Wednesday, February 1, 2017

WWE SD 1-31-17

Shane and Bryan brag about how great SD was at the Rumble. AJ will get a shot in the chamber, and a one on one rematch at some point too. Dean vs. AJ is made for the main event. Cena looks good with the WWE Title, and it's the first time he's held this variant of it. Wyatts come out and Bray says words. Harper teams with Cena against the Wyatts. RKO takes out Cena.
 Ellsworth comes out as a total heel in Carmella's wacky getup from last week. They skip down to the ring, which is glorious. "ELLSWORTH SHOULD BE DATIN THE BLUE THING!" JBL is great sometimes. Carmella gets the win with the Code of Silence. Dolph squashes Kalisto and goes to unmask him, but Crews saves him. Naomi and Becky team up against Bliss and Mickie. Naomi beats Bliss against with the moonsault. American Alpha wants competition and we get a giant cluster with every team on SD just fighting it out. Rhino and Heath stand tall, so I guess they'll get a shot. Dean vs. AJ is up. Dean gets a cloverleaf and a modified Rings of Saturn. Miz does commentary and then Baron joins him. Clash gives AJ the win. Miz hits the CCF on Dean and then Baron chases AJ off.

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