but not what Bret vs. Sting should be. Walk 'n Brawl time. Corner punches. Bulldog. Legsweep. Bret fakes a knee injury but STING IS SMART FOR ONCE and stomps away. Bret has knucks and Sting knocks them off Bret, tries to use them, but gets Chyna punched in the balls. More brawling and Bret yells "fuck you" to a fan. Bret clubs the chest and then Sting elbows the ref. Sting lariats him, but a Stinger splash is avoided and Bret elbows the neck. Superplex onto the ref's knee. Sting misses the splash and hits the post before eating bat shots and losing via a flying elbow drop-style bat shot and a sharpshooter  EMTs come out for Sting. Jim and Pat talk about how this would about $2,000 in real life and how Kaufman wanted an ambulance for his Lawler match, but King nixed it because it was $800 - so Andy offered to pay it. I like them at least treating this like a real deal.

Semi-main event time. Hogan comes down first. Nitro recap with Hogan chairshotting Horace Boulder. A fan holds up a horribly un-PC sign about Bischoff. Warrior's ring jacket is nice and looks major league. Battle of the arm locks. Test of strength. Cross cross leads to a Hogan slam and then Warrior slamming him. Walk 'n Brawl on the floor. Wacky cartoonish post shot to Hogan. Hogan bonks the ref and slightly drops his knee on the ref. Giant jogs out and MISSES THE KICK, hitting Hogan. Warrior gets a visual pin. Belly to back by Hogan gets 2. So they've done a couple of homages to the '90 match - but nothing is close to it.

Cartoonish choke and then a weight belt shot by Hogan and then Hogan chokes him before the ref grabs Hogan by the throat to pull him off. Wacky log roll elbow drop misses a few dozen times. Warrior splash misses. Warrior grabs the weight belt and whips Hogan. He hits him with the belt buckle, busting him up and Hogan goes to the corner for the botched fireball. Hogan low blows him after eating two double axehandles off the top and hits the legdrop. Horace comes down and a second legdrop misses - and they basically miss the shot. Chain of lariats hit but Horace hits Warrior with a chair and Hogan wins. Wow was this even worse than I remembered. They cover Warrior in lighter fluid and they try to set him on fire, but security stops this. Just let Hulk try - he'll burn himself first.


Main event time, with Buffer doing intros. In a couple of minutes, this is where the show cut off for many. They showed this for free on Nitro the next time, and it was the end of WCW coming close to matching Raw. DDP is ungodly over and his shirt is all over the place. Goldberg's intro is so fucking awesome. We even get a shot of him through the tunnel. Tieup to start, just like Hogan-Warrior, but with intensity. Pat and Jim joke about making DDP Enzo's dad in a skit like they did with Jimmy Golden and Swagger. Goldberg backflps and DDP trips him. Fireman's carry pickup slam ala the FU leads to the cross armbar. Goldberg sends him outside and we see a fan with a purple and gold NWO shirt.

DDP DOES CHAIN WRESTLING! DDP snaps the neck before hitting a swinging neckbreaker and getting 2. Sloppy legsweep gets 2 so DDP goes for a front facelock and lands some knees, but eats that snap slipping neckbreaker. Butterfly suplex hits and a sidelsam gets 2. Rolling armbar, but DDP gets the ropes. Superkick sends DDP in the corner , but a charging spear misses and gets a huge pop. Heenan says YOU CAN BEAT HIM, finally selling that this could be it. Flying lariat off the top hits Diamond Dream DDT hits. Spear hits, but he can't cover! Jackhammer into the cutter! BUT DDP CAN'T COVER! It gets 2 and the crowd goes crazy - so after that dud of a semi-main, they got them back. DDP goes for a suplex, but Goldberg turns it into the jackhammer for the win. Short match, but a damn good one.

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