Tuesday, February 7, 2017

WWE SmackDown 12-7-17

Cena-Orton hype video. Then. Now. Forever. Bryan comes out with a "home" shirt on since they're in Seattle. A lot of fans cheer quite loudly - including one overweight, balding man in a Bliss shirt with his hair dyed like her. Okay then. He says that he had a hard time the last time he was here, because he had to retire - but he is grateful, and he likes being the GM of SD Live. He's even more grateful that soon, he'll be a dad.

Miz comes out and continues his incredible chemistry with Bryan, and tells him to be a stay at home dad because he can't wrestle anymore, so he really shouldn't even be in a ring. Bryan says not being able to wrestle never stopped Miz. Ha! They go back and forth and man is it amazing how well they work together. Baron comes down and then Dean comes down and says he's looking forward to the chamber. AJ says they're in a fantasy world because Baron thinks he'll be champion while Dean will be behind bars, which he might be used to. Bryan makes a fatal four way match next. HOLLA HOLLA!

Dean takes a tower of doom bump here in this TV match for some reason. Miz avoids the clash and does the knee plus for 2. Moonsault DDT gets 2 for AJ. AJ eats an End of Days to beat AJ - now that did for him what the Cena match should've. Harper cuts a creepy promo about cutting the head off the viper is too easy - he wants to hurt him. Nattie and Nikki's cleavage do weird side-by-side promos. Dolph loses via schoolboy to Crews, and then gets beaten up. Kalisto gets beaten up too. Well, this newfound push is not quite working out for Dolph.
Bryan makes Dolph vs. Kalisto and Crews at EC. Mickie and Alexa sign for their matches with Naomi and Becky. Mickie. Says. Another. Really. Slow. Pro-mo. Naomi hypes up WM being in Orlando and she wants to be SD women's champion and calls Bliss Lexi Boo Boo. A brawl breaks out and Naomi dives on the heels. The Ascension, Usos, and The Vaudevillains win a giant geek tag match. Chamber hype video. Orton vs. Cena is a standard TV match, but the RKO shockingly only gets 2. Cena gets the STF, but the ref's down and Bray comes in, but Luke counters him and the AA leads to the win. Okay match.
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