Tuesday, February 28, 2017

WWE SD 2-28-17

Shane and Bryan rewatch the finish of the battle royal - with AJ clearly landing second because he was suplexed. AJ points this out and they blame a bad camera angle. Luke is insulted and he's standing right behind him  - Brodie Lee vs. AJ Styles is a WWE main event. Awesome. Cena comes out for MizTV and Miz talks about beating Cena in the main event of WM and Miz says that Cena is jealous of him. Miz also calls him a hypocrite for knocking Rock for leaving for Hollywood before doing it himself. Well, he's not wrong. Cena says that he doesn't take away chances because he doesn't have a key to the kingdom. Cena buries Miz for stealing Bryan's moves, BUT WAIT THERE'S MORE - he also steals AJ's stuff. Maryse yells at Cena and cuts a nice promo on him before slapping him. Nikki comes down and there's our WM match setup. Nikki says that if you mess with her man, she'll "break ya, bitch!".

Becky vs. Mickie in their best of 9000 series. Best 2 out of 3. Mickie DT gets the first fall. Schoolgirl after a missing a Thesz press gives Becky a win. Becky locks on the disarmer after a cradle and wins. Harper cuts an intense Wyatt-esque promo in a lit room about having new eyes and seeing true evil. Bray says evil words in response. Alexa chats with robo Dasha about being the first-ever two time SD Women's Champion. AJ vs. Harper is the best showcase Harper has had yet. Eddie-esque outside-in senton gets 2 along with a big boot. Blitz is countered into a half nelson suplex for 2! Phenomenal Forearm hits, but they're by the ropes and Luke gets his foot on the rope before 3. Shane restarts it and AJ bitches at him before Luke accidentally superkicks Shane. AJ posts Luke and wins with the springboard 450.

Cena and Nikki make a match for themselves against Carmella and Ellsworth next week. Bryan congratulates AJ on being in the main event of WM. Dean and Corbin chat. Crews faces Dolph in a chairs match. Dolph crotches him and wins. Bray sez scary words mid-ring while Orton is in the shack and dressed in all-black. Orton says this is Bray's world - but it's not his and it never was. So Orton is just done with the Family now. Orton talks about Abigail being consumed by maggots and worms and he brandishes a pickaxe telling Bray that he's stripped of his power. Randy opens up the floor boards and douses the shack in gasoline. He burns the shack and burns the soul of Abigail inside. Well, this was dark - but good. Great ending to the show.


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