Tuesday, February 14, 2017

WWE SmackDown 2-14-17

Chamber recap leads to Bray coming out and one smartass yelling HUSKY HARRIS. Cena and AJ come out and want a rematch for the title. Bryan says that they're both owed rematches, so we'll get a triple threat tonight for the title. American Alpha struggles through another horrible match with the Ascension. They retain, thank God and the Usos cut a promo on them.

Ellsworth and Carmella are backstage and Dean tells James that Carmella is a gold digger. Bryan asks if there's a problem and Dean says that yes, he has a problem named Baron, and also James is dressed like a schmuck. Bryan makes the match. Dean vs. Ellsworth is a backdrop for a Baron asskicking. Deep Six through a ringside table! Nattie and Nikki bicker backstage.

Dolph is an asshole backstage. Becky vs. Mickie is solid, and Mickie wins after feigning a shoulder injury and Mick Kicking her to win. Naomi is all super-happy and Alexa says that she'll give Naomi a week to get her rematch. Cena vs. AJ vs. Bray starts with Harper beating up Bray. AJ hits a crazy legdrop off the barricade through  Bray on the announce table. Abigail hits Cena and Bray wins - cementing him as THE MAN beating the prior champion twice. Randy comes down and says that as long as Bray is his master, he refuses to face him at WM.

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